Comments for Man Left Behind as Magic Kingdom Proposal Does NOT Go as Planned

magic kingdom proposal

Both Images: Credit Screenshot via @chizko7


  1. That’s what happens when you don’t pay extra for a Disney proposal photographer. He/She wouldn’t have let her get away.

  2. Em

    He dodged a bullet

    1. Joey Driver

      That was a grenade.

  3. Gruntles

    The bigger story is what kind of awful person posts that video online.

  4. Jason

    Its possible by where he is located behind them and his laughing is that he was purposefully photo bombing his “proposal.”

    1. MMHinNJ

      Looks like that to me! This was staged.

  5. Matt

    Proposed to my wife post dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table. I highly recommend contacting Disney and speaking to one of their special occasion planners. They know what they are doing and cover all the details. This does cost extra which may not be in everyone’s budget. It was around 200.00 extra 12 years ago, but what you get for the money makes it worth it. (special dessert, presentation of ring in an engraved crystal slipper, and photographer as well as a special picture with Cinderella). Again what I got so today may be different.

    1. May

      Your idea works if you are sure that the answer is yes. How does Disney handle it if the answer is no?

  6. *im

    KARMA just did him a SOLID!

  7. STOP IT

    Could you please watch the video again? Wasn’t a real proposal at all….

  8. Joey Driver

    Disney gives her an unlimited fastpass so she doesn’t have to stand in line with her ex.

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