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  1. Lou

    I lol when I saw pic of that big empty bus. It was the Disney bus that picks you up at the airport which they discontinued boo hoo for poor Disney greedy company!!!

  2. RedQueen

    AP’s kept the parks going when no one wanted to come and how did they repay us? Jacked up AP prices and got rid of our FP’s. In other words they s*** on us.

  3. Raymond w lofton III

    Ummmm, it wasn’t the “pandemic” that killed their customer base….it was their stupid woke mandates and policies that killed it.. get rid of all covid mandate crap, and that place will be filled to capacity daily. I’m not the lease bit saddened, this is all self induced misery. I guess being woke doesn’t pay.. as we’ve been saying all along..”go woke, go broke”.. how does our wallets sound now?

    1. Cindy Pankiewicz

      No it wasn’t. Wearing a mask is not a big deal snowflake.

      1. Sue

        Really? Tell that to my husband who has polio or people with other respiratory problems and can’t wear one. You are a sheep.

        1. Randy W

          Sorry to hear that, perhaps they’ll have something people can take to avoid getting polio in the future.

          1. Corey

            Yes, I was going to say the same thing.

      2. Ray

        Kinda is when EVERY MASK MANUFACTURER, clearly states “does not protect against viruses. But, I implore you, contact 3m and tell them that their testing and test reports are wrong, ya know, because the liberal scientists say so. Let me know how that works for you. Unlike your name calling that isn’t true, I will simply say a word towards you that is… ignorant…

    2. Sue

      You are absolutely correct. WDW is putting themselves in the hole with the unconstitutional and unlawful vaccine and masks.
      But remember this, Bob Iger was the one who suggested masks long before Dr. Fauci did so Disney is part of the problem.
      Cast members should have posted against this stupidity.
      The reservation system doesn’t help either.

    3. Wendy

      100% agree!

  4. Backcountry164

    The pandemic, the excuse that just keeps on giving. It’ll be a decade before Hollywood and big business stop using this as an excuse for their many failures…

  5. Mark Hamil

    The prices now are ridiculous… I used to go weekly and spend a ton of money but I’ll never buy another season pass. Pay for fast pass for individual rides? Give me a break…

  6. Jason

    Sorry Disney but masks, price increases, and especially the way you treated your fan favorite employees and the rest of the cast members is why the numbers are down. Walt is spinning in his grave right now.

    1. Maccy Dee

      Jason, this is talking about last year when the parks were closed for a good chunk not this year. Helps if you read the article properly buddy. And masks don’t keep people away, that is an ignorant thing to say. Have you got eyes? Have you seen how busy WDW is since the 50th Anniversary started?

      1. Ray

        I won’t renew my passes until a woke and covid rules are gone..so in your own words.. dont be so ignorant

      2. Kelly Connerton

        Masks are keeping me away. The massive price increases with loss of perks is keeping me from getting another annual pass,

    2. Nick

      Not the complete story, after the ill advised total shut down was over the more recent capacity limits were/are Disney’s decision. When US/IoA parks were running at 50 & then 100% the Disney parks were running at 25, 35, and then 50% capacity, they’re still not at 100%.
      Disney, much of the time, institutes their own mask mandate. I was at both US/IoA and Epcot/AK last week and the Disney parks were the only parks with a capacity restriction and a mask requirement. The crowd differences were obvious, US/IoA were far more well attended.
      Those are main and continuing reasons for the attendance number drop and Disney has nobody to blame but themselves.
      The prices matter little, they didn’t increase any more than they’ve increased each year for the last decade. The average fan/guest doesn’t know or really care how the company treats their employees on a day to day basis.

    3. Gern Blanston


      Any true Disney fan would know that Walt was cremated so there is no way he would be spinning in his grave. Do better.

  7. PriceGouging

    They bent us over and gave us the D.

    We didn’t want the D.

    1. Nick

      They gave you a change and a decision to make, two things that most people hate.
      Nobody is “bending you over”, nobody is forcing you to do anything at all.
      Going to the parks isn’t a mandate or an obligation, if it creates a hardship for you, don’t go.

