Comments for New Castle Fireworks “50 Years In the Making”, Disney Confirms “No End Time”

disney enchantment fireworks

Credit: Disney


  1. Jay

    I’ve heard rumors it’s already dead.

  2. Sam

    Watched it last night. I dont know what story he thinks their telling because there wasnt one. The music was crappy the projections poor and rushed. No feelings or tingles. I cant wait for it to be over.

  3. Terry

    Certainly no history or story in enchantment no nod to Walt or the mouse that started it all.l no emotion. Whoever thought this was a good idea shi be fired along with bob paycheck

  4. Tyler

    Enchantment was not the most exciting to watch. After watching it, I felt disappointed. Music wasn’t any good, the fireworks did not flow, and while main-street may light up too, I’m watching the castle, not main Street. Going in December and not as excited for the fireworks as I was with HEA.

  5. Kathleen

    There was not any 50 years of history. Epcot Forever had more. Both new fireworks shows were disappointing.

    1. Heath

      I completely agree with the other people I’ve been watching Disney fireworks for 25 years and this is the worst by far. The fireworks are good the music is terrible!! What happened to Disney magic?

  6. Jan

    There is no feelings in this show! Every time I saw HEA I left in tears, it had heart and feelings of love and classics and Mickey was there! The fireworks matched the music and the entire show was truly an event! Enchanted is at best great lights and fireworks but just a wanna be projection show with poor music at best! Enchanted fireworks don’t match the projection or the music. I could be at Contemporary and see the fireworks and be happy! Why why why would you take original songs from the films and have unknowns sing instead?? This is just another version of what Chapek wants to turn WDW into charge more and pass on the cheap version!

  7. Debby

    When I found out I was going to WDW I right away got my Happily ever After magic band. And then months later I hear HEA will be no more. Disappointed again with Disney. I am now going to wear a magic band that is no more and that SUCKS!

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