Comments for Young Boy Remains Mysteriously Hospitalized For Weeks During Disney Vacation

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  1. Jamie King

    Yep 1st day at Disney 1st thing in the morning and my son and I got into line for our 1st ride seven dwarf mine train and I suddenly pasted out. Woke up in a ambulance going to a local hospital. I’m not diabetics or anything but for some reason my sugar was way low and they couldn’t get it come back up. Luckily I just missed 1 day of our trip. The cast members were really sweet and pixie dusted my 3 children with giant pushes of their favorite characters. We got some fee park hopper tickets and a free hotel night. It all worked out.

    1. Erin M Gorski

      People don’t think to drink water at Disney World , I have to push fluids of tap water onto my family all the time! I feel like a dam waitresses at Disney world!

  2. Evelynviera

    Yes my son got sick at Disney suddenly was burning up feverish we took into the emergency room at Arnold’s Palmer children Hopsital and was admitted 2 days in the hospital he gets a pneumonia
    I reached out to Disney that we left suddenly because my son got sick after an hour in the park. If they can please honor us tickets for a later they clearly said no. So disappointed

    1. Hfa

      Take the medical record information and talk to someone else. I had a similar experience where my nephew was sick and we had to leave around 10 am. We got credit for the day for another day

  3. Yule

    Yep, we visited Epcot on July 30th and my son got sick with COVID, thanks God he is doing great but he also visited the hospital with shortness of breath a couple of times. Everyone needs to get vaccinated. I am fully vaccinated and I never got it from my son. I am his primary care taker.

    1. Brooklyn

      Did he get tested for Covid? With Ron DeSantis as governor of Florida, you are taking your life in your hands going anywhere

      1. Jim quinn

        Florida COVID cases are down 88% in the last 6 weeks yet the mainstream media remains silent. I spoke with
        about how we’ll always stand for the rights and liberties of Floridians and against Biden’s egregious federal overreach.

        1. Right

          @Jim exactly, these people don’t do their own research… they allow others to think for them… it’s so sad. Her comment is so ridiculous and uneducated….

        2. So true

          Exactly, her comment is so ridiculous and uneducated. It’s so sad how people rely on others to give them information instead of looking at it yourself. Florida and DeSantis are doing a phenomenal job. Someone that came from Comifornia, during the pandemics. I saw far worse things in Comfornia that not only sickened me but also made me extremely weary of the hospitals, most Drs and nurses. Let’s just say there are very evil people 😢 so I’m so thankful to be in a state that not only follows science but does the best for their people.

        3. Angela

          The cases are down because the virus cannot find more people to infect because it ran uncontrolled and we have the deaths and cripplings to show for it. It has nothing at all to do with DeSantis who has done absolutely nothing to contain it or promote vaccination., Over the past few months FL has been at the top of the death rates. I think if people want to go to crowded indoor places and expose people to themselves they should get vaccinated. Immunocompromised people in your community should not have an elevated risk of being exposed to a pandemic virus because of your selfish “personal decision”.

          1. Rev. Gelene R Grice

            I completely agree with you. I worry about my son and family down there. All should be vaccinated. Not for themselves but for others as well.

            1. Jeremy

              So you think vaccines prevent the spread of covid?

          2. Denise B.

            Where the heck did you get that load of cr-p? None of what you said is even factual. Do you just make it up as you go along? By the way, people with a compromised immune system do not go out and about in public. What an ignorant and stupid statement. Florida also has the fewest cases in the country. Where are you getting that load of cr-p? CNN, MSN, CBS……? Boy, people like you will believe just about anything they are told to believe without question.

          3. Skeptical

            Can you provide links to the death rate data you are quoting?

        4. Erin M Gorski

          Heat exhaustion must be up! People don’t drink enough of Disney world to water!

          1. Erin M Gorski

            Tap water , they would rather buy overpriced bottled water!

        5. DonB

          Where are the facts to support lower Florida Covid cases ? If the reporting is coming from Florida officials , I wouldn’t trust it at all as they have a history of squelching the facts.

        6. DonB

          Here’s the actual picture of Florida Covid cases. Since the numbers were so high , a significant drop isn’t the total story. Florida still ranks high in the cumulative number of COVID-19 cases per 1 million population, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. As of Oct. 14, North Dakota was first, at 183,176; Florida was fifth, at 167,728; the U.S. average was 135,767.

