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  1. Chris

    Yet, out here in California, Knott’s Berry Farm is getting character meet and greets back to normal. Disney seems to be constantly behind them these days.

  2. Erin

    Any chance you know what date in November? We’ll be there the 1st-4th and are crossing our fingers that our Mickey-loving 4 year old will get to meet him!!

  3. I am so happy that meet and greets are starting to come back to Disney world although I am sad that you still can’t hug the characters.

  4. Donna

    Until ALL the entertainment is back, it feels like Disney is just tossing us crumbs to make people happy while keeping offerings low.
    We pay 400$ more for our annual passes, yet get HUNDREDS less in offerings/privileges. All entertainment offered now is less than half what it was.
    Lion king used to be a favorite. The entire show. But because Disney REFUSED to hire back equity actors, they lost over half that show. And now it is a remnant of what it was.
    So once again, we all pay more and we STILL are getting half of what we had.
    Disney used to be the “standard” everyone strived for… now its the bare minimum.
    When they bring back shows fully, and better options, then it will be different.
    And those new awesome fireworks 🙄 I could have designed a better show w my 4 year old… it was a disaster as people started watching them and then began to leave BEFORE they even ended. Sad

    1. Donna

      I agree! And it seems even Iger agrees. Seems Chapek does nothing but try to give bare minimum… however fans still flock. So until attendance drops big, no one will care. We are local. We have highest tier pass. We ised to go 3 maybe more times a week and have an impromptu dinner out there at a restaurant. Cant do that anymore. Cant reserve at some hotel restaurants because you have to be a guest. Yet the praise themselves on offering a 20% discount on food!! But only at the places they want you to be.
      Too controlling and not even enjoyable. We choose Sea World, LEGOLAND, and definitely Universal. Disney may be bigger but it has lost all magic.

  5. Sebastian Hale

    When will indoor character meet and greets at Disneyland like the meet and greets with Ariel, Snow White and Cinderella in the Royal Hall come back? You said that people can’t hug nor get autographs from the characters in Disney World, but, when character meet and greets in Disneyland come back, will little girls, who had just got their princess makeovers at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, be permitted to hug and get autographs from Ariel, Snow White and Cinderella in the Royal Hall.

  6. A

    Bring back hugs!

  7. jo

    this was a cheap shot at overzealous fans. Greedy man chapek and his board use this hype to draw people in. No meet and hand shake or hug,, no 5 year old rattling on about Space Rangers to Buzz. Autographs, pictures next to the character. Its a marketing hype.

  8. Marc Disney

    I’m beyond excited that the meet and greets are coming back. I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to give Mickey that big hug I’ve been waiting a whole year to give him but it’s a step in the right direction and I’m grateful for it. It beats just getting to wave to our favorite Disney friends in their two-second cavalcades.

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