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star wars a new hope luke leia and han (from left)

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  1. Tom

    Leave it to Disney to even destroy virtual characters and stories! Way to go! At least you’re good on ruining things with all your decisions lately in your many areas of business. Walt would fire you all for not listening to your customers. Damn, I really wish they did cryogenically freeze his head and bring it back. He’d have a lot of heads rolling. LOL

  2. Jason

    Disney has their heads where the mouse don’t shine lately. Park and movie decisions are both really bad after decades of smart handling.

  3. GregRZ

    STAR WARS is Episodes I – VI. Disney Star Wars sucks and ruined the Skywalker Saga. Galaxy’s Edge is lame. It has all of the characters nobody cares about. Rise of the Resistance should have had Darth Vader, not stupid Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren is not even in the same league as Vader.

    1. Nick

      Imagine thinking the prequels were good.

      1. Lucas Loyalist

        The prequels have always been good.

      2. Backcountry164

        They seem like masterpieces compared to the sequel trilogy…

  4. Stephanie

    The parks can be changed to reflect the OT in a week. Cast costumes can be changed in five minutes. The ST didn’t divide some of the fans, it divided like 85% hated it and the 15% of non-fans say they liked it but they never bought any of it. That’s why you can’t find Star Wars merchandise anymore anywhere. I think if you like the ST like you Rebekah then maybe you should just watch it and shut up. Meanwhile real fans can be happy again. You don’t get to ruin what we loved. ST fans are selfish and think the world revolves around them. It doesnt.

  5. Nick

    Sad part is I feel like I’m the only sane one left. Much like other issues during this time .. I look at the majority of people and realize that they lack common sense.

    When it comes to star wars… are we pretending fhe prequels were good now? Those abominations destroyed star wars Fandom for years. Between that. Thst awful clone wars movie (stinky the hutt)… the series was on life support.

    Say what you want about the sequels but when that first trailer hit… everyone was back on board.

    So let’s stop pretending Hayden was a good actor. The plots made sense. The politics weren’t sleep inducing. Or the special effects aged well.

    They were garbage. And watching them now .. you see they were nothing more than FX reels for Lucasfilm. There is no plot element or theme that is actually competent.

    1. Lucas Loyalist

      The Prequels have always been great.

      The Prequels kept Star Wars fandom alive for years, even though it was taken for granted. The clone wars movie and series was on life support.

      Hayden is a good actor. The plot makes sense, because they are original stories that led into the original trilogy and are not blatant copies of the original trilogy. The politics are necessary because they show how the republic became the empire. The special effects have aged they same way as the originals; some better than others.

      The sequels are garbage. They were nothing more than FX reels for Lucasfilm. There is no plot element or theme that is actually competent.

    2. Backcountry164

      The sequel series is the best thing that could have happened for the prequels. At least there are parts of those movies that are worth watching again. The sequels are basically a train wrecking into a hundred dumpsters that are on fire…

  6. Will “Star Wars: Hunters” also be told not only in novels from Del Rey, but also in comics from Marvel?

  7. The nightmare never ends…..listen Disney…..your sequel trilogy sucks. The story is lame. The characters are lame. Will I watch Disney woke nonsense? That’s a hard no! Do better!

  8. me

    mmmm….. too bad it also will be another woke piece of garbage… for me to poop on

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