    2. yoyo

      not true.. If people didn’t want the D they would stop going to park for it.

    3. SpiceyB

      Funny. Very funny.

  8. Stephanie Rossi

    Disney’s greed and their cave to the Covid panic is to blame. We just visited both Universal and WDW. Some of the cast members scream at you if your mask slips below your nose. One freakish woman even yelled at me to pull my mask over my chin, which pulled it below my nose. Which caused her to scream at me more. I was embarrassed and mortified. I WAS freaking obeying the mask mandate. Universal was a happier, mask optional space. I used to visit WDW every year. Sadly, not anymore.

    1. Rev. Gelene R Grice

      I never had anyone yell at me at Disney for forgetting my mask. They would ask me to please put one on and I was happy to put it on. They’re trying to keep people from getting sick. I don’t agree with their price hike though.

    2. Donna

      Had same experience weekly as a AP. They r called “mask police”.
      They were absolutely horrible to most people. Anyone who says they had NO issues with terrified cast members and yelling cast members, is not being honest.
      Universal kept their staff, supported APs and gave us incentives for staying.
      Im a Disney girl all the way, but the treatment has me switching my funds to the other parks. Spent way more at universal, sea world, and LEGOLAND.

      1. nick

        Nope, you’re incorrect. I’m also an AP holder and regular park attendee, I have never been yelled at or berated by a cast member because of masks. The reason is that I followed the required protocols which are prominently featured on every Disney related web site and on multiple signs throughout the Disney property. The people who get corrected concerning mask wearing are the people who are not wearing them correctly or at all where required.
        Universal cut their staff by about the same percentage as Disney did, the actual numbers were higher because Disney has more employees, more parks, more hotels, more stores and more transportation than Universal

  9. Sue

    But they can spend 15million on the water show at Epcot. So sorry for all the money you lost. 🤣. They need to spend some on cleaning the parks. They are filthy. Especially the bathrooms.

  10. VDog

    Many of the “money saving” practices that Chaepek has implemented are obviously not going well with a huge chunk of lifelong Disney fans, and that’s totally understandable. But to start the immature argument that “Disney did this to themselves” BECAUSE of mask mandates just shows how many selfish, entitled and self-centered people are still out there. Show that you guys are adults please, many people lost loved ones during and because of this virus. Thank you

    1. Sue

      I lost 10 loved ones to covid and know 3 times as many who were in the hospital.
      I stand by what I say. It has been proven now that covid has a 97% recovery rate with 3 proven therapies rendering vaccines unnecessary. Masks do not prevent the spread of anything.
      Disney needs to drop the bs of masks and vaccines for both cast members and guests. Covid has not added 1 single death to the annual average number of deaths. It’s all progranda and Disney is one huge component of the new tyranny new world order.

    2. JB

      Actually what is selfish is asking healthy people to wear unhealthy masks on the off chance you might catch a virus that has a 99.97% recovery rate. People die everyday in car accidents. Is it selfish of me to continue driving?

  11. Maureen

    OMG. I’m so sick of the boo boo Hoo.
    Get over yourselves. Crying complaining. Oye.
    The foolishness.
    Maybe if Disney wasn’t so greedy things would be better for them. I’m sick of hearing about it.

  12. Chris

    Disney is also losing employees in record numbers due to its mandates which in-turn effects guest experience. Disney shooting itself in the leg as usual.

    1. Sue

      Absolutely true. Everyday I see more and more openings in the administration side of things.

  13. Ed

    I was just there 2 weeks ago with my family and it was a frickin zoo. Over a hour waiting lines on many of the popular rides. Prices were ridiculous. I seriously doubt I would ever go again.

    1. Nank

      I was also there two weeks ago when parks were packed. 1+ hour waits on most rides. Disney’s definitely making up for lost time. $5000 trip. Three rides in a day.

  14. ILVUO

    15,000+ cast members are due to be fired at WDW soon. Their jab deadline was 10/22 and Disney hasn’t yet lowered the axe. So if cast are crabby it’s because their morale is rock bottom. Even the jabbed are scared Disney will mandate booster after booster. There’s bullying behind the scenes at those who are standing strong. Disney is not magical in any sense for the cast these days.

