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  1. Does anyone really know why Disney is still doing cavalcades and not parades, so far i have heard cost, employee shortage, covid restrictions with people lined up too close watching, I would appreciate if anyone in the know has the real reason.

    1. JS

      Probably all of that since Covid has affected so many different things. It really sucks. Hope they bring everything back when I go in February.

    2. Fives

      Cavalcades only block a small area for a minute or two, and, even with set times, the majority of people don’t camp out in crowds to wait for them. The amount of crowding caused by them is minimal.

      With parades, large portions of the park get blocked off for 15-20 minutes, if not longer depending on how many people are lining up in advance, and with usually only one per day anyone who wants to see it tends to linger. They cause a lot more crowding, both at the parade route and by causing roadblocks to other areas of the park.

      Right now while Covid is still a factor, cavalcades are the better option to minimize that crowding while still letting people see characters.

      1. EM

        Did you see the crowds for the fireworks shows in Magic Kingdom and Epcot? If Covid is the reason why are they having fireworks shows?
        Also the crowds waiting for buses to and from the parks, waiting to get into the parks, waiting in line for rides, to eat etc.

  2. No

    Why is this big news? It happens so frequently–there just didn’t used to be announcements telling you. Come on, y’all. Be better than this.

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