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Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and Captain Marvel

Credit: Marvel Studios (all)


  1. izaraurora

    I count 25 known projects currently, which means there are six mysteries:
    1. Eternals
    2. Hawkeye
    3. SpiderMan
    4. Ms Marvel
    5. Dr Strange
    6. Moon Knight
    7. Thor
    8. She-Hulk
    9. Black Panther
    10. Secret Invasion
    11. Marvels
    12. Guardians holiday
    13. Ant Man 3
    14. Ironheart
    15. GOTG 3
    16. Armor Wars
    17. FF
    18. I Am Groot
    19. Blade
    20. Wakanda
    21. Cap 4
    22. Echo
    23. Deadpool 3
    24. Loki S2
    25. What If S2

    Unclear if she’s counting other Sony stuff – would that include Venom, Morbius, Kraven, and God help us, Black Cat / Silver Sable?

    Other full MCU possibilities, yeah certainly something X-Mutanty, Young Avengers, Daredevil?

    1. Raven160

      Wow. I didn’t know there was so much. Aaaahhhhh!!!! This so exciting I can’t wait to see them all!

    2. Courtney B

      Depending on how far they’re looking you can add ‘3’ to Dr Strange, Captain Marvel and Black Panther. Because we know they’ll happen. I’d don’t know if I’d count Eternals, Spider-Man, or Hawkeye because they’re done, not in development. Eternals should’ve even been out last year. Dr Strange 2 is wrapped and in post production. So that could free up 3-4 spots.

  2. Courtney B

    I hope Bucky gets his own show or movie. He and his story were really shortchanged in FATWS. There was too much story packed into six episodes (they needed at least 10) and his character suffered. Now he’s going to be Sam’s sidekick in CA4. Stan is a good actor and Bucky is a huge fan favorite. I’d like to see him stand on his own apart from Steve or Sam.

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