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  1. Michael

    What’s aggravating to me about this is I was wanting to purchase a dream key but I had a long park visit already reserved for this upcoming weekend. I wanted to apply the money I put towards the tickets to the key but Disney wouldn’t let me do that until I physically had scanned the tickets and was inside the park. To have the keys run out less than a week before that trip was to start is a punch to the gut.

    1. BrianB

      You are lucky, you saved $1,400 at the very least. They aren’t worth it. As long as you are bound to a reservation system, no pass is worth it unless it waives the reservation requirement. Disney loses money on these annual passes, they make money on the daily tickets they sell. The tickets have less restriction on reservations, hence you are not limited as you are with the passes. Its a ripoff and that’s why they stopped selling the $1,400 version, Disney knew it was a ripoff and people were starting to realize it. Even though the $1,400 version of the passes said no blocked dates, the reservation system was still blocking them. They should refund all Dream Key pass holders if they are going to keep the reservation requirement for this particular pass. It is simply too expensive and you will have people saying I paid $1,400 for a pass I can’t use during the holidays because I can’t get a reservation, so now I have to pay an additional $164 per person if I want to go to Disneyland two days before Christmas for example. It is a total ripoff.

  2. We have the Dream Key but our access to the park is limited even with 6 reservations and to say no blackout days is not true. The top tier pass before the pandemic gave us truly no blackout days. I’m hoping Disney will add some perks to the Dream Key to make up for the limited days.

    1. BrianB

      This is all false advertising. Disney said that “Dream Key” has no blockout dates and yet didn’t allow these passholders to get reservations on the certain days remaining in 2021. Essentially introducing blockout dates! Paying $1,400 and being faced with blockout dates is simply wrong. Disney didn’t “sell out” of these passes, they realized they were implemented incorrectly and not worth the money and people were catching on. None of these passes are worth it. Its better just to buy tickets and forget the passes, they are worthless as long as you have the reservation system. At $1,400 a pop, those pass holders should not need to use a reservation system. Or these particular passholders should be able to make unlimited reservations on any day they wish, no limitations.

  3. BrianB

    Disney should have never messed with their annual passes. Yes the parks are/were crowded, yes you have to wait a long time in line and fight the crowds, but that is what the parks were all about. It was part of the experience. They took a very popular successful program and like usual when you let executives (who don’t know what they are doing) of a huge conglomerate “fiddle” with something that is popular and successful, it becomes unpopular and a total failure. This is what Disney has done with their annual pass program. They should have left everything as is. They said they would make it better and more improved, they have made it much worse and probably alienated a lot of people including those who were suckered into the so-call “new improved” program and shelled out $1,400 for really nothing. In the long run if they don’t correct some of the shortcomings of this so-called new program, they will lose a lot of loyal people, hence lose a lot of potential profits. Disney has simply gotten too big and now have a group of these “newer” executives that have no clue how to run a modern theme park. There are too many other alternatives now. Big mistake when you mess with success.

  4. Cameron

    This makes me wonder what if you had an annual pass and have to wait to re-up and it’s “sold out”? We are kind of thinking no on the renewing when it comes due in April for WDW here in Florida… but what we noticed is the block out dates have completely changed for our passes here.. there are so many more for 2022. We have also noticed after speaking with people we know who work at Disney how the attendance, while up, hasn’t really changed the purchase habits in the stores at magic kingdoms big stores (finally people are seeing how ridiculous a pair of ears at $40 is a bit much).
    Back to the main message here… sold out… I highly doubt this and think this is a measure to get people to but other types or just regular tickets

  5. Ritachan

    I am retired and I am able to visit when I want to. I have for the most part been able to get the dates that I have wanted. If I take my Dream Magic Key Pass and do my mathematics I calculate that I am able to go Thirty times a year and I have paid for my parking and that is at Twenty Dollars a visit. Going to Disneyland or California Adventure is an extra bonus. Now that parking is now Thirty Dollars per visit. I now have only Twenty-Four visits a year to break even. This does not include if I purchase anything while at Disneyland, California Adventure, or Downtown Disney.

    1. Ritachan

      Oops I made a big mistake. That should be 70 visits a year at Twenty Dollars and 47 visits a year at Thirty Dollars.

  6. Rob

    My wife, son and I have dream keys. We used to have the top annual passes. We are starting to reconsider renewing them based on our recent visits to the park.

    The parks are busy but seem more crowded due to improper management of foot traffic. Lines stick out into walkways. The app food ordering system is horrible. The pickup windows are all over the place making you wait over an hour sometimes and i have had orders go through and charge me but mysteriously get cancelled. I ordered something the other day, was told to come pick it up and had to wait 35 minutes in line because there were only 2 cast members working. The rest were at lunch and all came back at the same time after waiting 20 minutes. I couldnt cancel my order so i was stuck.

    We have noticed staffing is. Low and the people there seem miserable and it impacts our visits. Ive never had such horrible interactions with staff before. Usually everyone is pleadamt now they seem tired and just want you to leave them alone.

    Oh and the state of disrepair on rides is becoming out of hand. They had a year closed yet it looks like they operated the entire time without maintenance on some rides.

    We feel that it seems convenient that the dream keys are sold out right as they announce a raise in parking prices. Disneyland is becoming a cash grab. Reservation system sucks, prices keep going up on everything and some rides you cant get on because virtual queues go out in 30 seconds.

    1. BrianB

      Couldn’t agree more with your observations. Everything shouts “Go away, get out of here!” and yet people still come? It won’t be until people stop coming that changes are made. And as popular as Disneyland and California Adventure have been now and in the past, I believe they will start seeing attendance drop. And that will be a big problem for them. Getting and keeping people coming has been easy up to now, but with this latest garbage they’ve introduced, it may become much more difficult in the future.

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