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  1. KevinY

    I likely will not return until the trams are back. I’m ok with the walk into the park but walking back it’s awful. And I have many friends/family who have bad knees/feet/toes who wouldn’t even consider going until the trams are back.

    1. Lannette

      I parked in the Toy Story lot on Harbor that last 2 trips because they are still operating the buses right to the park entrance.

    2. Kathryn

      I too agree, us older people love the park,walking the park is one thing, we should not have to walk almost a mile to get there, and at the end of the day walk the same to get to our car… I won’t go back til the trams are back

    3. T.M.

      It’s just another thing added to the list of not coming backs, Disney has taken so much of the Magic out of the Experience.

  2. Chris

    As long as people are willing to put up with it and still go to the parks, Disney has no incentive to bring the trams back. and then,, Considering that the eastern gateway was a clear ploy to try to eliminate tram service completely, I would truly be surprised, especially considering no other so cal theme park still runs a parking lot tram.

    1. Pete

      Sadly it used to be that Disney’s incentive was the customer guest experience. Not anymore. Walt’s dream of making money by giving the customer something that they want is now long gone. Maybe to never return? Only time will tell.

  3. Brent

    They aren’t coming back. It’s cost effective for Disney to keep the tram way as a walk way.

    1. Why would Disney bring them back ? No one is really complaining and they are saving boat loads of money ! Top management gets bonuses so this elimination of services just increases their bonus !

  4. Lannette

    I parked in the Toy Story lot on my last 2 visits, they are still operating the buses from that lot right to the entrance, I didn’t know they weren’t operating the trams on my first visit back 2 months ago, it was already quite the trek from my car to where the trams usually pick you up because I was the last car in the last row on Goofy in the Mickey and Friends parking garage, it was HOT and that walks takes a lot out of you in 92 degrees, then walking miles and miles all day only to walk all the way back to the parking garage and to my car!

  5. Ginger Foreman

    I think it is a disgrace that the trams have not been brought back. I have been to Disney World five times and have enjoyed the tram rides because they saved my energy for the day and night long visit through which ever Land we visited. I have a bum knee and can’t walk far so guess my trips to Disney have ended. As far as it being cost efficient to stop the use of the trams, I personally think they charge enough to pay for them. I guess that Disney has gotten like most places I go – No consideration or help for the customer.

  6. Tom

    Seems a little cruel to me the trams are still not functioning on either coast. At first social distancing was a reason/excuse. I’ve started using Toy Story lot. Pre pandemic I may have walked one way especially at the crowded end of the night. But having to walk both directions every time is getting old.

  7. Jess

    Part of the purchase of Disneyland ticket and parking was the incentive was to have the tram available. If Disney can operate rides at full capacity, I think trams should be available. You have to mentally prepare for that walk back. Which leaves a sour note

    1. Lorena

      Yes! I agree on that subject! My husband and I were there yesterday, and to our surprise there was no tram, my husband has a limp and to have had to walk a mile before getting I to the park was really, really hard for him., we were very disappointed and won’t be returning until this is fixed. I think they should let people know that there is no tram operating before you purchase tickets!

  8. Heath

    I don’t see the trams coming back ever. The parks are packed so it’s clearly not bothering most and as greedy as Disney are they’ll do anything to save a buck. Disneyland has always been a cash grab but they’re making the whole experience even worse. From the trams not operating to all these side events that now require more money from you. Heck, you can’t even use fast pass anymore without paying an additional fee. The Magic Key is a disaster, I for one paid $2500+ for 2 memberships and can’t even reserve the park for any weekends in Nov\Dec even though we have no blackout dates as part of the pass. Booking restaurants is impossible even 2 months out from your visit but Disney just doesn’t seem to care about the customer anymore. It’s all about how much more money they can grab from you.

  9. Molly

    So the article basically says the trams aren’t here, we don’t know why they aren’t here, and we don’t know when or if they’re coming back. So there is no news in this article, I am confused as to why this article even exists.

    1. Elena

      You’re absolutely correct! This article says NOTHING we didn’t already know…and anyone who has been to Disneyland knows there is no tram service.

