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A large passenger jet flying through a blue sky

Credit: Southwest


  1. Chris

    Would love if they announced a direct flight from LGB to MCO. Travel between Disney destinations easily.

    1. Jason Laird

      Oh yeah, that would be really awesome if Southwest did nonstop flights directly from Long Beach, CA to Orlando, FL.

  2. Pete

    Some discounts and more direct flights would be nice.

    1. Jason Laird

      Totally agree.

  3. Wasn’t this tweet from yesterday so shouldn’t we be seeing something today ?

  4. EM

    It would be great if they would offer airline check-in at the resorts and luggage check-in like Magical Express did. I hate waiting in line at the airport to check luggage.

  5. Douglas R Johnson


    As a stockholder of both companies I am pleased to support the partnership!!!

  6. Gabriella Isabel Paguaga

    I love the idea southwest is part of the magic have disney world, and I hope the magic continues over the year to come in the happy place on earth

  7. Daniel

    Flightradar shows it’s in Orlando now. N954wn from the video. Curious if I’ll end up on it at some point.

  8. Mickeymouse3

    If only southwest had direct flights. No one wants to spend 1-3 hours waiting on a tarmac or airport lounge for their connecting flight. Plus, who wants to change seats for the second leg of the flight and risk losing baggage? So this partnership, what does it really mean?

  9. Bev

    Walt and Roy are smiling down on Southwest Planes.
    Excellent idea Southwest, the only way we flight.

  10. G. Merrell

    Taking our g’kids on a Disney Trip in January and would love to board this plane. Also wish we could use some of our mountain of points to pay for Disney!!

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