        7. Mark L Sheldon

          Not true they block real time cases your seeing from 6 weeks ago

      2. Just stop, 🙄

        Oh please…. If you actually looked at the numbers yourself, you will see that Floridas case are all time low. Lower then most states. Much lower then the locked down stages. I came from a locked down state, all last year Florida and California were side by side in case numbers yet, one state remained open and one state remained closed. Additionally California cases remain high even with a much higher vax rate…. So your comment is uneducated…. DeSantis is doing a great job.

        1. Kamm

          DeSantis is a died in the wool trumpette and an fool.

          1. Denise B.

            Speak English much? Learn to spell next time you make an ignorant and uneducated response.

        2. Denise B.

          Here in Florida, we have no mandates or restrictions and the lowest number of cases. We have the best governor in the country. Too many people just believe what they are told to believe without question.

          1. Yallcrazy

            I can’t imagine being so brainwashed to believe that DeSantis is actually a good governor.

      3. Petepoullos

        With Biden as President everything is a risk.

        1. victoria

          my mother suddenly got sick when we were staying at pop like that and it ended up being ards after 3months on life support she passed a day after her birthday in 2007 i hope this boy pulls through so sad

      4. Cb

        If you feel that way dont come to Florida

      5. CS

        We are all taking our own lives in our own hands Desantis or not

    2. Just stop

      Nope why should those recovered get vaccinated? Natural immunity has proven to be the most effective and strongest against viruses. The vax does nothing except alleviate symptoms….

      1. Mary Artemis

        One smart person here. Thanks for that. The others must have themselves buried in liberal brain-washed MSMedia

      2. Linda Madsen

        Not true. People can and have gotten Covid more than once. Subsequent infection can be worse than the initial one. You do not have permanent immunity because of a one time exposure.

      3. Jennifer

        Getting vaccinated isn’t just for yourself. It’s for the people around you too. It’s amazing to me how disrespectful people have gotten in the past few years. This family shouldn’t have brought their son that they knew had asthma to somewhere like Disney World with all the uneducated, disrespectful people pretending they can’t breathe in a mask still hanging around. So sick of all of these people pretending that they have any kind of medical knowledge because they can use google to search on mommy blogs and conspiracy websites.

        1. Jd

          Obviously you don’t even know what you are talking about. Even the CDC admitted that you can and will get the virus if vaccinated. They also admit you can and will spread it. So getting the shot does nothing to “save others”. Do some research besides what CNN and the White House tells you. In fact sit down and THINK for yourself. I won’t prevent you from getting the shot. I won’t call you selfish for getting it then thinking you have allergies while you go out and infect those around you. If I get sick I’ll stay in, take my vitamins and not infect others. WHICH IS WHAT I DID when I had covid. And guess what? It sucked but I lived. Which is what 98% of people do.

    3. Denise B.

      My daughter and I have also had Covid-19. No one needs to be vaccinated for anything with a 99.8% survival rate. That’s just ridiculous. It also takes a good 10 years to deem a vaccination safe for use. So, it’s easy to say, that one is being irresponsible in getting an experimental vaccination that came out after only 5 months. Turn off the boob tube and stop believing everything these a-holes are trying to make you believe. If they reported on flu cases every season as they did for this virus, they would get the same reaction out of the public–fear. Now, vaxxers have become the super spreaders and the ones being hospitalized.

      1. captGK

        You can tell quickly from the responses the vast majority watch CNN and lame stream media for their scientific/medical guidance. They have no idea they are the clinical trial test subjects.

    4. Ashley G

      Being fully vaccinated does NOT prevent one from getting Covid. I know…I am fully vaxxed and came down with a pretty bad case of it. (Oh, and I got Covid 2.5 months after the 2nd shot).

    5. Holly

      Be careful. You can still get covid being fully vaccinated
      I’m fully vaccinated and just got over covid and I’m the primary care taker in my household. I lost 10 days of pay…

  4. Andrea

    Disney is equipped like an urgent care/ small ER. I fell at the Magic Kingdom and was treated at first aid quickly. Nurses were professional and experienced. Made sure I felt ok to return to the park. Glad to know this was available. If you are sick or hurt get a cast member to pint you to the first aid or get you help ASAP. They are ready to help you. You do not need to leave the park to seek help. Disney is a city within itself.

