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Credit: Disney (left) Inside the Magic (right)


  1. I think Disney tries very hard to make their treats tempting to the eye, and you don’t know what it tastes like until you take that first bite. By then, they already have your money. Can’t complain because the line is too long, and you have to take it as a learning experience. If they gave free samples, no one would want this éclair. I also don’t like messy snacks. The piece of cake on top of a shake looks messy.

  2. Cathy Fink

    Had the special dessert at Raglan Road last night. The brownie is super dense and almost too rich. However, eating it with some of the included ice cream seemed to even things out a bit. I didn’t have the mini beer that came with it, but was told it paired very well with the brownie and caramel. A smidge pricey at $11 but it did have the alcohol included. Would definitely get it again.

  3. DT

    Writes article about trying food stuffs for me. Tells me it’s subjective and I might like it even tho she didn’t. Someone’s either afraid of lawsuits from the house of mouse or thinks we are idiots.

    1. Chris

      Aren’t all food preferences subjective? “Your mileage may vary,” or any variation of that sentiment, doesn’t stoke me as wanting to avoid the wrath of the mouse. #KeepItPositiveYall

  4. That’s just what eclairs are. Sorry you had to find out this way. #GBBO lied to us.

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