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  1. Michelle Anderson

    The new firework show for Epcot was really well done. Enchantment didn’t flow right. The theme didn’t make sense. It wasn’t spectacular at all, and it didn’t feel like a celebration. I also wish it had nostalgia from the past 50 years. Where was Walt and Mickey? Honestly, I thought it was weird. The only thing I liked was the projections down main street.

    1. Jackie

      I don’t know what show you saw but I thought it was amazing. It was celebrating magic and being enchanted by the films they have created over the years. Disney is not just about mickey mouse and walt disney it’s about everything they have ever created. Every fairy tail brought to life, every story they have told.

      1. Kristie

        You don’t know what show she saw when she wrote “enchantment “ right in the comment? Of course you do so you are just being snarky. People are entitled to THEIR opinion. This show will be great for people who haven’t seen HEA without a doubt. And to all who like or love it I am very happy for them that they do. However, there are many who feel this show is a downgrade from HEA in terms of Music/story/soundtrack. The only upgrade for this was the lights going down Main Street. Cool but not spectacular. And while it didn’t come to my mind as I am not a superfan, but I certainly see the point about lack of 50th story.
        These people are commenting on it because they clearly have seen better and people expected better. And more. JUST LIKE WALT, according to the ABC special on last night.

  2. Gideon Karn

    I 100% agree. A 50th Anniversary show should celebrate all of Disney past. it didn’t flow right, and was nowhere near as good as Wishes or Happily Ever After.

  3. Shaun

    For me, Happily Ever After will take some beating, Enchantment was a bit disjointed and doesnt give the same “heartwarming” feel. I also think the fireworks don’t complement the music and projections as well as Happily Ever After.

    Harmonious on the other hand, I thought was spectacular.

  4. Kenr

    Wishes, Illuminations and Spectromagic used a symphony with moving music specifically created for the show. These new shows use songs from recent movies lumped together. They feel disjointed at times. While nobody will be happy that their favorite was left out, it is curious that the focus is on the newer movies and not the ones that Walt had a hand in. The best line up at the Magic Kingdom, in my opinion was, was Wishes, Spectromagic and Celebrate the Magic.

  5. I was shocked that on the 50th anniversary there was literally no homage to Walt or Mickey. The entire show was basically a few recent movies. Zero nostalgia. I was so disappointed. Both Wishes and HEA used to make me tear up as memories of the past were conjured by Mickey and Tinker Bell. The 50th anniversary should have included 50 years of Walt Disney World. What a huge swing and miss.

  6. Jan

    Here is another thing that Chapek has ruined for us. Enchanted was a non original singers and nothing that brought Walt or Mikey into what they both started! HEA and Wishes had me in tears every time I saw them. This was just a projected lights and fireworks show it lacks heart! AK Kite Show is a waste of time as well not even close to the river light show. Harmonious is the best of all and it needs to go back to original singers of the songs as well! New voices (cheaper to bring in) that no one knows isn’t going to do it! For the prices they are now charging they can afford to bring in our original singers! Chapek is trying to get by on the cheap! How sad!

    1. Kim Henshilwood

      It was soooooo bad.. no it must go and whom ever created it needs a new job .. the worst .. extremely disappointing. And they must have heard the Boo’s because they already pulled it after one performance .. ever after is back as of today 10/3

  7. Mark

    The new show sucks in so many ways. Just like a 50th anniversary that doesn’t truly honor Walt Disney or Roy Disney.

  8. Donna

    I am a huge Disney fan and even though I enjoyed lasts nights Enchantment show, it sorely missed the mark as a 50th celebration. Walt and glimpses of how WDW magic kingdom has changed over these 50 years absolutely should have been included. For us, this was more about showcasing Disney’s movies then a special 50th anniversary celebration. We also saw the soft opening of Harmonious and it was the same. WDW world has such wonderful imagineers, They should have allowed them create a more celebratory of the 50years spectacular show. So many of the past shows had that WOW factor, this did not for us. Of course everything is subjective and this is my opinion. As I said, I enjoyed it but it didn not feel like it was a show celebrating 50 years of WDW Magic.

  9. ChadMC

    Like others commenting here, I am a bit shocked that there is zero history portrayed here. The show is quite nice, but lacks some form of ‘magic’ for me personally.

    Another thing I’ll mention is the music. Having music from some movies is ok, but the individuals singing really takes away from the overall presentation. When wanting to include singing, in my opinion, it’s best to have a choir without any one person standing out. I always liked how going back to Fantasy in the Sky there was instrumental music which added ambiance to the show. With singers, they try to take the attention and gear it towards a specific singer. Of course, some will like that one single singer, some will not. It’s risky. For those who do not care for the one singer, the show will not be enjoyable. It’s much safer to have either no singing (by a single singer) or have a choir instead.

  10. Kim Henshilwood

    It was soooooo bad.. no it must go and whom ever created it needs a new job .. the worst .. extremely disappointing. And they must have heard the Boo’s because they already pulled it after one performance .. ever after is back as of today 10/3

    1. MakingStuffUp

      Yeah, that’s not even remotely true. HEA is not back.

    2. JM

      That’s not true. HEA is not back. Stop it.

  11. Lee

    That was not good. It Absolutely DID NOT represent 50 years of Disney World. Angela Bassett’s beautiful narration is lost without a story… No Walt. No Mickey. Where are we again??? My first trip to Disney World was in 1974. There was nothing remotely nostalgic about this show. Zero. Zip. Can the team that did Harmonious come over and help out this show? Do better, Disney.

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