  5. Deborah

    My contacts were bothering me and next day woke up with bloodshot eye. I thought nothing of it and spent day shopping. While checking out at hotel gift shop the cashier said go to your room the doctor is on his way.
    I had the worse case of pink eye. So bad my eye was patched and grounded so I couldn’t fly home.

    1. Mary Artemis

      Glad you got taken care of.

  6. Dana

    Yes. I felt in at Disney World when I went there in 2012 with my teenage son. To put it quite honestly, I couldn’t leave the bathroom for most of the time that I was there. Things for coming out both ends. I know TMI.

    At one point I was in the park and had gotten sick on a ride. Which I feel horrible for because then they had to close it.

    However, a cast member took me over and brought my son in to get me a change of clothes at the store. Free of charge! And then sent me home in a cab at their cost.
    They couldn’t have been nicer. I was really surprised.
    When I got home I ended up hospitalized for four days.

  7. Leigh

    I needed a bandaid for a blister and was directed to first aid. I’m not sure why, but there was a weird vibe when I walked in. I asked the two cast members there if I could just get a bandaid and one handed me a sign in sheet. I filled it out and handed it back and the other handed me a bandaid from behind the counter. No one said a single word to me the entire time, even when I thanked them as I was leaving. It was freaky, but looking back on it, they may have just seen something. I’ll never know for sure, but that moment is something I’ll always remember.

  8. Brooke B

    My 3 month old became very ill while we were at Disney in Florida in February of 2020. A usually very happy go lucky baby was suddenly very crabby and uncomfortable. We watched him closely and noticed later that night that his breathing was very odd. We took him to urgent care 2 min away from our resort. They sent us to the ER down the road because the breathing issue worried them. The ER did blood work and tests and decided we needed to go, by ambulance, to the Childrens hospital in Orlando. It was a terrifying ordeal. He was in the PICU for 4 days and then the on the childrens floor for another 4 days. The hospital said it was metapneumovirus but we really believe it was Covid. They weren’t testing for it yet then because it was just starting out. Hopefully our sons next Disney trip is more magical.

  9. Kelly Howell

    Why would you take a kid with cold or flu symptoms anywhere?! During a pandemic? We had pre-ordered our tickets & the day we were scheduled to leave our granddaughter woke up w mild symptoms. While it sucks (esp to explain to a 4 yr old why she isn’t going), it’s what is best. They were very understanding. Gave us like a yr to reuse. Ended up not using but it’s much better than infecting a bunch of ppl. Esp if it would have been covid.

    1. Rev. Gelene R Grice

      You’re a responsible parent! Thank you!

  10. Gail

    In 2009 we went to WDW as a family. At Chef Mickeys one night my daughter started vomiting. We thought it was her acid reflux. By the time we got back to the hotel she had (sorry, TMI) extreme diarrhea, cramps and was still vomiting. The next day our son fell ill. Suffice to say we all got it and missed two days at the parks, just laying in our hotel room. Worst 48 hour bug we’ve ever had, all of us lost 5 lbs each in a 24 hr period. Diagnosis? Norovirus. You know the one that closes down cruises all the time? So even before Covid we became crazy about hand sanitizers, limiting touching our faces and handrails, and washing hands even more thoroughly before a meal. Our doc said it’s usually caught in hotel pools where parents let kids with swim diapers swim. So we’re not really a fan of pools with non potty trained kids anymore lol! My daughter and I came back end of aug/sept this year (hubby and son didn’t want to join us, lol) And because of our precautions, and Disney’s with covid, had no problems. It was nice to come back after all that time!

  11. Amy

    I can’t say enough about the wonderful care I received when I had a diabetic emergency while visiting Disney. The resort provided all transportation to and from the Urgent Care and made sure I was ok. Thankfully, I only missed 2 days of our vacation, but the Disney members more than made up for it and made sure I was comfortable.

    1. James Wadkins

      Kinda strange, I brought my family to Disney World on vacation during this past month. On our 2nd day in the parks, my wife got sick and we got her checked out at medical. Everything checked out ok so we took the next day off from the parks and monitored her to make sure she was OK and didn’t develop any covid symptoms. No one had any fevers or anything so we figured it wasn’t covid related so I ended up taking the kids to the parks without her for the rest of the vacation. We have been home for over a week and she still says she isn’t feeling the greatest. I felt a little nausea a couple of times but it didn’t go anywhere and my daughter said she was feeling bad a couple days after we got back. Not sure if there’s something in the water down that way or something but it was definitely strange.

