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rock n roller coaster ride vehicle

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  1. Jp

    Yes needs to go !!

    1. Rachelle

      I say no, I love that ride! I always look forward to getting on that ride when I go to Disney World.

      1. Billy

        It needs to stay! It’s one of the best rides in the park. Aerosmith is America’s Greatest Band, and they belong in America’s Greatest Theme Park.

      2. Cybil

        No, one of my favorite rides. I would hate to see it go. I love the whole experience of this ride and Aerosmith music.

    2. Deb

      Keep it and maybe get other bands to mix up music a bit.Music keeps us all SANE in this crazy world!!

      1. Tmc

        I like the ride as it is but understand the situation. I just hope it doesn’t end up like the Paris version.

    3. Erica Koch

      No way! Aerosmith is the greatest! I would be so sad if it goes!!

  2. EricJ

    Problem is, there isn’t another ROCK group who they can simply swap themes with–
    Originally, Disney wanted Mick Jagger & the Rolling Stones, which would have been way too expensive, but the fact that Aerosmith had just done a hit song for “Armageddon” serendipitously let Steven Tyler lend us our limos…

    …Who would a ’21 update use now, BTS??

    1. Jeff

      I think Lady Gaga would be a good choice.

      1. Adriel Cueto

        Re-theme! Ride stays. Great ride. Re-theme as Silver Surfer! Call it Silver Surfer: Into The Black. And keep the ride dark. You’re welcome Mickey!

        1. KayKitten

          They can’t do anything related to Marvel at Disney World. The licensing contract with Universal Orlando, prevents Disney World from using any Marvel characters within the parks in Orlando.

        2. Robert G O'Leary

          It should stay. I love it.

    2. Patrick

      It could be re-themed and it doesn’t have to be a rock group or any other type of music group for that matter. It’s a great ride and they could pick any movie they have the rights to and use the music from that movie.

      1. HEIDI WELLS

        Just because Aerosmith is not as popular as they were a long time ago, it doesn’t mean that they ride should be changed. Why is it that when Disney feels that something is no longer popular it should be taken away. My husband and I are planning a trip that is still a couple of years away yet, and were looking forward to being able to ride the Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster as Aerosmith is one of our favorite groups. If they take that ride away just like they do with all other rides they no longer feel are important what is the point of having a theme park. Stop with all the changes so that people who have yet to visit Disney World can have a chance to experience them. At least leave it so that it can make it to the 25 year mark. Make that like a final celebration for it.

    3. Mason

      Disney owns Queen! Don’t forget that!

      1. Justin Teehee

        Queen is seriously my favorite band but this ride needs an American band. I think they should keep the ride as is but maybe occasionally temporary switch it up (might be too expensive). Or do season music for Halloween/Christmas. I would love to ride it with Queen playing 🙂

    4. Kdramacatt

      YES! BTS!

  3. It should stay. Its very popular and thrilling. It wohmd be a shame to see it go

    1. Beth

      For sure stay. My son was born in 99 and he loves it. I love it. So even though they may not be a new group it doesn’t mean that younger people don’t like it. There are many young people that I know that listen to a variety of music, not just what came out yesterday. Name another timeless group that could keep up with the tempo of the ride? They have to have some staying power like 10+ years. They have to have a faster beat or it won’t work for a thrill ride. When they did Red Hot Chili Peppers at DCA it worked ok but they honestly seemed a little slow for the coaster. That has to be a consideration. I likes the RHCP version but tempo is a majo consideration

  4. Amanda

    Love this ride, hope it stays. The Aerosmith music is amazing and helped me with my fear of going on rollercoasters.

    1. Billy

      It needs to stay! It’s one of the best rides in the park. Aerosmith is America’s Greatest Band, and they belong in America’s Greatest Theme Park.

  5. Laurie

    Love this ride. Maybe find some new dialogue in the beginning but Aerosmith is iconic!

  6. Jeff

    Universal controls the music in the ride. but… Disney controls Marvel, The Simpsons… both have a ride in UO….I smell a standoff.

