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    Genie YES
    Genie + NO

    Very misleading.

  2. Benjamin Porteous

    WOWZA, what a scoop (and I’m not just talking about the Mickey Premium Bar).

    I might live quite (ja)far from the parks, but this article made me feel like I was there.

    Huge fan.

  3. Rich

    I can see a lot more people wearing the t shirt that says “Most EXPENSIVE Day Ever.

  4. Htk

    If you are having a hard time reconciling these prices wait to you see the “holiday edition”. Lightning Lane will cost up to $50 per person to ride RIR during the Christmas to NYE holiday week. Having been there every year for the Holidays, it seems there’s enough people there who can pay these prices without blinking.

  5. Alan Harris

    Sorry but I don’t share your enthusiasm for this new technology. having been to the parks many times in the past, the fun and excitement was always planning things out for myself. this takes away from the spontaneity of just enjoying the day so now I will be spending most of my time looking at an app? Not to mention the cost of paying for rides that i just forked out over a hundred dollars to have the privilege of entering the park? looks like the magic is gone for me. I can’t justify the cost anymore and don’t feel like paying for a vacation on a credit card over the next 5 years. Disney, you’ve lost me and my family.

  6. jo

    Really the only thing its needed for it to reserve rides. I suppose you can put dining on there if you crazy enough to eat at Disney.

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