  12. Sarina

    I have asthma and wearing a mask in 90+degree heat got overheated and high heart rate. Two employees refused to help and gave me a wheel chair and had my young child push me to gate for my husband to pick me up. No help at all and very disappointed in their system to help.

    1. Mary Artemis

      I’d never go Anywhere where Pele were so unforgiving. Take the mask off and leave if you have to. And don’t ome back till you can take the damned thing off!

      Pele today don’t know the littlest thing about immunity, and that includes most brain-washed doctors and nurses let alone their all too helpful staff.

    2. Sarinalies

      I’m certain that you’re lying. Good back to Fackbook liar

  13. Ed

    I knew I was getting sick before going to Disney about 4 years ago. Went to my local ER late the night before leaving and they would not give me anything. I lived on Peach Iced Tea, some cough medicine we bought in the gift shop and naps, lots of naps. I got home and was told I had bronchitis and walking pneumonia. It was miserable!

  14. Stephanie

    Our daughter got a horrible case of the flu and had been vomitting for 16 hours straight. We were at a disney property so I called the front desk. The mgr rushed up to our room in less then 10 min and was accompanied by paramedics and a stretcher. Off to the hospital we went where we spent the next 12 hours. Uppon our return, our room had been heavily cleaned including all of the clothes she had gotten sick on. The mgr checked in on our entire family for 2 days straight and gave each of us 10 special employee fast passes and a few complimentary room service meals for us. She was absolutely the greatest and made the trip so much better despite an ambulance ride and hospital visit. Sadly less then 24 hours back from Florida the rest of us fell ill as well.

    1. Mary Artemis

      That is wonderful treatment that would only be made more real and better, if disney removed poisoned jab mandates

      1. Jennifer

        Oh good! Look! A doctor! Where’d you go to medical school, doc? Or are you a scientist? Maybe, just maybe, you’re a housewife with nothing better to do than pretend like you know anything. Stay home, please. We don’t need more uneducated idiots at Disney. Or anywhere really.

    2. Beverly Santa Cruz

      My son and my self went to WDW in 2018. I was so the whole week we were there. It started at the park after eating a Carmel apple. I had plenty of fluids knowing the high humidity. I end back in my room the rest of our vacation . In pain to later find out that I had a kidney stone.i never went back to WDW.

  15. Tony

    Disney isn’t responsible for anyone’s illness. If you got sick at the grocery store or work or the movies you wouldn’t expect them to cater to you and treat you like they need to take care of it. Cast members are not allowed to offer aid beyond calling paramedics or bringing a wheelchair because even well intentioned cast members can get sued for handing over a band aid. It sucks if you get sick on vacation but it’s nobody’s fault and you don’t deserve to be compensated for it.

  16. Kim cauler

    Can someone from news station please contact me ASAP My son is currently on life support with same symptoms and want to try to compare notes with this family to help us both .. please help !!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mary Artemis

      I’d never go Anywhere where people were so unforgiving. Take the mask off and leave if you have to. And don’t ome back till you can take the damned thing off!

      People today don’t know the littlest thing about immunity, and that includes most brain-washed doctors and nurses, let alone their all too helpful staff. Search harder for info and if someone’s telling you to steer clear of those telling you to do your own research, steer clear of them.

    2. Mary Artemis

      Prayers. This is happening as result from shot and is being suppressed. If doctor denies this, search for another.
      {Ivermectin and HCL (devious suppression) remedy affliction}

      Do not listen to those who badmouth it. They are duped by evil mainstream because they get trillions of dollars for non-vaccine. Hopefully those denying truth, severely hurting others, regarding taking these poisons and repressing ivermectin and hydroxy chloroquine and good therapies will be punished, along with Fauci.

      1. Yallcrazy

        Please go ahead and take that horse dewormer. I can’t imagine thinking I know more than people who have spent at minimum, 10 years of their lives studying medicine, and claiming that they’re uneducated.

