Comments for Newest Disney Ride, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, Evacuated

remy's ratatouille adventure

Credit: Disney


  1. Melissa McGinnis

    I am not looking forward to trying to get in to another virtual queue. Disney is getting ridiculous with these and now paying to have a fast pass. Each new CEO does damage to Walt’s vision and steps further away from his values.

  2. Gern Blanston


    Did you know Walt personally? With his love of new technology, I believe that he would want to try out anything that may make it easier for folks to not have to stand in line while visiting the parks.

    1. Shell

      I would rather wait in a long line . Then to have to get up at 7am and play the lottery hoping to maybe get a chance to go on a ride . I believe they are making the newer rides virtual knowing people will have trouble getting on ,then they turn around and say ,hey if you really want to ride ,you can pay extra and we’ll get ya on. 🙁

  3. Eileen

    I agree with that comment. It’s becoming more and more complicated to bring your family ( small kids in tow) to the parks. Not to mention expensive. I don’t know but it seems like some of the magic is disappearing. Maybe the pandemic is contributing to this feeling, I don’t know.

    1. Vince

      We waited to take our kids to DL, DCA and DW for that very reason . Too many people IMO bring their kids too soon, they can’t ride half the rides, get tired and cranky and then don’t even remember the time spent! I like the direction Disney has taken and further promotes the overcrowded problem we always had to tolerate every time we visited!

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