    1. Michael

      Still rocking? One member of the group is actually dead. It’s time for the Aerosmith affiliation to go, keep the coaster as something else.

      1. Gern Blanston

        Michael doesn’t know what he is talking about.

        Steven Tyler – Age 73
        Joe Perry – Age 70
        Tom Hamilton – Age 69
        Joey Kramer – Age 71
        Brad Whitford – Age 69

      2. Rob

        Hmm, who exactly is the member of Aerosmith that is dead?

        1. Billy

          None of the members of Aerosmith are dead..

      3. Kim

        WTF?? Nobody from Aerosmith is dead!!

  7. Albert Masiello

    Go with The Rolling Stones. These guys are still rocking!

    1. Billy

      The Rolling Stones are not an American band.. Aerosmith belongs at Disney. They are America’s most successful band of all time.

  8. Tonya

    Uh….Did you read all the way through? Or were you just looking for pretty pictures?

    1. Cushing

      “Universal Music Group is a separate entity to Universal Orlando Resort“ So what part of it’s not even the same company or a subsidiary did you miss?

    2. 2turtledoves

      Tonya send me money or I will be forced to ask someone else.

    3. Anthony

      Aerosmith is always going to be an iconic band, and they will always he relevant. The ride is a ton of fun, so I don’t see why anyone would want it to go. We should keep it. What are you going to put The Weekend, BTS, or some other band that will fall out of favor in a year or two, or a rock and roll icon. I guess we could do 5mph and listen to Bruno Mars lol

  9. They are old and washed up. Get something NEW!

  10. Rebecca T

    This ride has become a staple at Hollywood Studios! They can’t take this out. Rumors I’ve heard is that they want to do a Thor…nah, keep the Rock n’ Roll there. The older “kids” like the ride they can do over and over!

    1. Janet

      Love Aerosmith and Rock and Roll Roller Coaster! As many have said – they are America’s greatest rock band and should be in America’s greatest theme park!

  11. Disney is a bigger rip off than the federal government I’ve dumped a lot of money in the past years but that rat won’t see any of my cash anymore

    1. Lauren George

      Why even read or comment on this article then? One less person to wait behind in line. Go free, Dave!

      1. Joe

        Probably should’ve dumped all that money into Disney stock instead, and used the gains to pay for Disney vacations.

  12. Disney is a bigger rip off than the federal government I’ve dumped enough money in that park and that rats not getting any more

    1. Ethan

      Well your fault to keep putting money in a park you think is a ripoff. For that matter a country too…go to the dozens of other countries that aren’t a “rip-off” Maybe Guinea?

  13. Randy W

    The ride is great, but theming should change. Does anyone under 30 even know who Aerosmith is?

    Since Hollywood is host to Pixar IPs, could be re-themed to a Wall-E ride.

    1. Nicole

      I’m 25 and have an Aerosmith tattoo bigger than your face. Been a fan since I was a child

      1. R

        Get rid of Aerosmith.
        That ride is so fun but who cares what band it is. If anything it should change themes entirely. Something more immersive for a dark ride. Probably something in on theme with Hollywood Studios. Maybe monsters, vampires, or other spooky horror themes since it’s close to the old Hollywood section and tower of terror.

    2. Rob

      Don’t you think the ride is a bit too intense to be themed around Wall-E?
      That’s the problem Disney faces actually, it doesn’t have many IP’s that suit thrill rides. Marvel would work but as we know that’s a sticking point in Florida and you also have Star Wars but that already has its own dedicated area so…

  14. Bailey Dog

    How about a little Southern County Swamp Rock like Charlie Daniels (Yea, Yea I know the man is dead but the music lives on), Maybe some Eagles – Hotel California, Lynyrd Skynyrd, some great tunes there.

    1. Ethan

      Could be rethemed as a history through American music or the great bands/acts…old and new to attract broader audience.

      1. Nick

        The ride is 58 seconds long, how much history are you going to represent?

  15. John

    No matter whose music plays on RnR coaster, the ride will be the same.

  16. Patrick

    How do you make it through the day without your head exploding from your own paranoid stupidity???

