Demolition Ramps Up Next to Disney World

in Walt Disney World

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When Guests visit Walt Disney World, they may feel like there is always something under construction. Whether you are in the Parks, such as EPCOT, and surrounded by construction walls, or your Resort’s pool is being refurbished, a road is closed, or a new restaurant is being built in Disney Spings — there is always so much change surrounding the area.

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If you are traveling around the Orlando area, you will quickly notice that the construction does not end once you leave property. Right next door, it seems that changes are always underway. Right now, in front of one of seven Disney World entry points is ongoing demolition to help improve the traffic of Guests entering the property.

Crossroads was one of the shopping and eatery plazas right outside the Walt Disney World Resort gates on Lake Buena Vista, but was bought out so that I-4, Orlando’s busiest highway, could expand, allowing traffic in front of Disney World to move with ease. Now that all of the previous tenants have been evacuated and removed from the plaza, we can see that heavy demolition has begun minutes from Disney World.

Walt Disney World Entrance
Credit: Jonathan Michael Salazar

Photographer Bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) posted a few photos of the demolition, as well as what the new plan will be for the highway expansion, which included adding multiple new ponds for and roadways.

Visible demolition activity in CrossRoads. Aerial photos Oct 1.

Approximate overlay of the I-4 traffic improvements planned at site of CrossRoads. Sand excavated for ponds to be used for I-4 roadbeds. Ponds also provide places for rain to drain from I-4. Attached also is FLDOT planning map.

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Although this construction will take years to complete, Disney World Guests traveling into the Resort property should not be too affected by the construction as it is not yet interfering with the roadways. Hopefully, once this multi-million dollar transformation is complete, Guests and Residents in the Orlando area will be able to enter the Most Magical Place on Earth with ease.

What do you think of the ongoing construction near Disney? What other changes would you like to see?

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