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  1. Monyka

    I live 45 minutes from Silver Dollar City-their harvest festival is certainly an event, the park is GORGEOUS if timed with fall foliage (park is on hills in Ozark mountains), food is good, rides fun-very good whole family experience. Personally think their Christmas season is better-even better than Disney’s in many ways.
    However-not sure fair to compare a wholesome family event to haunted house event? Universals HHN just outdo most other places-perhaps more people have been to regional parks vs Universal accounting for lower ranking?
    Really want to experience a Howl o Scream at a Busch gardens park now too!

  2. Alex

    Did Universal last night and boy was it dreadful. As someone who has only ever been to Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens it was exceptionally underwhelming. Will certainly never make that mistake again specifically considering how expensive Halloween Horror Nights is.

  3. Terry

    No surprise Disney didn’t make the cut with their watered down experience and exuberant pricing. Bob paycheck pricing people out of the park is pricing his paycheck lower well done bob paycheck.

    1. Sue

      You are right Terry. Disney is not like it use to be. Did anyone see the price for the Christmas party crazy. Close to 200$ and if you go closer to Christmas is well over 200’. And for what most rides are breaking down. There is construction everywhere went to Epcot the other night and there is nothing to see. I live 10 miles from there and most of my neighbors work there and they don’t go there only if they are working. It’s not like the Disney it was. Everything is over priced. And food is not worth the money. You are better off getting form after you leave the park. And I’m sure there are people who say. It’s the best place out. I say to each is own.

  4. JB

    I love BG Williamsburg. Grew up going to that park and it’s a very solid Halloween event.

    It is not even close to what Universal Orlando does. This list makes zero sense to me regardless of which angle I approach it from.

    1. Billygstiltz

      Yea just at universal. It requires a crap load of planning to really make it worthwhile but with 10 new houses every year and a good strategy utilizing the stain scream it’s about a hundred bucks for what is absolutely the premier Halloween event in the country. If you get to the gates late and get behind all the crowds it could be a pretty terrible time though. Maybe people making these lists are factoring in what their experience is compared to the price or crowds

  5. Bxmamipr

    I went to BG Williamsburg last night, and have been going for the past 15 years for Howl O Scream. It is a beautiful park, and they put a lot into it. I always love going. With that said, the scares in the houses aren’t like the ones at places like Field of Fear. Kings Dominion is an awful, unkept, dilapidated park not far away. I think the problem with HHN is everyone wants it to be amazing, and they don’t get that experience after traveling to Orlando and paying a lot of money. Me and my friends didn’t think it was worth the travel costs due to the crowds. Nothing in the houses was a surprise since people constantly walked through.

    1. Billygstiltz

      It’s definitely more about the design and the fact that every house is new every year than the scare Factor. The crowds are so big it will be an absolute nightmare to group people for better scares. My local haunt is better for that for sure.

  6. AMJ

    No surprise Disney didn’t make the cut. With the cost versus the value for the event. This uears “event” is more money for easy less.
    Won’t be surprised when the Christmas party, which is even more expensive, falls far below the past Disney standards.

  7. Tamara Dowd

    All I can say is everyone has their own opinion! I hate reviews from others. Universal Orlando is great and Disney Orlando is definitely in their own category.

    1. Darlene Kane

      They *used* to be in their own category. No longer. If you compare the mess of their current parties to long ago, it’s lose-lose.

  8. The reviews criteria is based on the value based on price and Disney at one time was the king of all parks whether it was Halloween, Christmas or any time, but Disney has gone through a lot of changes which started prior to Covid with cuts to service and perks and then raising prices across the board, as a consumer I expected prices to rise as that’s happening every where but what I will not accept are the perks that made Disney the gold standard in the theme park industry, so I have to agree with these ratings and because of Disney’s money first, customers a distance 2nd, we did not renew our annual passes and have decided to spend our vacation dollars at other venues.

  9. Marc Ricketts

    Disneyland a ripoff in 2015 when it was less than $70 with AP discount. Poor value. This poll is done by popular vote and I know Magic Mtn pushes their guests to vote for the., and I suppose most regional parks push for votes. Disney and Universal don’t do that.

  10. Stevie boy

    Disney is not what it was anymore, a leader in entertainment and perfection.
    The greed is evident to someone like myself who has gone there since 1988 and seen this fairly recent crash in quality of the park’s condition, value in entertainment and these lame “Cavalcades” instead of parades.
    The new , younger generations won’t miss what they’ve never seen, and I’m afraid this is the new norm.
    I in my heart, cannot believe that Walt Disney himself, wouldn’t be sick over this. To pay $200.00 over all else is a travesty on the working parents who want to do nice things for their families.

  11. Cj Brown

    Disney 🐑 do not care! It’s proven again and again that they will pay whatever price (even if it’s not a 100% experience!) and Bob Chapek loves your for baaaaah-ing to your bank accounts!

    Universal Studios in Hollywood and Orlando offer up a quality Event, but it’s not necessarily the price … it’s become too crowded to experience everything without investing in a Fast Lane Pass (or something equivalent!)

    I’m not surprised if Cedar Fair, or Six Flags, or Busch Gardens (smaller Theme Park, more value for your 💵’s) are in the top 10 (even Dollywood deserves to be in the top 5!)

    I’d give Knott’s Scary Farm a 💯 except this year there’s no Hanging Live Show (not happy if this is due to PC Cancel Culture!), the Boo-Fet isn’t worth it (due to covid regulations it’s not returning!) and you may need the equivalent to a Fast Lane Pass to experience everything (it’s still a great value Event, it’s also gotten more crowded every years!) – and this household’s been going to Knott’s in October for over 40 years in a row (our only break was last year!)

    We gave up on the Disneyland Resort when it turned into “upcharge this upcharge that” in order to get the 💯 experience! Team Disney Anaheim just got too expensive (there is no added value with the additional prices Park Guests are being charged!)

  12. Jon

    I get that they factor in cost but I’ve gone the Halloween horror nights in Orlando for going on 20 years and has always been the best of these types of events. I’m looking up there other events, they have half the houses. I get that the cost is a lot less but for someone willing to spend the money, I’m trying to just find the best event.

  13. Damon Barnes

    Price is a factor and that is certainly why KI gets #1. Pretty simple. The best isn’t always the most expensive.

  14. jo

    Well greedy man chapek fails again. Y hasn’t the board removed him for a Disney motivated person. Disney Halloween costs double the money with decrease hours and entertainment. Of course they didn’t make the top 10,,,

  15. Jake

    While I can’t speak to Disney’s event, any poll that lists Magic Mountain’s haunt AT ALL is a worthless poll as that haunt is one of the worst, laziest haunts anywhere as far as the actual Halloween stuff goes.

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