      2. Maryartemislies

        Mary Artemis will get you killed if you listen to her. Howver, I hear butt-chugging roundup and injecting blesch in your veins will also cure COVID, obviously you’ll die with the COVID. But at least you will have proved those doctors wrong one last time…

  17. joe

    a while back we were at blizzard beach ( disney water park ) that night my wife got asmall rash back of her legs from possible tube in lazy river , within 12 hours it was her entire back side and blood red , multiple trips to hospital and one horrible ride home (18 hours) and to this day noone can explsin what it was , disney shut blizzard beach down for a week of deep cleaning and we nvr heard from them again

  18. Mary Artemis

    So was he relatively recently 💉 vaccinated?

    I hear many people succumbing to Fauci’s poison.

    For the parent to give such advice, a typical doctor is not what people need at this point in time. Give him intravenous ivermectin or HCL and nutrients.

    1. Jordan

      Well, Fauci didn’t make it and it’s not a poison. Unless you are a professional in the field, you probably should give people health advice and no one should take what you say 100% serious.

    2. Maryartemislies

      Nah screw that ivermectin. That’s what liars like mary artemis who personally profit from ivermectin sales would want you to take. Just butt-chug some bleach or roundup and COVID will be the least of your worries.

  19. Lina

    Using “at Disney” so many times implies that Disney had something to do with their illness, even though it didn’t.

  20. Randy

    My daughter her husband and my granddaughter went to Disney and they contracted Covid 19. Both daughter and granddaughter had symptoms lose of taste and smell. My daughter tested positive for Covid and her husband ended up in the hospital for 5weeks and still on oxygen. So Disney need to make sure people are vaccinated. They are coming from all over the world. Be safe not sorry.

    1. Angela

      COVID is serious. Its not a joke. Vaccine mandates make sense to go to crowded indoor places, and its only a small but loud fringe who sound like they are bigger than they really are. But try to tell that to DeSantis, who has acted from this beginning like its all some big joke, downplayed the risk to peoples health and misled people resulting in people endangering themselves,

    2. Jennifer

      Thanks for this. We cancelled our family trip recently and we’re very sad about it. Not going to be sad anymore, since we could have easily had the same thing happen to us.

  21. Jan

    We got food poisoning from scallops at Rose and Crown on our 2nd day of a 3 day trip. I got it worst and within 20 minutes of eating the scallops I was throwing up. I went to First Aid and tried resting for a little while but I couldn’t stop being sick to my stomach. They got me a wheelchair so I didn’t have to walk out of the park but, Joe was already in a scooter so I left with a bag and Joe getting behind me pushing me to the park exit at the end of the night. A cast member saw him trying to push me and notified another cast member they were going to help us get to the front and to our bus. We got to the line for the bus and I didn’t feel comfortable sitting in the line so the security officer then came to our assistance. They held us back and had all the other guests go to the hotel on a bus. They ordered a bus just for us so my getting sick wasn’t affecting others. They left me in the wheelchair and when we got to the hotel there were cast members there to help get us to our room. They brought me ginger ale and crackers and a clear broth along with bottles of water. We tried going back to Epcot the next day but we got as far as running our magic bands and had to turn around and go back to the hotel as Joe was not doing well. I was doing better so went and got a cast member to assist in getting him back to the hotel. They met us again and helped again in getting us to the room and brought more soft and clear food items for him this time. The hotel manager stopped up to check on us and he brought the EMT’s. I told him we tried to go to the park and only got in the entrance and turned right around and left. We were given an additional day at the hotel to help us get better and an additional day for a park. I have nothing but great things to say about how WDW treats you in a medical emergency situation.

  22. Rosa

    Well , if the boy has a chronicle asthma problem, I want to suppose he was in good condition to travel to Disney…hope he gets well very soon.

  23. joseph conroy

    That fact his parents tested negative doesn’t mean it isn’t Covid related but it could also be the seasonal flu, his doctors would know and I hope and pray he recovers and I wish him and his family well.

  24. Be Nice

    Well my husband and I were just in Disney last month. We took all the precautions (masks, KN95 masks on the plane, vaccine, hand washing, sanitizer, cleaned any tables surfaces…) We did this because we take care of an individual that is at risk (no we did not take them with us) a few days in my husband started with a sore throat and ear issues he has allergies when in Florida so we thought that was the issue. All this to say when we returned he went to urgent care where they were so focused on the fact that we were in Florida they did not check him out except to give him a COVID test which was negative! Went to his PCP next day strep test done at my insistence Golly Gee positive strep! Nurse practitioner was still insistent that it could still be COVID 🙁 We are so focused on COVID as a society we can’t see the forest in spite of the trees! My husband may even have had strep before we left and didn’t know it or he could have picked it up in the airport on our way down despite all our extra ‘precautions’ get a grip people!

