Comments for Power Outage Leads to Monorail Breakdowns Near Magic Kingdom Resorts

polynesian monorail

Credit: Disney


  1. KenG

    This is something that could be improved upon with the technology we have had for sometime.
    Why can’t the Monorails have an on-board back up battery system? They are always getting electricity as they run, so the batteries could always be charged.
    And it not as though they need a huge amount of batteries to go far, just enough “juice” to get them to the next station. In the case of the longer route to Epcot they could put halfway an emergency unloading station on each side with stairs and even a small elevator for those with disabilities. From there buses could pick them up.

    It’s 2021! How hard could this be to figure out??

    1. Ashley

      Totally agree! Monorails have been having so many breakdowns lately (as well as rides in the parks) and guests are paying enough as it is at WDW. Is it too much to ask to have reliable, working, consistent transportation? I’ve been visiting Disney since the 90s and I don’t recall rides and the monorail breaking down nearly as often as they are now.

    2. Barry

      I have to agree. WDW should have retrofitted the monorails with an emergency backup battery system a long time ago. It’s unacceptable to have the power go off, trapping guests in high Florida temperatures without A/C for long periods of time.

  2. Tracy

    I don’t believe it said how long the system was down or if the “Guests” were compensated at all? Maybe a free “Lightning Lane” pass for their trouble when it becomes available? Seriously doubtful since Disney plans on bleeding people dry with it! That Genie Plus thing is ridiculous! Fast Pass used to be FREE! Now they want to nickel and dime us to death!

  3. Perhaps, Disney needs to invest in infrastructure (up grading the power grid). Maybe all the solar panels do not give consistent power. California has power outages all the time with their alternative power sources. Is Disney using them as an example on how to power WDW?

  4. Tamara Dowd

    Things are getting older and breaking down more. Maybe Disney should put more finances into updating maintenance rather than putting up new Lightening Lane signs and useless Genie systems..

  5. Rich

    These monorail breakdowns occur much more frequently than get reported in the media although usually for shorter durations and it only becomes a safety issue when it gets hot in the summer. I agree Disney should be putting their money into fixing this system. I wouldn’t ride it until there is an upgrade as I’ve been stuck on it too many times in the past.

  6. Tlaw

    Maybe there’s a new Genie pass to gain access on rides that are functional.

    Pre-Chepak, Disney worked well. Now that he screwed over the workers such that the good ones do not want to come back (to fix/maintain the rides), this will remain a constant problem. Luckily, you get to pay more for this feature, and Chepak will get a bigger bonus.

    Nothing is going to get any better until they fire Chepak.

  7. Matthew Brewster

    Is it my imagination or is WDW having a LOT more technical problems these days? Could it be that the suits are slashing maintenance budgets in order to compensate for pandemic-related losses?

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