Comments for Actress Involved in Gina Carano Recasting Outcry Finally Addresses ‘Star Wars’

L-R: Din Djarin, Cara Dune, and Greef Karga all pointing blasters to the sky

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Wing Z

    Lucy Lawless is a freaking legend in her own right. And I suspect these are the same “fans” who wanted Carano out of the Mandalorian. She’s better off not going anywhere near lucasfilm right now. And she has a point catering to that group of “fans” is more problematic than risky

  2. Tony

    We liked the character Cara Dune. We think Gina Carano was perfect for the role. We also wish she could have been more diplomatic and had chosen her words more carefully so as not to get herself removed from the The Mandalorian. We also like Lucy-L and would be thrilled to have her in a live action series in either a tv series (mostly) or anything else similar to it.

    1. Crapspackle

      The only people calling for dismissal were the ReyLos who don’t care about any Star Wars prior to Episode 7. So please stop lying.

      1. Tiredoftherealfakeones

        Your username reflects the quality of comment. Carano made comments that Disney didn’t want even tangential connection to and they acted accordingly. Spewing your disdain for certain members of the Fandom does not make the point you think you’re making, but in fact, make the point you really mean. If you want to complain about certain fans go to reddit.

      2. M


  3. Tony

    😁We would be interested to see a live action movie or Disney streaming series of the Star Wars Cinematics that would feature Sateel.😁 We also would love to have a live action movie of Star Wars Republic Commando. Now that we’re on a roll… Uh, don’t hate us… Just thinking… We think Daisy Ridley and Felicity Jones should have their own series in the SW universe, but not necessarily canon. We have watched many of the “behind the scenes” clips and think they put in a lot of hard work. Sadly, Disney takes way too long gearing up for any new installments. And then, they kill off the protagonist! Maybe we can take a long shot here and get Keri Russell as Zorii her own streaming series?!

    1. Cait

      Satele Shan predates the current flurry of shows set in The Mandalorian time frame but if they wanted to do a show around her, god knows the material is there. And Lawless would be perfect for the role right down to her age (53).

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