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Jedi facing the Droid army on Geonosis

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. An-D T

    Apparently Kennedy didn’t learn anything from the disaster that was the last ‘trilogy’. At least they tried to cover themselves by saying outright this is NOT connected to the canonical universe.
    Here’s a freebie Lucasfilm(Disney); make a solid story draft outline and STICK TO THE OUTLINE, don’t let directors take that story in a different direction (especially, not to tell ‘their’ story idea in the middle of a predetermined trilogy), approve solid story ideas not people whom you think will make your company look more current or ‘inclusive’, nothing says your not really inclusive when you spend more money on promoting who you hired than what your actually paying them, get rid of Kennedy, seriously, she either still doesn’t have any clue about the universe that Star Wars is in or, she hates that universe because it overshadowed whatever she was a fan of as a child and, now she wants it to look stupid and irrelevant because that’s what she really thinks of it.
    Think about that, the duo she hired for the ‘Solo’ movie had only made comedy shows before, nothing serious as a Star Wars Story. Han Solo is a huge fan favorite and she was going to kill his story and image by letting them make a disaster of a movie, that’s why Ron Howard had to reshoot, almost, the entire movie.
    I’ve never seen anyone try as hard to destroy a franchise they were in control of.

  2. Ehb

    Here we go, Star Trek with a Star Wars theme. It’s one thing doing a story 1000 years or even to the first time the force was first discovered but it need to be in the same universe and not some alternate universe.

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