  17. Lauren George

    Part of the thrill of that ride is the build up of the music. Without the “rock” it would just be another rollercoaster. Hope they keep the ride as is!

  18. Priscilla

    First of all, I’m offended FOR Aerosmith, to have someone say they aren’t as relevant as they were in the late 90s, considering they’ve been around for over 50 years. They’re living musical legends. But I digress…

    If they re-theme the ride, I could see it being an Incredibles coaster with Edna Mode in the hologram room. My husband says part of the track could be like Frozone’s ice bridges.

    Another neat IP to use Dr Strange and you’re flying through the multiverse! The initial departure is going through the crazy portal where everything’s trippy.

    1. Nick

      Be as offended as you want, the fact is the band hasn’t been relevant in decades. They’ve been around for 50 years but it hasn’t been the same band for 50 years. Everyone knows this. They’re a nostalgia act.
      Change the theme, keep the ride.

      1. Melissa Hendrickson

        KEEP IT!! ❤️❤️❤️ Aerosmith is AWESOME!!!!!

    2. Beth

      They did Incredibles outside at DCA. I doubt they would use the same theme on a completely different ride.

  19. Jeffrey

    The coaster is fine, indeed awesome. Just change the studio set up and the music. Well designed for a long life evolving to the times. There will always be rock n roll!

    1. Nick

      Retheme to a legacy band that’s still performing, KISS comes to mind.

  20. Ashley

    You need to lead with the fact Universal Music Group is not corporately related to Universal Studios, not bury it at the bottom.

    You make it sound like it’s another Marvel deal moment.

    1. Tay

      It’s time for it to go!!!! Time for something the modern day generation can totes relate to! Frozen, cardio b, Megan the stallion theme could be a rally good start! They have to do something to attract the younger generation! No one cares about Aerosmith or old music like that!

  21. Casey Ackerman

    I do love this ride, but it does not theme to the 1930s Hollywood that the area is themed to. Doing a “marvel ride” would be the easy solve, but would still not theme correctly to that classic Hollywood. I think looking into that time period and what movies Disney has that works would be the the best solution. I think you know where I am going here…. The rocketeer!

    The film takes place in the 1930s Hollywood, the same time period that land is themed to. The exterior could become a classic air field with prop planes and interactive areas. The inside could be themed as a hangar with the guests being the ‘test pilot’ for the new Hughes rocket transport. The ride could stay the same with the coaster going through classic Hollywood icons and returning the hangar.
    The music from the film (which is amazing) could be used to replace the Aerosmith soundtrack.

    I think this would be a great solve and theme to the area much better. It also doesn’t rely on celebrities that the current coaster does.

    1. R

      I think for sure to keep it relevant to the park location being near old Hollywood and Tower of Terror but I would go with themes that could be awesome for a dark ride like vampires or monsters, or other horror genres of film. Spooky stuff is so marketable. Imagine all the cool merch.

  22. Ozzy

    Let’s just change it to an Ozzy Osbourne coaster and call it a day.

  23. Gerg

    I think a re-theme is long overdue! Aerosmith was the first concert I ever went to. In the early 90s. I think Disney should come up with a fictional group of rock performers, and a song that is specifically for the ride, and not tie it to an actual real life performer/band going forward.

  24. Me

    Looks like a cruella de vile to me.

    1. Alicia

      I love Aerosmith but I actually really like this idea!

    2. R

      This makes perfect sense! It’s in old Hollywood and she has a badass car she loves to speed around in. She’s so cool and this would be a really great dark ride!

  25. JC

    Yes, the contract with Aerosmith is close to, or has already expired. Retheming is probably a safe bet, as the ride has been sheltered from the elements, and is in fantastic condition compared to outdoor coasters of its day.

    I’ve seen others comment about theming towards specific movies and other so-called artists (I think someone even suggested Cardi B?!?) I understand younger generations don’t have appreciation for older music or even understand what a legendary status really means… But Disney certainly won’t spend millions of dollars retheming a classic attraction towards what is essentially “disposable” music made by arguably semi-talented flashes in the pan. The Aerosmith theme has been successful for 20+ years, because their music still kicks ass after all these years. The band has iconic status, and they are STILL relevant today.