  10. Lynn Gustafson

    I’m disabled and had trouble getting to the trans. Without them, I simply can’t go.

    1. Neeta

      Go to the Toy Story parking lot off of Harbor Blvd. The buses are running.

  11. The Trams are needed many people can’t do all the walking I personally can’t because of my bad back please get these going it will be so much better for many people.

    1. Matthew Locey

      My daughter and I walked from the fairest parking stalls possible then thur a weird loop thur security. It is way more than a mile walk. Could not figure out why buses were running and not the trams. It is now not a matter of social distancing. Next time we took the bus from Toy Story lot only to see bus after bus go by without any passengers as our waiting line grew longer and longer. What happen to management and organization at Disney? Buck stops at “cheap Chapek.”

  12. Andrew R Larsen

    OK look thease trams have been part of “peoplemoving” since CA adventures was a parking lot…they’re not roomy, not stroller accommodating and inefficient. Disney has been the pioneers of innovation in people movement. can you see where I’m gonna go?..the current trams run a set circuit, why not innovate a “Peoplemover” to accommodate. nothing more “it’s what Walt wanted” than PM systems. Trams…so 1960’s

  13. Joyce

    A very poor decision on Disney’s part to not have trams accessible for disabled people. It being disabled it’s hard enough to walk in the park let alone having to walk 2/3 of a mile to get to the park and then 2/3 of a mile back to your car. I would think that they would have to make things ADA accessible. I see a ADA lawsuit in their future. For not being accommodating to their guests. That they are charging a humongous amount of money to go into the park

    1. Danielle

      It super sucks, but technically they’re not breaking ADA law because they have wheelchairs and scooters for rent at the parking garage.

  14. Patti

    I am disabled so it is so tough on me , I watched other disabled on crutches and I felt bad for them . Why am I paying $25 to park close than walk further . It’s tough on some of us . By the time we get to the park we are wiped out.

    1. Charles

      My question is. If the busses are running why not have a few on the tram route? The toad seems wide enough for busses.

  15. As a tram driver for 12 years the answer is simple
    Disney is saving a bag of money by not running the trams. They have been sitting for 18 months untouched. They are going to need a lot of work to get them up and running and the powers that be do t want to spend the money. Don’t forget the new Pixar Pals parking structure was designed around loading the trams in an efficient manner but now the whole loading zone has been taken over by security. Guests are as upset as all of the tram drivers, rear tram, loaders. We want our jobs back

    1. Me

      Rats chewed all the lines on the trams when the park was closed.

    2. Phoebe Ho

      I hope you do get your job back. You and the other drivers provided a valuable, considerate service.

  16. Any

    Funny thing is they are still charging full price for parking. It should be have since we need to walk

  17. LouiB

    It is a shame and poor customer service. I don’t want to ride in an enclosed bus at this time but am ok with an open air tram. Just more Disney Magic gone. As an older guy the extra long walk an the end of the day just means I will spend less time in the resort and therefore spend less money while their.

  18. R.J. Koren

    That’s what Disney pays the bean counters for! Anyway to save money! Lucky we flew in and didn’t need the tram service, but we’ll be screwed after the first of the year if and when we fly in again! Bean Counters!

  19. Phoebe Ho

    If they don’t bring the trams back, I won’t park in the structures. That walk caused my curse to flare up on the day I finally went back to D-land. Walking long distances at a fast pace, especially on humid days, causes my legs to itch. The morning I went back, my legs flared up so bad on the walk to the gate, I barely made it. I sat right down (collapsed) on the ground outside the gate to cool off my legs before the gate opened. Had to take a Benadryl to clear it up. Nearly ruined my day. I’m not paying 25+ to walk my legs off before I even get into the park.

  20. Tammy

    As some other folks commented, I’m not sure that Disney has any motivation to bring trams back when more than enough people still pay to park there for the privilege of hoofing it to and from the park. It’s painful to watch people having to be helped back at the end of the night.
    Toy Story is indeed running the buses but at the end of the night, that wait is upwards of an hour+, especially as more people opt for the Toy Story option to avoid the walk from Mickey & Friends.
    This might be the new reality though.

