Comments for Disney Hides Construction From Guests in a Genius But Secret Way

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  1. Lindsey

    It would be nice if they could have found a way to hide or speed up the world of color refurbishment at California Adventure. It was a major bummer to invite family from out of state who paid full price for single day park hopper tickets and we had to look at that sad drained lake. Pretty sure there was a whole year recently when the parks were completely shut down but of course they couldn’t refurbish it then now could they.

    1. Pete

      Nope, of course they couldn’t refurbish then, they knew that they were going to be closed for a while and they had to keep their stock price up no matter what. Think about it for a while, Disney shut down all resort operations and refurb work right away during the 2 weeks to flatten the curve part of the CV19 crisis. If it was just 2 weeks, that would have been a great refurb window for alot of things, but they knew that they needed to horde their money to make it past months of shutdown and partial operations.

      1. John

        What? It takes weeks if not months to plan
        updates. Disney was planning on how to reopen and how to best protect their employees and guests during that time.

      2. Use Your Brain

        Have either of you, Pete and Lindsey, had to buy or repair anything in the last 18 months? It took 6+ months to get a couch and kitchen appliance set last year. Not to mention the cost for lumber, tile, and other materials.

    2. kennyvee

      It would be nice if you had checked the refurbishment calendar before inviting family to experiencing things that were already announced to be closed.

      Don’t blame Disney for your failure to use the tools available to you.

  2. Sue

    Now they need to clean up the bathrooms in Epcot. They are disgusting

  3. That is pretty clever. I always appreciate the details they look into for operations down to construction and renovations of their buildings and rides. A lot of planning must go into it all.

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