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The Haunted Mansion sign at Disneyland Park

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  1. Chris

    The DAS has always used the FP return, but at HM, with a DAS, you’ll always waited in the hallway, unless you inform the CMs that you need to use the side. Yes, you can make that request and they will accommodate, but you must ask, which is actually how it always used to be until a few CMs occasionally automatically took you the other way.

    Seriously, if you need something particular somewhere, just ask.

    1. Lee Berkowitz

      I had the DAS because I can’t stand long periods of time. On my last visit two days ago ( to WDW) I was refused a renewal of the pass ( they last 60 to 90 days). I was told I must use a wheelchair or scooter. I don’t do the most popular rides and I try to walk what I can. I don’t want to become wheelchair dependent.

  2. bryan

    I have be not helped at disneyworld like the hated mansion and other rides that have the rolling loading

  3. April

    This doesn’t work for my son and many people I know with disabilities. He has a medical stroller and needs it slowed down for him to get on. He also needs time and space when getting out of his chair. He also cannot wait in a regular line. He’s the type to kick and throw things at people if it’s a long line along with many medical issues. He just experienced this ride for the first time this year because of the DAS pass and loves it. But We won’t be able to access it without the DAS pass. It’s clear they don’t consult actual disabled people and their caretakers about our needs. It makes such a huge difference to have it.

  4. Val

    Das is awful, , they should have plan your day, exit
    Access like the olds days, parks are too crowded and the anxiety is hightened.
    The sensory of the rides is so good for kids with autism but the crowds kill the benefit. Why can’t they just be kind

    1. Danielle

      Yes i agree with that. The old system was better and much simpler.

  5. Kristy

    We were at Disneyland yesterday, and DAS access is definitely available for haunted mansion, and every other ride that we went on (my son uses DAS). I believe the complaint in the article is that after the elevator, DAS pass holders wait in the usually short line with other guests to get in the buggys. I witnessed the ride slowed and stopped for those who needed that extra accommodation. I feel that this article was very misleading and may discourage some DAS users from even trying.

    1. Matthew

      What’s the DAS protocol? Before we could go to the CM and they would scan alll party members. Do we have to apply ahead of time?

  6. Gabrielle

    We just returned from Disney. My parents are both disabled and ride scooters. Their health conditions prevent them from standing for long periods and walking any sort of distance. My father was SEVERELY injured waiting in line for a ride at Hollywood. He hit an exposed pipe in a dark hallway, coming around a curve. It was unmarked and protruding from the wall roughly 8-10 inches. It almost flipped his scooter over (he was caught, thank God), tore his leg open (he’s on blood thinners) and severely damaged his knee, calf and foot. Disney employees and first aid staff couldn’t have cared less. This was a bucket list trip for him!! We all left with him, as we didn’t want to experience the park without him. Horrible treatment, worse safety standards. Do better, Disney! Magic ruined.

    1. Gabrielle

      Oh, and for the record, DAS was not available. We had been waiting in line for more than an hour.

  7. Kasandra

    I recently had this same experience. But not only did it vary by rides but by parks. At California Adventure no DAS was available. At Disneyland it depended on the ride and the person the ride. I went to the park in 2017 and this service was a great help to my family. In October 4th and 11th of 2021 this was no long the case. Only ride that the service was available for was Pirates of the Caribbean.

    1. Kristy

      DAS is available for every ride in California adventure. We go every week, and my son uses it. I believe what you are talking about is wheelchair or scooter access. California adventure was built to be accessible, so they tell people with scooters or wheelchairs to go through the regular line. Disneyland is not as accessible, so they will give you a return time for the rides that have lines that a wheelchair or scooter will not make it through. DAS is not designed for people with physical handicaps that can be aided with a scooter or wheelchair. It is more for people with autism and other issues that prevent them from standing in lines.

  8. Sue

    I have been wheel chair bound since 2010 and I can tell you from experience that Disney in general has been going down the tubes on how handicapped people are treated. At first I was always taken to the side and entered a different way; I had to wait for my family to go through the line. For the new rides, I’m told the line was created for the EVC to go through; that is not an easy task when you are not use to it and so many people around. The funny part is even when I do that, when I get to the front of the line I am told to go around to the handicapped loading area.
    On time at California Adventure in 2012, a nice young couple in front of my husband and me helped me out with the turns in the line and when we got to the front, that young couple let the cast members have it for allowing this. The couple continued with us to the other side for handicapped loading and again this young couple told the cast members off as this actually created a longer waiting time for my husband and me. When we got off, the couple demanded to see a supervisor of the ride to complain how rude Disney had become to handicapped people.
    This was only the first step in a long line of changes so Disney can cater to only the wealthy 1%.
    I get so much better treatment at Universal.

    1. frostysnowman

      I was just at Disney and my older daughter used a manual wheelchair each day. It costs much less than the EVC’s and she doesn’t really want to use one of them anyway. When we went to get our DAS pass on the first day, the customer service girl was quite condescending when she told us Disney was gradually phasing people with physical disabilities out of eligibility for the pass and it would only be for people with things like autism. But we were able to get the pass for our trip, thankfully. We were also told that lines for the newer rides are “accessible”, but it was obvious to me that no one pushed a person in a wheelchair through any of the lines to see what that’s actually like. Especially queues like the one for Smuggler’s Run, which is almost all uphill. It’s very sad to see this happening.

  9. Benjamin Collins

    Please know that attractions are subject to change and may not be available on the DAS list on the day of visit or the time that you request. Availability can change throughout the day. To learn about any closures or long-term refurbishments, please view details about the attraction on Disney world website or my Disney experience app.

  10. Bridget Langley-Broadwell

    I use a scooter because otherwise I would have to carry oxygen. A month ago, I went to Guest Services to ask for a Disability Pass which last 60 days and they told me I don’t need one because I have a scooter. They said they are suppose to give me a time and I come back and use the Fastpass lane. I proceeded to tell them that is NOT what is happening. I are telling me to park the scooter and walk in like everyone else. What gives Disney?

    1. Benjamin Collins

      From what I remember reading from prohibited items scooters is one of them, once kids start horseplay with them, it is not considered assistive item. I recommend going to prohibited items for the parks your going to. They could have recommendations u could use.

  11. Danielle

    I thought that with the DAS,
    The cut off like 10
    Minutes of the normal wait time but find that it’s just like a normal wait time for fast pass. It does help a little bit for me. I do have cp but honestly their isn’t much of a difference. I miss the old way where you just go through the exit.

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