Comments for Security Involved as Demand For 50th Anniversary Merchandise Continues

Two screenshots of TikTok video showing people waiting for more merchandise to be brought out

Credit: @mustbethe23 TikTok / shopDisney (tumbler images)


  1. They can have mine. A lot of times when people are in these buying frenzies they don’t step back and consider, “will I use this thing?” We have those kinds of cups at our house; I don’t need anymore. There are some profiteers in the crowds. People reselling on ebay. Disney thinks they got them beat by limiting how many they can buy. They are wrong on that count. It makes a silly plastic cup worth more money. Profiteers can sell them for 3 or 4 times the price.

    1. Francine Lyle

      Ok beautiful, i’ll take them off your hands🥤🥤😉

  2. frostysnowman

    I was at Disney Springs on 10/2, arriving just before 10:00 AM. People we already on line at the World of Disney and Co-Op stores. I could not believe the crowds inside WOD once it opened, people were like locusts (I had gone back in to get some Alice in Wonderland tea) and I’ve literally never seen the store so crowded before. It was gross. The line to get into the Co-Op was still out the door when we left the Springs a couple of hours later – people wanted that new retro merchandise and quite frankly I didn’t understand it. It’s not that great in terms of design.

  3. brandy theisen

    All vultures that are going to sell them on eBay for a ridiculous profit. Disney acts like they care by “limiting” the number you can purchase but 10 is hardly a limit in my opinion. It’s infuriating to those like my family who actually want these souvenirs for ourselves.

  4. SG

    Nope. They can have them!

  5. Cathy

    So much chaos! The anniversary lasts for 18 months. I would NOT waste my park time that I paid dearly for just to fight over a plastic cup!!!!!

  6. Bren

    Wonder if those who are scrambling for the cups, scaring the hell out of employees on October 1st, pushing/shoving/altercations, and evidently still are, and now needing security, are the same ones who shame others for fighting for their causes which seem a lot more meaningful than some stupid Starbucks cup. Wow we are one screwed up country. We most definitely have too many people who forgot to go to the common sense line before being born!

  7. Kathleen Johnson

    All of this rush to be the first to have some of this 50th merchandise has brought a “cheesy element to the park. First of all, they will be selling it for 18 months! Next you have to ask yourself if you will really like it in the future? I can see it in the future being sold in yard sales. Be nice to the cast members! They make the magic for us all!

  8. Susan

    I waited for 5 minutes to go into the Emporium Saturday afternoon October 2nd. There were several cups and honestly they are really pretty. I was glad to be able to get two one for my daughter and one for me. Most of the other merchandise I wanted was gone but it’s ok. The crowds were calm and more will be released in the coming months.

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