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Credit: Disney (left) Inside the Magic (right)

If you are heading to Walt Disney World Resort over the next 18 months, get ready to have a tonne of snacks to choose from. 

Cinderella Castle 50th Anniversary Crest
Credit: Disney

As The World’s Most Magical Celebration begins, Disney World is gearing up to give Guests more offerings that they could ever imagine. There are now hundreds of snacks to choose from, and many of them have to theme to the 50th. Although many of the food options will indeed have your mouth watering, there are some you should probably stay away from.

50th anniversary freak shake beaches n cream
Credit: Disney Foodie Girl on IG

If you are wondering what you shouldn’t spend your money on? Don’t worry; we will do the spending for you! We have not tried every Disney 50th snack yet, but after trying a fair bit, there is one that we think you ought to stay away from.

After enjoying the 50th anniversary celebrations, we went back to Saratoga Springs Resort and the 50th anniversary eclair caught our eye. It was covered in blue crumbles, matching the Cinderella Castle look and topped with a 50th chocolate logo decorated in gold paint. It is a crème brûlée eclair. The pastry is filled with crème brûlée custard, a sugar crust, caramel ganache, with a milk chocolate disc — sounds good, right? We thought so too!

50th anniversary
Credit: Inside the Magic

After tasting it, however, we have to put this snack in the discard pile when it comes to the 50th anniversary eats. The pastry was super dry, and the blue sugar crumble did not taste like sugar at all. The filling was one of the better parts of the eclair, but it was a bland vanilla flavor, not the crème brûlée as described. Overall, we did not end up finishing the pastry and felt that it was $5.99 wasted.

That being said, perhaps the snack was sitting out for few days! There is also a chance someone else would eat this and enjoy the taste. Please remember this is solely a personal opinion on the food item, which others may differ from.

Have you tried any of the 50th anniversary snacks at Walt Disney World? 

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