  25. Deborah

    Disney has a great system in place to deal with injuries or illnesses at the parks or resorts. They contract with Florida Hospital. So a guest might need to go to Florida Hospital’s urgent care (CentraCare) and there’s even a shuttle provided by the urgent care back to your resort. Or the ambulance from Reedy Creek FD will take you to the hospital, often Celebration, the closest hospital, where you might then be transferred, especially for pediatrics, to Florida Hospital for Children (The Walt Disney Pavilion) or Arnold Palmer.

  26. Angela

    I heard that MIS-C and Long COVID in children can set in after they cleared the actual infection and can occur even with children with mild symptoms during infection. Perhaps it Could have been COVID and then an immune over-reaction that set in later.

  27. Keepmovingforward

    Why does this article mention that his parents tested negative when he could still have it himself.

  28. Ted

    Yes. My daughter suffered a stroke shortly after returning from Disney world. She has limited use of her right side. Unable to carry on a conversation with Broca’s aphasia.

  29. Mary

    Yup. Spent 15 days on the ward at Advent health after being at Disney for 24 hours in 2017. We were at the Rainforest Cafe and I wasn’t feeling well. Went back to the Animal Kingdom Lodge early from dinner… then to the ER about an hour later and was admitted. Every test known to man was conducted. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Disney was pretty great and sent me a gift basket and refunded us and set us up with a trip for afterwards. It was scary but the hospital was wonderful. If you are ever in the area and have to be in a hospital the one in Celebration is great. They never did find what the issue was, but the 15 days there was a long time to be a patient!

  30. Mic Lee

    MIS-C is a side effect of the Covid vaccine , as it’s been reported. Was he recently vaccinated?
    I personally would request my child to be transferred to Emory. Live here locally, but all of our critical healthcare needs are taken care of out of state.

  31. Becky Harrison

    We were camping at fort wilderness. Our son was running a fever. It’s been probably 25-30 years ago. We called the number for medical care and a doctor came to our camper. He thought it was upper respiratory infection. He had the meds with him and after the first day he our son was fine. We were quite surprised.

  32. Matt

    2100 cases a day as of today and that’s after your supposed 88% decrease and you’re calling her comment uneducated? Florida is the butt of every joke for a reason.
    The virus ran unchecked for months, 60k Floridians died. DeSantis is one of the worst governors in the country and his rapidly dropping approval numbers show it. But this isn’t a place for politics, it’s a Disney information site, stick to the topic at hand.

  33. James

    I feel bad for this kid and his family and hope he gets well soon, but this really has nothing to do with Disney.

    1. Jen

      It does if the park doesn’t want people knowing that kids are actively picking-up COVID there…

  34. Kristina

    They don’t clean like they should there. I took my daughter to Disney 8 years ago in January. Day 3 I ended up with the Norovirus. Thankfully my ICU nurse friend lived in Orlando. She took care of us for days. Clean your property better Disney!!!

  35. Denise B.

    I’m sure obesity may have been a factor here. In in the least, it doesn’t help the situation.

  36. Erin M Gorski

    I was sick one day laid on the park bench at Epcot, but we didn’t stay long , we drove home.

  37. The Falcon

    Well .. just about every time I go to Disney World I get sick. Food poisoning a couple of times after eating at their upscale restaurants in Epcot and Norvo viruses from not washing my hands diligently after going on each ride . Unfortunately the place may look squeaky clean but the food handling is a disgrace when you check into all the thousands of violations on line . I wish I could bring my own food in . As their recent top management stated to focus on attracting foreign visitors comes to fruition I can only see acute visitor sickness rates sky rocketing even higher than they are now as many of these new visitors unfortunately do not practice even minimum personal hygiene standards and end up spreading pathogens everywhere . Oh to add a disgusting cherry to this story I once found a earth worm. In a “Fresh Salad” at thee Crystal Palace. When I complained to a food device manager the guy laughed and said in a full throated magical Disney voice “Now how did little guy get in there?”.

