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"Pirates of the Caribbean" reboot approaching harsh waters movie cover

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  1. Sheila Carter

    No Johnny Depp!! I will be boycotting the film!!!!

    1. No my darling husband to be Johnny Depp’s wife to be lindsey depp won’t watch if her beautiful husband to be Johnny Depp not in his iconic role

  2. Eli

    I cannot imagine any new franchise without Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Therefore I’m no longer going to watch the movies in theaters or to buy a DVD.

    1. Anonymous

      Well I am in a dilemma… Whether to watch that film as a Margot Robbie fan or to boycott it as Jhonny depp fan.

      Most probably I will boycott it….
      But I will boycott Aquaman 2 for sure

      1. savaeva

        No Johnny Depp, no Pirates for me.

    2. Nik

      Just been rewatching the series on D+. Disney is delusional if they hinestly believe they can continue this franchise without Depp!

  3. Sue

    No Johnny, no Me, Not my money. He made the franchise what it is. And they treated him horribly for ALLEGATIONS. Shame on them

    1. Ravid

      He’s the reason Pirates of the Caribbean is such a good franchise. I just think it would be a shame to put a black mark on your record. Won’t be watching this even for free.


  5. MD

    No Jack sparrow no pirates

    1. Sonia

      no Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) no pirates of the Caribbean, he brings the whole franchise to life so without him it’s dead.

    2. rudi ghersetti

      No sparrow
      No party

  6. LS

    Johnny Depp IS the Pirates of the Caribbean! Not really interested if he’s not a part of it!

  7. Vasile Macovei

    if Disney is working on a new pirate movie in the Caribbean without Johnny Depp, then he can say goodbye to expectations of movie box office

    1. Beverly Frederick

      Absolutely not! How dare they discriminate against men being abused. They should have not excluded Johnny Depp. How many people, not just men and not just women I’m talking people lose their jobs because of abusing anyone. Why do they think they can do it too people who are in the public. There has to be respect for privacy in one’s personal life. I certainly don’t do discrimination on prejudgments. I sure hope Disney will take a stand and show the public that they are better than that and ask Johnny Depp to be part of what was created with him. Shame on the corporation of Disney. I guess we all have to make our bed.

  8. Erica

    I think Disney may loose a lot of viewers. There lose. I will be among those fans that will not put her hard earned money into a F- movie. Depp heads should boycott this movie and all of the Pirates of Caribbean movies!!!


      Sinceramente, sem Depp não dá!

  9. Sheron

    I’m almost 70 and I watched the Pirates 🏴‍☠️ of the Caribbean. All I can say, If Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp)isn’t in the movie coming up it shouldn’t be considered a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Depp made the Jack Sparrow Character . Without him it’s not worth watching.

    1. Christine Harvey

      No Jack Sparrow, will not be watching.

    2. Shelby

      I feel the same way!!!

  10. Laura

    The Pirates of the Carribean franchise is my all time favorite movies and the main reason I watch them is because of Johnny Depp. If he’s not in them I won’t be watching them!!

    1. Madge

      I am over 70. No Depp no pirate. Winter be watching it.

  11. Shannon

    I’ve said it a thousand times I WILL NOT BE WATCHING no Johnny Depp as Captain Jack no new movie for me. So Disney sorry but not sorry I hope the movie bombs and you lose millions. We his true fans believe he did not lay a hand on Amber Turd she’s just after his money. So no good luck Disney

  12. Matthew

    Will not watch w/o Captain Jack!

  13. M

    No JD No pirates hard pass. That man is captain Jack Sparrow. No knock off female or other is going convince me other wise

  14. SC

    Sorry! No Captain Jack ? Then I’m not watching it.
    Johnny Depp is the most brilliant actor and those films are full to the brim of magic because of him. (And Geoffrry Rush)
    Hector isn’t going to be in them either.
    Johnny Depp deserves all your gratitude Disney!
    I will never watch a Pirates film without him. Clear enough?

  15. Janet

    Hell no . No JD . The movie will be trash . He is the movie. Disney’s loss. I won’t be watching it without Johnny Depp in it . End of Story.

  16. Cc

    No way!!!!!

  17. jill

    For whats its worth.. without Johnny..who was never charged or convicted in current ALLIGATIONS. And if I had been abused, you could bet that I would file charges, why didnt AH??? Yet he was let go and had never been convicted of these allegations.. why?? ? So without him on board, Disney does not at all have my support.. his character Jack is what made people spend their money and enjoy.. I know im just one person.. but Disney if you do want truth so as to Increase your volume.. theres mine. and respectfully.

  18. Su

    No Johnny, no pirates!! I won’t be watching it without Johnny Depp in it!! Justice for Johnny!!

