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Comments for Disney World Railroad’s Reopening Prep Continues After 34-Month Closure

disney world train station

Credit: Disney


  1. R

    I’d rather have the train then the stupid already a has been “lite cycle” crap.

    1. Gern Blanston

      I guess the stupid already a has been “train” crap is okay with you since it was first operating at Disneyland.

      Just a note: Other people can like things you don’t like and you can be okay with that. If you are not okay with that, then you are the problem!


  2. I would like to see the train operating again. I watched a video of the Disneyland train running. Got a little misty when I listened to the narration as the train chugged along. Opening day attractions always bring back childhood memories, and they are special. Although, I will admit that I hope the Tron Lightcycle will be open the next time we go in 2022.

  3. JoeS

    I still don’t understand why they didn’t just run one train from main street to frontierland and back.

  4. CrankCaseCarl

    I look forward to when the train returns. I can guess with Walt long gone, the train is no longer a priority.

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