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  1. IHeartOnlineShopping

    I’ve never been to Disneyland during a special event. I have gone on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, and July 4th and would never do either again. The place is just too crowded and the lines are too long. If I were to attend one of the special events at Disneyland I would want to do all of the event things and focus less on the rides which you can ride any day of the year.

  2. Amber

    We did not wait for the Spiderman ride during the party because there was too much to do to waste an hour on a ride. However, we waited 65 minutes on Monday with our virtual queue. We thought that was ridiculous.

  3. Joy

    We went on the 14th and the wait time was only 25 mins…wait time probably depends on the day they chose to go, can’t blame Disney for that.

  4. SG

    Wow, Disneyland’s Halloween party lasts 5 hours and ours at WDW is only 3! And theirs is 6-11?! They even had decent hours to play. We had to wait and go in from 9:30-12:30! Well at least we didn’t have to wait for rides like they did.

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