  38. MSW

    I collapsed at Disneyland Jan. 2017 from what I now know was at POTS attack (Google it). At the time my husband and I were taking our young daughter for her first trip to Disney, and on the second day I barely made it to the Grand Californian before I collapsed with a racing heart rate and terrible shaking. I don’t remember the event all that well, but Disney went above and beyond for my family. They called an ambulance, they took care of my family, they arranged for me to have a wheelchair the rest of the trip, and updated our reservations for handicap access. On top of all that they checked on me occasionally for the rest of the trip, and sent a special surprise to our room. Bravo Disney! We will always be loyal fans!

  39. Jen

    So, he hasn’t been tested for COVID, but his parents have and they tested negative: this means he does not have COVID? Further, a lot of the people dying from COVID are dying specifically of ARDS. He has a mysterious illness/disease? Sounds like he got COVID (/strain) at Disney World and you’re trying to talk around it. You sound like Scott Peterson’s sister. Say it: His parents took him to Disney, in a pandemic, and as a result he got COVID (/strain). Stop trying to pretend COVID isn’t still out there by talking in circles around someone that obviously has it. So irresponsible.

  40. Frank

    Geez lady, if u thought he had streptococcus, then why didn’t u take him to the doc before going on a vacation….hope he gets better but maybe u should have followed ur own advice…

    1. Be Nice

      I didn’t know or even suspect until we were back from Disney! Reread my comment we thought it was allergies as he has had this issue before! Also learn how to respond to a comment you need to hit reply under the comment! I would not have seen this if I hadn’t gone back to read all the comments!!!
      Point is lets look beyond COVID other illnesses did not go away because we now have COVID!

  41. Loui

    Well certainly hope the kids gets well soon, but I only had strep once that I know of when I was in Junior High, went to the doctor several times to get medicine and be checked out and ran a fever for 7 days. He should have been taken to the doctor as soon as the mother thought he might have it, also quite contagious to others I believe so not someone that should be around other people, vacation or not.

  42. Paula Bailey

    I was at Disney with my family and it was pouring rain. Because it was the middle of summer, we had on shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops. We tucked into the main street general store to get out of the rain and do a little shopping. The floor was slippery and I slipped – my feet flew into the air. Grabbed a glass shelf and stopped myself from slamming backwards into the floor, but I did wrench my back out pretty bad. I couldn’t stand upright. Took off my flip flops and went to the counter to purchase something. The clerk/case member told me to put my shoes on immediately. I explained to her that I had just fallen and hurt myself. She told me she would call security and have me thrown out of the park if I didn’t put my flip flops back on. I was horrified! Firstly, she didn’t notice I couldn’t stand upright? That I just said I’d hurt myself? And then she threatened to have me ejected from the park? It was the worst visit I’d ever experienced. Ended up going back to my hotel room, not able to move, and truly not understanding why the cast member acted so callously.

  43. May

    We get sick at Disney World nearly every trip because we go once a year and spend 3 weeks there. My son, now age 5, threw up during every trip since he was born, without exception! He has no other symptoms besides vomiting. Once he threw up at Riviera and I felt really bad about the mess, but the CMs cleaned it up without complaint. Another time, he threw up in bed at midnight. I called Disney for clean sheets so that I could change it myself, but Disney sent a full cart with 2 maid to help me. I took the clean sheets and gave them the dirty ones and a tip and sent them away, but I was impressed that they found 2 maids to help me in the middle of the night, even though I specifically told them I just needed some clean sheets, I would clean it myself.
    Other times, somebody almost always catch a cold and start coughing and wheezing. We didn’t need any help for that, just waited till it went away. My baby once got impetigo from the pool, and I was able to buy some antibiotic ointment at Beach Club Marketplace to put on him, and he recovered nicely.
    Disney has been very nice and caring over the years, but covid changed things. As I understand it, they now kick you out of your resort if you catch covid. That’s what it says in the room confirmation email. One guy said he was told to move out in one hour, and he had no place to go, so he rented a car and drove back home in California. It’s understandable, but it makes me hesitant to go to WDW anymore. We are vaccinated, but worry about catching it anyway and then Disney kicking us out for catching covid.

  44. KC

    I spent a few days in the hospital after having what was diagnosed as a stress induced mini stroke on the Haunted Mansion.

    I have visited Walt Disney World annually since I was born in 1974. This trip in 2013 was with 3 of my children.

    I had a business conference I was attending during our vacation.

    Needless to say the stress began with arriving and a downed system causing us to have our tickets with no meals available for our paid for package.

