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  1. Richard Ferrara

    No, no fans are “disturbed” by any of this. And this site is just like Cinemablend, with their fan theories-as-fact stories.

  2. Space Renegade X

    So you don’t actually want “strong” female characters after all. You want Mary Sues with no depth, no development, and no purpose other than just meeting the quotas.

    As is tradition.

  3. This is you folks trying to manufacture controversy. Belova isn’t being set up as a villain at all and you have no idea what roll Maximof will play in Doctor Strange.

  4. I am beyond tired, I should say EXHAUSTED at these websites that push these these ridiculously paper thin “theories” to get people to click on their sites which then proceed to re-iterate/re-hash known information while throwing in their one miniscule kernel of “theory”. Huge load of BS and waste of time

  5. DA

    So it’s only diversity if the female characters are heroes instead of villains?

    Nice memes…

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