Comments for ‘Mandalorian’ Actor Makes Season 3 Return, Officially Starts Filming


Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Bambi Brosemer

    It’s about time they got it started. They really shouldn’t have waited considering how popular it is. It’s bad enough they made the grave mistake of letting Carano go. Let’s hope they speed this along and don’t make any more huge mistakes. Really hope we get to see more of grogu as well. It would suck if he was left out just because he left with Luke. They really need to right the wrong and bring Carano back.

    1. Heather

      She’s NOT coming back, get over it already!

    2. T

      All we care about is Grogu rejoining in his Dad. The other storylines don’t matter.

  2. Mike Sørensen

    Gina Carano was not fired from this or any other show. Her contract for season 2 had ended and LFL/Disney said they wouldn’t be rehiring her.

    It might seem like a trivial distinction, but it’s not. She wasn’t fired from the show, she was not hired for season 3 (or any other show).

  3. Hurm

    What is a seize?

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