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owen wilson haunted mansion


  1. Otter

    I’m very much NOT excited, because if it does well then Disney will decide that they need to put Owen Wilson animatronics (or, more likely, projection screens) inside the ride. I remember the actress who played Mme Leota, in an old interview, saying that if the movie was really popular, there were talks of the ride changing. Replacing Leota with another face would be an actual crime. ><

  2. Criss

    This is gonna be total crap now. Terrible racist director, terrible comedic writer and now a cheeseball of an actor? Yeah no I can’t wait to see this flop so hard it doesn’t even make half its budget back. They should’ve stayed with Del Toro

    1. Price

      Yes Criss, They Really should have stuck with Del Toro’s HM movie idea instead of this I hope Everyone involved with this movie dies in their sleep!!!!!

      1. Cb87

        Wow, that was a horrific comment. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. Karen

    I love the original. I watch it with my kids, and that movie IS the haunted mansion to us. I am trying to keep an open mind but I really dislike that Disney can’t just write new material and they just puke up remakes. I do like Owen Wilson but as another person said, they will probably change the ride which I my FAVORITE. I AM CROSSING MY FINGERS that it will be totally different so as not to compare, but anything following an original is still just a copy.

  4. Rob

    What? Remaking a movie already when there is still a lot of other rides that need a story told about them? Why not Space Mointain, or Thinder Mountain Railroad or the Tiki Room (end sarcasm). Disney has lost its vision and imagination.

  5. Debra Rusovick

    My kids and I loved the Haunted Mansion movie with Eddie Murphy. It’s just enough silly and scary for a family with children. Years later, my oldest daughter, who is now 40, asked to watch it on Disney+ at my home. It’s still one of her favorite movies. I don’t understand why they are changing the actors when they could just make a sequel, if they feel they need to make a new movie. As far as Owen Wilson goes, I don’t mind him, so adding him to the franchise wouldn’t bother me.

  6. Caroline RN

    It’s understandable there are certain comments about another HM movie. why not something new and old and creative? However, I see there are a couple absolutely disgusting comments here. This site is degenerating at times to trash.
    I thought this was about inside the magic of Disney?
    I love Owen Wilson. I don’t know anything about the crew but to wish what “price” said is horrible.

  7. SG

    I love Owen Wilson, he’d be great in it! The original with Eddie Murphy wasn’t great but still fun. I’m all for a remake but I agree with y’all who said they’d like to see a movie made about another attraction. I loved Tomorrowland!! More please

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