Disney Genie Recommends Nearly Hour Long Wait as “Low” Wait Time

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Today marks a big day for Disney World as it has finally debuted Disney Genie. Guests learned about Disney Genie, the new addition to the My Disney Experience app that would help plan the perfect Disney day years ago. Now, it has finally come to fruition.

disney genie plus
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Not only will the app help curate your day, but you can also purchase Disney Genie+ in order to use the Lightning Lane, which is the new FastPass+ queue offering that now comes at a cost of $15.00 per day, per person. If you want to use the app for its free perks, however, you can!

During the day, Disney Genie will send you recommendations on what to ride next and persuade you by letting you know if the wait time is low or high. Reporter Katie Rice (@katievrice) was using the app today when it was recommended that it was a good time to go to Pirates of the Caribbean. As you can see below, the forecasted wait was “low”; however, the actual wait was 55 minutes!

Although wait times for attractions can climb to much higher, Pirates of the Caribbean typically does not boast enormous lines and 55 minutes is usually on the higher end in terms of a wait time. It seems that the Disney Genie is predicting that an attraction’s wait time will be at a “low” point at certain times, but of course, a prediction may not be accurate.

disney genie
Credit: Screenshot via Disney Parks Blog

Using your My Disney Experience app and checking wait times in combination with the Disney Genie addition will likely serve as your best bet as a Guest to ensure that you are not heading to an attraction anticipating a low wait but ending up in line for an hour.

disney genie app
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

This morning, we also saw wait times looking very low, and return times for Lightning Lane being a theoretically longer wait. During the day, we are now starting to see the Standby queue grow as more Guests flood the Walt Disney World Parks and will both the Standby queue and Lightning Lane queue. Visiting earlier in the morning seems to have less of an effect on Standby queue wait times. Still, as Disney Genie+ continues to be utilized, we will continue to examine its efficiency throughout the day!

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