Comments for Magic Key Holders Only Have One Month Left For This Exclusive Experience

Magic Key Lounge Muppets

Credit: ITM Krysten S.


  1. Brooke

    I remember Big Thunder Ranch had a Halloween festival, with villains and photo spots – at no extra cost, and not limited to APs only. I really hate this pay to play trend at the parks. I feel bad for the families or individuals who can’t afford an AP. That being said, I’m hearing the APs aren’t that great because the reservations available to them are limited. It’s in a sense, blocking out dates for the top tier APs because they can’t get a reservation. Chapek wants a mix of APs and ticket holders – because as we know he likes the latter – they ‘spend more’ than APs. (eye roll and a sigh)

  2. Krysten T

    This is great information. Thank you. I had no clue this existed. I will definitely be going here next time I spend the day at Disneyland

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