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Stormtroopers in 'Star Wars': Rise of the Resistance

Credit: Disney


  1. Michael

    That’s what happens when a CEO is more focused on profit than the maintenance and other things needed for the ride’s

    1. Swim2sea

      Couldn’t agree more. He needs to go but stockholders won’t fire him.

    2. K

      You mean a CEO is making mi eyvkike he is paid ti??? Criminal. If peoole don’t like what a business is doing then show it by not spending money. Disneybis making bank because peoole want to throw there money to them. Disney is a business and not a charity.

  2. Anonymous

    This past October my friend and I waited for 60 min then the ride broke down and was under repair for 40 minutes. We then had to wait for the ride for 160 minutes total. By the end we were so tired it ruined the experience of enjoying the rest of Hollywood Studios

    1. Vivianne

      Back in May of this year, we missed our first chance at 7am, but got our tickets at noon.. yay! We walked into the first part and then we got into our vehicles.. after the first turn, it stopped. They told us to stay seated, but then the crew came and played it off like we were being rescued by the resistance and took us to a back door to exit. They asked us to come back in a few hours, which we did, and went inside to do it again. The attraction is great, so we were super happy to have done it though.. delay and all!!

  3. Estop Lifter

    When new rides go down due to programming tolerances being too narrow, guest tolerances begin to narrow as well. Let me tell you, every sensor, prox and logic rung from beginning to end has to agree before the dispatch button flashes. If one line of logic shows even the slightest discrepancy, the whole system comes to an immediate halt and techs are called from the recesses to reboot. Keeping the clockwork going while interjecting variances doesn’t come without its occasional whoopsie!

    1. Ed Marks

      The Disney company has lost sight of its original mission of providing fun and family-friendly experiences to people. Disney over the last several months has decreased entertainment options, taken away extra magic hours for all hotel guests, will soon be getting rid of free shuttle service from the airport to the hotel and got rid of the free fastpasses which were replaced by a paid ride system. Disney CEO Bob chapek needs to be fired and replaced with a CEO that is guest focused and not profit focused. Universal Parks and resorts will benefit from the greediness of Disney until Disney goes back to their guest services focused entertainment.

      1. Nick

        The “paid ride system” is an option not a requirement or necessity. It came about because guests surveys requested it. If people actually want it to change they won’t use it but that won’t happen because then they’ll have to think of something different to be overly upset about.

        1. Kam

          I agree with you on this Nick. People will always find something to complain about.

      2. K

        I remember the days when therr was no fast passes and when you either rented a car or paid for a shuttle. Disney is a business not a charity. Millions of peoole willing to pay. Also Disney was hurting back in the day and on the brink of closing so apparently the “free” model was not working. Also the pandemic changed the hotel service. Hton, Marriott, etc. Are stopping free breakfast and housekeeping permentally and looking at a pay for service model. Most have not started airport shuttles and again said they won’t or a charge. Welcome to the new world. What you left is not what your coming back into.

      3. Kathi

        Well said! Totally agree about Mr. Chapek!

  4. whatthefolk

    I went to Disneyland in August for my birthday, and my cousins and I went on Rise of the Resistance. We were about 2/3 of the way through the ride when it broke down. We were told by the incredibly sweet First Order crew to hang out in the cars for about 15-20 minutes, then escorted down a back stairway (dubbed Starkiller). They gave us a Fastpass to get back into the ride once it was back and running. So we went later in the day, and there were no problems.

  5. M. Ramos

    The first time we rode we experienced a malfunction in the audio track. There was so much else to focus on that we didn’t really realize it and had really enjoyed the ride. The person unloading us pointed it out and had us wait to talk to a supervisor who came over, apologized, and walked us back stage to ride again immediately! It was even better the second time obviously. We didn’t realize how much we had missed. It was a magical moment for my son who totally geeked out about being able to see everything behind the scenes.

  6. Ed Marks

    Disney will regret this paid Paid Lightning Lanes & Genie+. They are going to lose business & upset people. I had a great Fast Pass+ system worked out to do everything that I wanted to do over several days. Disney getting rid of free Fast Pass+, Disney’s Magical Express, & Extra Magic Hours will push more people to the parks of their far distant competitor Universal. This is not about guest experiences anymore, now it is only about making extra $ & that is wrong. I don’t like Universal, but they will definitely benefit from Disney’s mistakes.

    1. Kate

      That’s very true. That and continuing to force masks on everyone. We had a Disney trip booked but between the masks and the genie fiasco, we cancelled and booked at Universal. I was wanting to wait to go to Hniversal when my youngest was 48” (the height you can ride almost all the rides), but Disney is such an overpriced joke right now, I’m so glad we switched to Universal!

      1. Kate


    2. K

      Well Disney is selling out fast so I doubt it. I had it at Disneyland before shutdown and loved it

  7. Mike S.

    I was there, the first week it opened. After being captured by the first order, I was shortly thereafter getting apologies from them. Then we got to enjoy the rarely seen employye breakroom, as they escorted us through the back. I queued up at 8 am and got onto the ride at 7:30 pm, only to have the ride fail. Wasted Disney trip.

  8. No Fan of LL

    Disney isn’t going to lose any money because of the lightening Lane. Since it was free to ride before and the Boarding queue was also free anyone paying for the new lightening lane is extra profit for them. If no one buys it and they all go in standby they don’t lose money, they just don’t make the extra profit. It’s a win win for them. No one has to buy it to ride but you know they will so it will be here to stay.

  9. Steve Bennett

    FL Res Seasonal Annual (now Pixie Dust) Passholder. We go a lot, and had zero luck getting on Rise of the Resistance after a couple dozen visits. During last Thursday’s rain, we were finally able to Standby our way in. The Lightning Lane folks scheduled largely didn’t show and our 55 minute projected wait turned into 20 minutes. Turned around and did it again! Good riddance to the Virtual Queue, we can always hack a Standby situation.

    Excellent ride, BTW

  10. Connie Whitworth

    We did not experience the test screen, but have had to walk out twice when the ride stopped altogether. Got a special pass one time to return later, and the ride worked well that time

  11. Dee

    I just purchased the Magic Key pass this year in hopes that it would give me priority access to Rise of the Resistance. No such luck. I was in the Disneyland park for 3 days and could not get on the ride. I am going back in a couple of weeks, if I can’t get on the ride this trip, I will not be renewing my pass. It has been a really big disappointment purchasing the pass. So far it is not worth it.

  12. My brother and myself tried for days to get on this ride. We couldn’t even join the virtual queue after trying for several days. I came from out of state, so until I can reserve a spot on high demand rides, & high demand restaurants, when I reserve my spot to get into the park, I won’t be back. I don’t understand why those reservations can’t happen at the same time.

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