    With that said, I don’t believe it’s necessary (or even desirable) to theme every attraction to an IP. It’s also probably not wise to theme it using current “artists” of today – as many won’t have the longevity, the superstardom, or achieve the iconic status that Aerosmith has. I think it would be more appropriate to retheme the ride by keeping the whole “Rock and Roll” theme, but perhaps paying homage to the myriad of bands and artists over the years, who have all contributed to classic rock & roll. A LOT can be done with that.

    1. Ethan

      I agree…and they could update it with various artists instead of being subjected to just one or a handful of licensing deals…+++ as they negotiate deals with various licensing rights, depending on the stage dynamics for the theme ride, it then could have easily be updated every 3 to 5 years and be a new type experience for repeat visitors. It would still retain the essential time at of the ride thematically to be appealing, but keep costs & creative options open.

    2. Artie

      Re-theme it to Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, and call it “Animal’s Rockin’ Rollercoaster”. They already own the Muppets so just reshoot the opening (or use animatronics). It should be a fairly straight forward transition.

  26. Ron

    I don’t know who owns the rights to the KISS music but there are endless possibilities if you change over to a ride based on them. Marketing geniuses and some tunes that would ride well on a coaster. Just a thought. But whoever the music is by keep the ride!

  27. They can’t get along like a family so why continue this in a family park?

  28. ArminJace

    They could give the ride a new paint job, and make a deal with RCA/Roswell records and Foo Fighters to call it the White Limo (a track from 2011’s Wasting Light).

    1. Beth

      My hubby would like that. At least they have staying power. Some of the suggestions above, in ten years people will be like “who’s that?”

  29. Ben

    Even if it gets rethemed I hope they keep the band theme! I think that park needs an attraction like that, especially on Sunset Blvd

  30. Christopher Gioconda

    The comment in the article that there is no longer Aerosmith merchandise in the guest shop, is that a recent thing? I was at Hollywood Studios in the gift shop on 8/5/21 and there was absolutely Aerosmith merchandise, including drum sticks with the band’s name on them.

  31. Jay Adams

    Sunset Blvd is so exceptionally themed that I’ve always hated that the ride is on it. Not to mention it being next door to the fantastic Tower of Terror. I say extend the TOT paranormal theme over to the coaster. Theme the area/interior like Union Station in LA. You take a wrong turn inside the building and end up on a special railroad track maintenance vehicle that is launched into the haunted “tunnel 13” and into a realm of ghosts. They are projected all around you and the effect just adds a swirling visual to a ride that is so fast you can’t take in much anyway.

    1. Chris

      I totally agree with you Jay, I think that would be so awesome. If they are going to do a re-theme, I think that’s the way to go.

    2. R

      Omg, that ride location has always irked me too! I’m into keeping it old Hollywood and horror themes. Someone else suggested Cruella ride which could be perfect! Please please make this happen Disney!

    3. Jameson

      This is an awesome idea, Jay.

  32. One of my favorite rides and love the music ! Keep it!!

  33. Krista

    No. This has been a great family fun ride. Please don’t shut down this ride. If anything, then change the theme and music from Aerosmith to something else but please don’t get rid of an awesome roller coaster.

  34. Kathy Ellington

    No, no, no!! I love this ride just as it is!! It’s my all-time favorite ride!!!!

  35. Stephen

    I would say there is no question the ride will be rethemed soon. Not only because of the expiration of the music rights but because Disney will want to add a Disney IP to the attraction…which is what they do now. Will it be a Monsters, Inc. Door Coaster?

  36. Kits

    Ride stays, theme changes needed though. I suggest Nightmare Before Christmas…Oogie Boogie scene vibes all the way!!

  37. Julie

    Although I love Aerosmith and the ride, a refocus using the music of U2, Green Day or Foo Fighters would be AMAZING!!!

  38. Lisa

    I love that ride! I got on it twice while I was there with the family and where my son didn’t get to ride it last time he was determined to get on it or next vacation there! Unfortunately the Covid pandemic occurred 5 months afterwards so we couldn’t go and I refuse to take him during the pandemic! The music was awesome and the ride fantastic! PLEASE KEEP THIS RIDE!