  21. Cj Brown

    Team Disney Burbank doesn’t want

    _to spend money for Trams Service at the Disneyland Resorts – Theme Parks in Anaheim
    _to hire back Tram Personnel
    _to spend the money in placing plexiglass barriers on Trams / use extra Trams to compensate for the 6 feet of space seating in compliance of CDC Guidelines

    Bob Chapek is a Cheapskate, but that won’t stop Park Guests from going to Disneyland – DCA (even though many of us are old enough to remember what it was like to be dropped off in front of the Disneyland Main Gates by the Original Tram, by Taxis, by your Parent’s Car, etc before DCA changed all that – and not for the better!)

  22. 14MileDisneyDay

    I love the walk and I don’t really care if they ever bring back the trams. People love to complain, especially when they’re forced to get a little extra exercise. If people want to be lazy they can park at the Toy Story lot and take the new electric buses to the parks.

    1. 14MilesDisneyDay

      What I really love about not having the trams back is you can control your own destiny. At the end of the night you don’t have to wait in long tram lines, you can just walk up the path and to your car which saves you a ton of time.

      1. TacoCat

        You always had that option to walk.

      2. Tired

        Just did it and it took 45 minutes. Never did the wait and tram take that long. Go run a marathon and leave us alone.

    2. Danielle

      How very ableist of you.

  23. EM

    Hey Chapek bring back the trams so people don’t have to walk a mile back to their cars! It’s perfectly safe. Just as safe as going on your rides! You are one cheap SOB.

  24. Kim

    I’m guessing they’ll start charging extra for tram service if they do reopen. Seems to be the way Disney parks are doing things these days.

  25. BR

    I just returned from 7 days at Disneyworld and walked several nights, after dark, down the road to the appropriate parking lot. There are no sidewalks to many of the parking lots and walking in the same road as exiting cars was necessary. Maybe when a pedestrian gets hit Disney will start the tram service again!

  26. Cindy Bullis

    My hubby and I were discussing this on Monday. He is an auto mechanic and familiar with engines. He said they probably didn’t prep the diesel engines for long term storage. They thought 2 wks they should be fine. But after a month, someone should have gone in and prep them for storage. By not doing this, they now have to replace every single engine in the fleet. Which is an insane amount of money. Not to mention, it takes a lot of cast members to run it smoothly. It would be interesting to find out the exact reasons…the walk does suck.

    1. Jim

      The Trams at Disneyland are/were LNG powered. In the past I have walked to Mickey and Friends, but at 80 that walk back is no longer and option.

  27. Jose

    I spoke with cast members I know from having worked with them. The trams aren’t running because they didn’t cycle them during the lock downs. The engines are shot from having not been used. There’s no fixing them, they need to be replaced. Each on of the engines cost $1,000,000 nearly 20 years ago. You really think Disney is bringing those back when they can have you use your chevro-legs instead? Lol, get real.

    1. Tired


  28. Eugenia

    They really need to have them back….the open air transportation of it makes sense that it’s not even an issue as far as Covid. Even if a person coughs, the wind just picks it up and carries it away. If they bring back and encourage the other, shorter scenic bridge route from the parking structure to DD, it should all be fine. I used to love to go walk to DD on the bridge. I miss that. Right now I do not have a pass because it seems not enough available days, even for the top pass which is what I wanted. It’s too blocked out too quickly for the holidays. The price stayed about the same but the pass itself is less than it was for sure. No reservations for 2 months is like having a 2 month blockout with a top cost pass…no thanks, not now anyway. I will wait until next year and see.

  29. rj

    I’m guessing they won’t bring the trams back until staffing is totally back to pre-covid numbers. They barely have the staff to operate the rides, shops, hotels and food services. Until all the CP’s and ICP’s are back, we’ll have to deal with the non-Disney loving, it’s just a job, joyless, rude employees too. UGH!

