Comments for Rise of the Resistance Standby Forces Disney to Open Backstage

rise of the resistance crowds

Credit: ITM Kelly C.


  1. We stood backstage in line for many attractions in MK and Studios when they were spacing us 6 feet apart. They have signs that tell you not to take pictures. My husband said, “if they want to herd us around like cattle, we will take pictures if we want to.” He took pictures and there were no cast members monitoring this sea of humanity waiting to ride the Millennial Falcon.

  2. Amanda

    On September 26, we waited 35 minutes at 7 pm for Rise. There is only a rush first thing in the morning and then about an hour wait throughout the day.

  3. Sarah

    I was there last Thursday when the first stand-by day started. We were in a 45 min standby line, when for an additional 20min the ride was broken down. But, I can tell you, the ride was WORTH THE WAIT!!! I have never experienced anything quite like that! The middle section, could have been intense, but the “guard” noticed that we had 3 small children in our party and were sensitive to this. This ride is worth ALL the hype!!

    1. Dana Sion

      Wonderful post, thank you for sharing 😊.

  4. Mike

    Posted wait time was 15 minutes at 8:30pm and 5 minutes at 9:00pm today. (Park closed at 9pm) We literally walked on with zero wait at 8:30pm.

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