  39. Jess

    Keep the ride just re-theme it to the incedicoaster or anyone of the Disney movies that have a great chase.

  40. Kim

    Don’t get rid of it I love Aerosmith!

  41. Sara

    Could be easily rethemed to a CARS ride. Doing it focused on the demolition derby scene in the third movie would be fun. Plus, it’s already a car.

  42. Bob

    Rolling Stones all the way!!

  43. Paul Andrew Smith

    Just Change it to the Kid Rock n Roller Coaster. Problem Solved.

  44. Dene’ Rich

    It’s absolutely one of the best rides ever created ‼️
    Make the deal Disney with the extra money you’re charging for almost everything.
    Aerosmith is the epitome of American R&R period ‼️

  45. Michelle

    Disney should 💯 Keep this ride Aerosmith- bring back the full merchandise and the experience along with the full music outside!! They should tap into Armageddon & tie in the Space Coast Location as well as Space to link into the Star Wars theme!! This is the best Adult ride in all 4 parks!!!💯🙌

  46. Jessica Neeley

    Retheme it after a Goofy Movie! There would be minimal changes other than Powerline vs Aerosmith. It could still stay a car and it would be the road trip instead. You could jam to “1 2 1” or “Stand Out”. And Disney wouldn’t have to fight for rights because it’s already theirs. The Millenial generation would love it!

  47. Brian

    I agree with aome of the comments above that there have been way too many changes for the sake of change. Remember the change to the Peoplemover, Disneyland folks? My fondest memories of Disney parks are for the rides that are STILL THERE or GONE, almost nothing NEW. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And it makes me want to reference politics, but nevermind. Ugh.

  48. Brian

    Test Track is another example of Disney ruining something that was really cool. What are they thinking sometimes?

  49. Todd

    I like the ride itself but, yes, it could do with an updated theme.

  50. Michele

    NO, it needs to stay! Love the Aerosmith theme for the ride. It’s classic!

  51. Patricia

    It is dated. It needs to go. Put in a more current group.

  52. Joe

    Honestly, love the ride, love the music, but Aerosmith is getting kind of dated IMO. I think a rebranding / retheming wouldn’t hurt the popularity of the ride whatsoever.

  53. Anthony

    Aerosmith is always going to be an iconic band, and they will always he relevant. The ride is a ton of fun, so I don’t see why anyone would want it to go. We should keep it

  54. CKilps

    Could easily make it into a Car’s coaster. the Lighting show is already in the area.

  55. Nicole

    My all time favorite ride at Disney!!!! The entire concept was brilliant! Never go away!!!!

  56. Michelle L

    I think rethemeing is a great option and the prime option which basically says it in it’s name is “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride” with the characters from Lilo and Stitch. It’s a great story that has missed a lot of publicity. There is so much going on in the parks that is about the new content that Disney has purchased, but what about the content that Disney already made years ago?

  57. perry ochocki

    Our family has been to DisneyLand Paris, and both our daughters absoutely loved the Aerosmith Coaster…
    Sad news for sure..

  58. SG

    Universal controls who the rock group can’t be.

    Remember, if it gets re-themed they have to film a new band in the “studio” before we get our “Super-stretch limo”! Everytime I watch it Aerosmith looks younger and younger!
    Tough to find a young rock group to live up to them!

  59. Katherine Burton

    Its a quite different and well themed ride, I’ve never been on a ride like it.
    It needs to stay!

  60. Melanie Mioduszewski

    The only reason I visit this park is for the Aerosmith rock n Rollercoaster. Iconic Ride. Iconic Band. It must stay!!!!
    Enough of history is being erased/replaced, not this one too

  61. Scott Hornberger

    I’m an original cast member of Rock n Rollercoaster. I now work as a park consultant. Bigger things are happening than you can imagine. Don’t be so sure that another band is coming. With the lights on it’s a big black box with a couple of flat set pieces. Big changes are coming to that park. If you know what to look for there are signs already. Expect a major theme change!!!

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