    They offered coupons for the parks but that paled in comparison to our meal plan.

    This followed with our room missing a needed mini fridge for medications I take for autoimmune diseases.

    Next the TV being broken and being moved on day 2 to a new room which was not handicapped accessible which I need.

    This caused added stress on my body, heart.

    By the time a package I had ordered in was lost and then I came into the house keeping throwing wet towels on top of my open suitcase. Towels that were not even towels from our room. They had stripes on them and room towels are all white.

    I was so overwhelmed being a single mom, with autoimmune diseases, traveling alone with my three children. One child with autism.

    It triggered a massive autoimmune attack which entailed heart issues and a mini stroke or TIA .

    I will say, the management at the hotel & Disney guest services reacted quickly and amazingly.

    While I was in the hospital my daughter who has autism was upset and very upset her new Belle doll was in my car which was in the parking area still.

    The resort manager took my 3 children down to the resort shop and gave each of my children $100 to spend. Then sent a massive gift basket to the room and sent food to the room for my children. My son was only 18. Old enough to be with them. But, his sisters I believe were only 9 & 10.

    When I got back from the hospital Disney upgraded us to Animal Kingdom Lodge a Savanah View room and gave me tickets that didn’t expire for 20 years to replace the 3 days we lost down there.

    They sent chocolate covered strawberries to the room we switched to.

    I spent the remainder of the trip in bed mainly. They had wanted to keep me in the hospital but with autoimmune diseases. Sometimes you just need rest out of the hospital to finish recouping.

    It was the only time in my 50 plus trips down to Walt Disney World and over 1,000 nights spent on the grounds that I has something like this happen.

    But they more than made up for the stress from all of the blunders that triggered the medical issues.

    That’s my sick at Disney story.

  45. Krista Bailey

    I was taken out of Epcot in an ambulance because of a really bad gall bladder stone. They were the best! They took care of our cab ride back from the hospital and made sure our scooter was returned to our hotel.

  46. Sheila Hively

    We were at Disney last week and was in an accident on one of the rides at Magic kingdom. The parks are awful about handicapped. The ridws arw not handicap friendly and if you use one of their scooters they do not fit in the bathrooms and their cast members were very unkind to me. i was looking forward so much to the trip and it was so dissappointing.

    1. Be Nice

      Did you do your research? We have gone multiple times and when getting ready to take an individual that uses a wheelchair for mobility I researched everything. We did not have any issues with accessibility in fact we find it extremely handicap friendly. Also there are companion bathrooms in all the parks and multiple ones that are large enough for a wheelchair and 2 people to assist an individual to utilize the facilities.

  47. Kavy

    His parents thought their 12 year-old son had “a common cold”, or was it strep? Whatever, let’s go to Disney World! Stupidity reigns!!!

  48. Dana

    My wife and I contracted Covid-19 at Disney World.

  49. Marie

    I did in April 2016 i was about to have son outside the park they called the nurse my vitals were low so they called and ambulance so i was taken to the nearest Hospital wasn’t able to drive in my car.

    1. R

      Once again, the nasty, unwarranted attacks, the vicious accusations, threats, condemnations, ridicule, bullying and hatred expressed in these comments IS EXACTLY what is wrong in this country and at WDW/DL. ALL the latest fights, spitting, sh/tting in public right aways, screaming, shoving, violence at the parks is from the same kind of people harassing and bullying on this site and ALL others online. Most of you people appear incapable of not only controlling your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in even the smallest degree in order to function or be a part of civilized society. Sad. The narcissism from the most ignorant, arrogant and socially unacceptable in society is the REAL PLAGUE. STOP YOUR HATRED. STOP BLAMING OTHER HUMANS OR MAKING THEM PAY THE PRICE FOR YOUR PROBLEMS, INSECURITIES AND INADEQUACIES. GET SERIOUS HELP AND CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR. LEARN YOU ARE NOT THE SMARTEST, MOST EDUCATED, MOST PERFECT, MOST COURAGEOUS, MOST (ANYTHING) HUMAN WHO EVER LIVED. STAY ON POINT AND TOPIC, AND UNDERSTAND YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DISAGREE BUT THAT IS IT. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO THREATEN, BULLY, ATTACK, BLAME, OR ACCUSE ANYONE SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU DISAGREE. BECOME AN ADULT. BECOME A HUMAN BEING.

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