  30. Dale Sears

    ” Hey, let’s build a second park where the parking lot is. ” ” But where will our guest park ? ” ” We can build a parking structure and use trams to transport them to the front gate. ” ” No, let’s let them walk, and save even more money. ” ” That would be ridiculous, no one would do that. “

  31. Matthew Brewster

    It is inexcusable that both DL and WDW still, after a year or more, tram service remain suspended!!! Burbank should explain why, as well as why they were suspended, as well as why they were suspended in the first place!. It is also inexcusable that the parking fee has not been reduced by at least half! After all, the fee covers both the parking space and transportation to and from the garages to and from the parks.

  32. Stuart Green

    My family and I usually take the walkway bridge from the Pixar lot to the Downtown Disney lot. Then go through security near the Disney Hotel. Still a schlep.. But easier than the full tram walk. I’ve only taken the tram “walk” once – It seemed endless a the end of the day. There’s no way the monorail is going to help much. Hoping they’ll bring the trams back or make a pedestrian bridge directly into Downtown Disney.

  33. Jack Hoover

    Very simply, both my wife and I cannot negotiate the walk from our car to the park entrance, and I will not renew our yearly passes until the trams return. As many people feel the same as I do, Disney Management should realize that they are saving money in one hand, and losing it out the other. Orlando has other Theme Parks that are willing to be more considerate of their patrons, and that’s where their money will go.

  34. Teresa

    I was just at Disneyland Anaheim in September and I think it’s wrong that they do not notify you that the trams are not working, The only reason I went is because a friend paid for our tickets and they wanted to see Star Wars land which I was impressed with the craftsmanship but the two rides them selves were not too exciting, I don’t understand why they don’t have a drop off for people in wheelchairs, coming back after the park closeD my friend Ted helped push a woman in a wheel chair because the young person was so tired that was pushing her, I was thrilled to see that it was supposed to be only 83° but it was 77% humidity that walk from the parking structure to the front just about wore me out, I asked one of the people who work there they said it’s because the city of Orange County is part of that transportation and the people who normally operate the trams looked for other jobs when everything shut down, and now have to train new people, such BS It’s all about control welcome to Joe Biden world and governor nut job

  35. Dave

    Disney being greedy!
    Until a person falls or is hurt while making the walk of shame – Disney will keep them idle.
    They paid 83 billion to by Fox Studios but can’t run a Tram ☹️

  36. Terry

    Bob paycheck doesn’t care about guest’s or their experience he cares about one thing and one thing only money. Of course the courtesy trams will not be returning under this scums leadership. Bob paycheck should be fired he brings nothing but discrace to Walt’s good name

  37. I am a 3rd Generation California Native and have been to Disneyland since age 5. I can recall when parking was 25 and 50 Cents! ALSO that trams always accommodated families with tired/sleepy children and exhausted parents after a long trek at our beloved park. I now am 5 month post Total Left Knee replacement ( Right one done 4 yrs ago) Without the tram I don’t think I will be able to spend the holidays this year at GREEDY DISNEY! I just wonder what Walt and Roy would have to say about the fact that CUSTOMERS PAYING $25.00 to PARK before entering should NOT BE ACCOMMODATED!

  38. LouiB

    Typical Disney, cut service but charge same price. Sad.

  39. Esther

    Its ridiculous…. I don’t understand why they shut down the trams it just doesn’t make sense to me…. if it was because of safety precautions Due to covid and social distancing, it doesn’t make sense were in line waiting to get on rides standing next to each other not even six ft apart so what does it make any difference sitting in a tram. It’s alot of walking especially for the kids.I pray they Please bring back to trams, it would help and give more job opportunities to drivers as well and everything will somewhat be back to normal..

  40. Robyn

    I was contemplating a visit to either Disney World or Disneyland with my grandchildren this spring. Since hearing about the trams not operating, I will not be going until they resume. I do not have enough energy to walk that distance after an exhausting day in the park.

  41. Lorraine S

    The walk is not horrible, but what I did notice is that the path to the park was dirty. It really took me by surprise. I always thought of the parks as so clean. My first impression. Was not good. If the trams were running I most likely would not have seen it!

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