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Group of Rebels surrounding Han Solo on Endor

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Daniel Rockwell

    The character of “Nik Sant” doesn’t exactly have a fleshed-out backstory that would be erased from existence if we decided that his backstory includes that he was a former clone trooper that used to go by the name of Rex and is now going by a new name to better fly under Imperial radar…

    1. Melissa

      This is the kind of trouble you run into when you’re producing just too dang much content and trying to tie every bit of it together. Conflicts and retcons are bound to occur. They need to take s break from making new content.

  2. Travis

    Dave Filoni did not create Star Wars. He’s an overhyped fan boy who doesn’t care about George Lucas’s canon at all. The dude invented a Padawan for Anakin that never showed up or was even mentioned in the films and expects us all to just accept this literal child caused his downfall. The fact that he is trying to retcon one of George Lucas’s characters to his own is deplorable. The sooner that man is removed from Star Wars the better

    1. Bill

      You, sir, are a monster.

      1. Patric

        How are you this brainless?

        1. Patric

          To the Travis dude, seriously…

    2. Bob jones

      Your opinion that is but I think you are soooooooo wrong my friend

    3. Berwhale the Avenger

      Ashoka Tano was literally a joint creation of Filoni AND George Lucas.

      And Sant was not Lucas’s character. For God’s sake, he was a random extra that caught audience’s attention, then got called a joke name playing on Santa Clause. He’s no more an established character than the Trooper who banged his head walking through the door on the Death Star. He’s fair game.

      1. Kobe

        No he’s not fair game. If a canon publication calls him Nick Sant, then that is his name. Deal with it.

        1. Matthew J. Smith

          And people change their names all the time to avoid trouble the former name may make for them, they also inherit “Nik”-names, too…. Frankly I like the fact that we are all free to decide if they are one or two different characters, but either way this is much Ado about nothing….

    4. Ricardo D'artist

      I have never heard of a Stat Wars fan that does not see Dave Filoni as George Lucas right hand man. George took Filoni under his wing to create The Clone Wars animated series second edition. No one respects George’s Star Wars as much as Dave Filoni inside Lucasfilm currently. Your assessment of this news is totally incorrect!

    5. Scootrv

      It never ceases to amaze me how fast someone can show they are a complete and utter Jack hole, by stating their opinion in the most offensive way possible. You managed to do it right out of the gate. Nice job.

    6. Melissa

      Couldn’t agree more, Travis. There’s just no way to reconcile all this nonsense.

  3. I Hate the World

    Can I just throw my vote in for this becoming canon?
    Seriously in this day and age of rewriting language every minute, redefining EVERYTHING, actively destroying whatever anyone finds possibly offensive, can we just embrace the idea that the clone troopers of the 501st embraced the rebellion after being forced into Order 66.
    Having Rex and the troopers of the 501st, find peace and purpose with the Rebellion would be something truly fantastic.

    1. Bast

      Frankly it could be canon that nobody knows if that guy in that scene was Rex or not. Odds are he’s a clone, since he looks so much like Rex in universe that people don’t know if it’s him or not. It’s like people have forgotten that Rex has about a parsec full of lookalikes.

      1. Daryn F.

        There were 700+ million clones (low estimate) made during the clone wars. It may not be Capt. Rex, but another clone who chose the name Nik. Just saying

    2. Kerrick

      “Star wars Rebels takes place between 5 years before episode IV and 0 years before episode IV (ABY). This is 14 years after the clone wars which makes Rex 28 at the start of rebels and 33 at the end. Episode VI takes place in 4ABY which makes Rex 37 during the battle of Endor.” This is not only the cannon among the storyline, but makes The physical aging of Nik impossible to be Rex.

      1. Paul

        The Clones’ aging was purposefully excellerated to speed up their production. I think that was Ep. II that revealed that. As such, how would we know what a 37 y/o Clone would look like?

  4. Mike3316

    All I know is that Han shot first!!! Lol

    1. Mike

      Animated Star Wars isn’t Star Wars.

      ‘Nuff said!

  5. Isaac

    Does it really matter?
    They could be two different individuals but
    It wouldn’t be a stretch thet due to some secret mission that Rex hid his identity and created the persona of Nik. It wouldn’t actually harm canon in the least. Infact, it would just enrich the story further.

  6. Clones. Clones. Clones.

  7. Miguel Cruz

    That isn’t Captain Rex because Captain Rex is a clone of Jango Fett who was played by Temuera Morrison. The guy playing Nik Sant isn’t Temuera Morrison. While you could argue that this is a situation like Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christiansen playing younger versions (or older in this case) let’s not reward the sheer nonsense of the idea that there can only be one guy in the universe rocking a sweet white beard.

  8. Taco⁹

    Isn’t there another scene where they are taken prisoner and there is an old man with a stormtrooper outfit but no helm that looks just like the Rex image?

  9. AgentM79

    Merry Christmas. Nik Sant is Captain Rex.

  10. AgentM79

    If Rex, Hera, Zeb, Sabine, and Chop were together on Endor, they would have dismantled the shield generator in seconds-flat. Or the Ghost could have flown support for the Millennium Falcon and Rogue Squadron while the demo’ed Death Star II.

    Oh, the Star Wars we may yet have someday!!!!!!

  11. Paul

    The text in the book says “Rex and other clones” joined the rebellion. We’re all debating if that means Nik Sant is Rex, and not considering if it’s just confirming that Nik Sant is one of the other clones. Which would explain the resemblance.

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