Comments for Disney Genie Recommends Nearly Hour Long Wait as “Low” Wait Time

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Credit: Disney


  1. May

    Just as I thought. I don’t need Disney to tell me what to do. Disney doesn’t know what it’s talking about, anyway.

  2. FakeNews

    The tweet was at 10:50, and Disney recommended 11:50 for the predicted low wait. It’s not rocket science. What was the wait at 11:50? 30 min. I should know by now that this site won’t give accurate information.

  3. TJ

    Sorry, but I think this whole Genie+ just isnt going to cut it with the paying public. Paying $15 a day on top of our 14 day ticket is just madness. When the stand by queue goes quicker than the Genie+ queue, ridiculous. I’m not going to Disney till next year, but if it hasn’t sorted itself out to make it a viable option, then we wont be going to Disney. Bob ‘PAYCHECK’ will have made a huge mistake by cancelling the fast pass system as UK guests decide to miss Disney altogether. What was once a magical experience is now pay through the nose, and worry about your holiday.

    1. Julian H

      I agree with you TJ 100%, I’ve already moved away from Disney for my next Holiday. We are going to stay in Universal. Disney will only get 2 to 3 days of my cash rather than the 14 it has had for many many years now. Enough is enough, Disney have added so may extra charges to things that were already included (and that is not a cheap holiday) its crazy, I’m not taking Bob Chapek’s and the rest of his greedy board crap anymore. I remember the 80’s when people were not going to Disney as much, new hotels were shelved etc, well its going to happen again. 50 years of Disney World and this is how Disney Chiefs reward loyalty by royally ripping its customers off. Its time to put the Mouse down and out of its misery, the magic has gone – Thanks Bob Chapek for nothing.

    2. Worth is subjective

      You don’t have to purchase it for every day of your trip.
      If the standby time is a 5 minutes and it shows that the next available LL time is 2 hours away, that means that the LL is sold out until then. It doesn’t mean that standby is faster. Use the standby at 5 minutes and book the LL for later when the wait will probably be longer, especially if it’s a ride you want to ride more than once.
      The great thing is, you don’t have to buy it if you don’t think it’s worth it though. With 14 days, you probably won’t need it.

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