  19. Catarina

    This is ridiculous… Fine if they’re doing this they will lose a fan 😔😡 I’ll just counting with the 5 that already exists and that’s it… Disney common 🙄🙄🙄🙄 open your eyes…

    1. Jen

      No way.. No one i know is interested in this without Johnny.. Shame on you Disney!! you used to be cool ☹

    2. Anonymous

      Well I am in a dilemma… Whether to watch that film as a Margot Robbie fan or to boycott it as Jhonny depp fan.

      Most probably I will boycott it….
      But I will boycott Aquaman 2 for sure

      1. Lisa Patterson

        Nope. I refuse. No Sparrow is a firm no for me.

  20. Rose

    No JD No pirates of the Caribbean..🥲

    1. Loosing interest in Disney! I WAS a big fan. How DARE they judge JD on the lies told by his ex YUK! Listen to his coworkers. He’s a nice person!! I’m breaking up with Disney!!! And I will have nothing to do with any company that employs his ex, including Loreal, or any of her “friends”.

  21. Janina

    4 years ago, I wished for nothing more, than a new Pirates of the Caribbean part. Now without Johnny Depp all I can say is, don’t even try making a new movie it’s gonna be sad and bad. Mark my words, you’ll lose a big part of the fanbase.

  22. Linda D

    Will boycott any POTC movie with Johnny Depp. Johnny IS PIRATES!

    1. Linda D

      I meant will boycott any potc without JD

  23. Lisa Patterson

    Nope. I refuse. No Sparrow is a firm no for me

  24. Tim

    While we DID have Pirates of the Caribbean well before (CAPTAIN!) Jack Sparrow was performed by Johnny Depp, it goes without saying that that one character/actor has practically become the main icon of the franchise! ANY upcoming POTC film without Depp would REALLY have to impress me enough to even CONSIDER watching it, and even then I probably wouldn’t watch it. #Justice4Depp

  25. Shelby


  26. Dexter Chinembiri

    No Johnny no show!!!!!

  27. Rinaldo

    Im not watching this without Johnny depp

  28. Gliga

    No Johnny, no Pirates, no Disney !

  29. Steve Jarman

    No johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow? Is like apple pie without the apple!
    Will not watch the new movie or buy the dvd

  30. hulk

    I don’t care who they think johnny depp’s jack sparrow character is they kept pushing him too far and can’t focus on him at all Ever since I didn’t like pirates of the caribbean movies that are truly very complicated and some movie picture parts don’t make any sense at all disney pirates of the caribbean is such a disease.

  31. Detox

    I don’t ever see myself watching it without depp

    His role basicall makes makes the whole show

  32. Shel

    Considering all POTC movies revolved around Jack it doesn’t make sense to continue without him. You lose the story. You lose Mr. Depp’s incredible creativity that can only come through his life experience. We all have history, some more colorful than others. I love colors. Mr. Depp, color away. You are an amazing human being. You make the world a better place by sharing the passion in your heart that comes from your history. Always be proud of who you are, where you come from and what you accomplished! The world is yours!

  33. M

    It’ll be a huge waste of time/money for Disney.
    No one will watch. Johnny Depp is pirates of the Caribbean

  34. Sally Fair

    No Johnny? Then NO I won’t be watching any new POTC from Disney. Simple.

  35. Ds

    There is NO Pirates without J.D., not now not ever! Disney’s just a greedy backstabbing Abusive Supporter an I’m done with their BS considering they could do that to a Man who worked his @$$ off for you made you more money then we can imagine considering you didn’t even have faith in him with this Franchise!

  36. Roy Rowe

    If it has no ja k sparrow meaning johnny depp then don’t bother making the movie as hardly anyone will want to see it

  37. Shel

    Love and money are similar in so many ways. It’s what motivates people, breaks hearts, challenges our beliefs and ends our trust. Love takes things further. It is the one thing everyone wants and money cannot buy. It guides us, gives us hope, something to look forward to. Teaches us important values. Love is the light necessary for the future of humanity to understand, accept care and survive. If we lose love, or the messengers of love like Mr. Depp, we all lose. MGM please open your hearts to release Minamata. Disney open your hearts to Jack sparrow. Don’t lose, accept the people’s opinions and fight for the light.

  38. Wayne

    A pirates film without Jack Sparrow is a no no, I would not watch any pirates movie without Jonny Depp.

  39. Mark

    This would be Disney’s worst movie of the franchise to the fans who won’t even bother to watch it, but on the other hand Disney has children of the MCU fanbase that will watch and love anything even if it doesn’t relate with the origin

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