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Space Mountain

Credit: Terry and Melissa Peters


  1. I had an experience like this before on the people mover. It may have been the 10th birthday of the magic kingdom. I’m the same age as the magic kingdom. I’ve been to the 10th and 15th birthday celebration. My parents went to the 25th (the time they turned the castle into a birthday cake) I don’t know why they changed to anniversary, who got married?

    1. Anniversary

      The word ‘anniversary’ doesn’t only apply to marriages — “the annual recurrence of a date marking a notable event”.
      Using ‘anniversary’ instead of ‘birthday’ makes much more sense here.

  2. Erin Killen

    I have seen Space Mountain with the lights on. We were in line to get on the ride and we were almost to the loading area of the ride and all the lights came on all of a sudden. We asked a cast member why the lights were turned on and they told us that someone had lost their dentures. They were screaming and their dentures flew out of their mouth. It was funny at the time but I feel bad for the person who had to tell the cast members at the end of the ride that they had lost their dentures somewhere in the ride. They weren’t closed very long maybe 10-15 minutes and we all stayed in line and then we all got to ride two times in a row since we all waited. It was a great way to spread pixie dust.

  3. Mickeymouse3

    It would be kinda cool to see the attractions with their lights on for a full reveal, but at the same time, it would ruin the magic by seeing “behind the curtain”.

  4. Barb304

    My sister and I got to see this once may years age. We just happened to be on the PeopleMover at the right time and in the right place. It was great!

    1. Barb304

      Sorry, that should say ‘many years ago’. Haha!

  5. Al

    Me and my fiance were in Magic Kingdom just last month and got stuck on People Mover. Had never happened before. At one point it kept stopping and starting. We got stuck right at the lift of Space Mountain where you can look up and see the astronauts and space station. We eventually had to be evacuated right before you go in Buzz Lightyear. The supervisor basically says they have changed the magnetic pieces underneath the cars, which make the ride go. Took 45 minutes.

  6. Sshena

    Happens often. How is this news?

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