  15. Lynn

    After 14 trips and stays in Disney World, our July 2021 trip is our last. They said they were keeping crowds a lower amount so fast pass not needed. Liars the middle of July was more crowded than I have ever seen. I full 7 day stay in park and could not get on most of our favorite rides. So paid high cost to stay in their hotel plus parking to stay there. No fast pass. No early morning like they had in the past. Our family will not go back. The change from having a fast pass to changing to the genie system that cost you a lot now. This park is only for the super rich.
    As we can only afford one good vacation every 2 years so we have time to save money we are taking our money to other parks. Already planned our next trip in 2 years at Universal Studies and Sea World. Disney you need to get rid of you CEO. Things keep going down in the trash since he took over.

  16. Kat

    Not happy that Bob Chapek decided to cut the Magical Express, because apparently it doesn’t make him enough money to buy another mansion. People loved the Magical Express because of their excitement they shared on social media, showing their “Welcome Letter, the yellow wristbands & luggage tags. Now we’ll have to find means to get to the WDW to be “nickel and dimed” along with buying Genie plus.

    1. Randy W

      I know it’s not quite the logical move, but as Disney pretty much brought the area to life in the 70s and 80s, I’m kind of surprised they never built a long range monorail that went directly from the airport to the Transportation center at MK. Just seems like an old school Disney thing to do.

      1. Bob

        I think there is a train from the airport in the not too distance future.

  17. Dianne N

    Having just returned from WDW, I can assure you that the loss is NOT due to the pandemic, but rather due to the outrageous prices that Disney has started to charge. Guests can’t afford to spend anymore. Report it as it is DISNEY! STOP DRAINING OUR POCKETS! Priced for the rich, Disney forgets that they are taking trips elsewhere.

  18. Josh

    Lib policies masks price hikes
    And treatment of employees and APH my wife and I after 10 years gave up our AP because of the perks taken away.

  19. Tlaw

    It’s not COVID, it’s Chepak (though both seem to negatively affect park attendance).

  20. Peter in the Pan

    Wow. Some people can turn anything into a political debate. Anyway. Been going for years. Just went again for a week in September. Typical crowd levels. In short Disney will be fine. Regardless of any mask outrage boycotts. They don’t need your money.

  21. Carrie Joles

    I am leaving Hollywood Studios now, been here since the gates opened, this place was PACKED!!! Wait times were never under an hour for ANYTHING!!! Don’t see how there was a 70% loss for Disney!

  22. Al

    The China flu was a dream come true for Chapek. Never let a good disaster go to waste. Right Bob?

    You’ll never see Disney back the way it was, the cuts will stick until people stop going.

    They were part of its creation and cover up. The new evil empire has emerged.

  23. Mason

    I don’t know maybe it’s the psychotic mask mandates , racist employee training ,unlawful employee vaccine mandate, plans to remove Splash Mountain, making a documentary that makes a “scientist” who has done unlawful experiments on kids and dogs look like a good guy, firing an actress because she wasn’t a Democrat, make baby Gonzo self identify as a girl, and genie+. This is exactly like when the Communist News Network (CNN) said Cubans who actually were protesting because they wanted to end communism in Cuba but said it was about the vaccine.

    1. Deb

      Good Lord, Mason what *are* you on about? You just discover how business – cosmetics and medicine have tested their products on animals, for oh.. the last 75 years?

      There is nothing new in the things you’re reacting to, other than they’re being used by reactionary right wingers to whip their poorly-educated base into a tizzy for cheap political points. Glad to see you were so smart not to bite on that hook..

      Oh.. wait..

  24. Victoria Migala

    The park reservations app is very hard for an older person to navigate.
    If you are not staying at a resort it is hard to get a reservation.

  25. K

    Masks did not and does not keep me away – it is really childish if your reason is a mask. However, I will be staying away (usually go 6 times a year) because the cost is getting unsustainable. The perks for passholders are disappearing, and it is getting far to difficult to plan a good experience. Now that grand children are getting older, it is time to switch to universal or travel more.

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