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the little mermaid

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  1. Robert Farrell

    TWO YEARS after it was finished? I don’t know a lot about movie making but seems like a bad sign.

    1. Kenr

      I was thinking the same thing. Maybe it’s because a lot of people are still not going to the theater. I think it will way underperform.

  2. Sebastian Hale

    I will be seeing this new live-action/CGI remake of “The Little Mermaid”, when it comes out, but I won’t be excited to see it, because I desperately hoped that Francesca Angelucci Capaldi would play Ariel, Noah Schnapp would play Prince Eric, Phyllis Smith would play Ursula and Jamie Foxx would play Sebastian the crab. However, I saw a live-performance of “The Little Mermaid” the winter before last and the actress who played Ariel seemed to be older than Francesca Angelucci Capaldi and the actor who played Prince Eric seemed to be older than Noah Schnapp. Also, I chose Phyllis Smith to play Ursula to show people that villains are evil on the outside because they’re sad inside, but, in the live-performance of “The Little Mermaid” I saw, King Triton discovered that it was Ursula who had murdered his queen and not us land people and, ever since then, I thought it would be better (or could have been better) if King Triton discovers that it was Ursula who had murdered his queen and not us land people.

  3. Lauren

    I thought the little mermaid is white sorry not impressed love halle berry but not for this disney stays f’ing up classics what a shame

    1. Nick

      So what if she’s black at least give Halle Berry a chance

      1. No. Just No.

        Halle BERRY is NOT in this movie. The actress in question is actually Halle BAILEY. Common mistake.

        I too will not be seeing this because raceswapping a white character with a black actor is disingenuous and dumb.

        I’d do the same thing if they raswapped a black character with a white actor.

      2. yoyo

        and if a white actress played Princess Teriana from the Frog and the prince, the black community would be throwing fits and probably rioting all over the place. Little mermaid is a white princess with long red hair. Wonder if Haley will figure how to have long red hair.

  4. J

    Disney is pandering to the BLM garbage by casting a woman of color in a role that has always been a red haired white teenage girl. I won’t be interested in seeing this.

    1. Rich

      So right.

    2. Kenr

      That’s exactly what this is. You are spot on. I won’t be seeing it either.

  5. Donnie Rawlins

    Not for me
    Little girls will be confused
    By the race swap
    I’m sure the young lady who’s playing her is talented, but she’se not the little mermaid,
    I guess we will find out by the box office if the general public thinks so..

    1. I Agree it is a Confusion Sabotage Original Disney

  6. Rich

    I’ll go see it only if I read that Disney will now toss out all the red haired little mermaid merchandise it’s been selling for years and replace it with the new mermaid. Fat chance.

    1. Sounds to me you would rather See a Sabotage Mermaid But that’s you

  7. Please DON’T Release this Movie I don’t mind a Live Action Mermaid But if you Really wanna make a Remake of the Original Movie the Fix the Cast Either Lindsay Lohan has Ariel or Emma Watson, and Please! Pick Kathy Bates as Ursula and Stop Deleting Characters from Movies If our Voices Really matter than you should Listen I have been Disney Fan since I was a kid but if you can’t Follow the Original the Please Don’t Release the Movie! Your Live Action Movies are Nothing But a Disappointment! A Sabotage to our Childhood and just by making this Film you have Sabotage Original Disney, I was very Happy with The 2016 Jungle Book and 2019 Lion King there you Followed the Original and Fixing the Mermaid shouldn’t be hard to do otherwise if not Please don’t Release a Bombanation to Sabotage what we grew up with, Walt Disney never wanted fans Disappointed but just by Releasing Halle you will be a Disappointment Against what Walt Disney wanted so Please think before you Sabotage Original Disney big mistake But you can still fix it

    1. No. Just No.

      On the contrary, I say they that SHOULD release this film.

      This looks like that this will be the film that will finally kill the live action remakes.

      1. Andrew Koledin

        I can’t wait for the live action Princess and the Frog , starring Hillery Duff as Tiana ..

        1. yoyo

          Ha.. Never happen. Black community be throwing fits and rioting all over the place.

      2. J.

        That’s actually a good point. No more live action retreads of stories we already know. Original content please, or perhaps sequels that extend the stories we know and love to new places and adventures.

    2. yoyo

      Not gonna see this one. My little niece will be asking where her red hair is. She has red hair too. Its one thing to be fair to all people of all colors, race, religions but this is just silly. To be fair they should have put a white actress in the live action film of Mulan or make Princess and the frog and let a white actress play that roll. Chapek just keeps on making Disney a dirty word.

    3. jo

      CEO Chapek does not care about Disney, He will allow this tragedy to be released. The board needs to remove him and get a CEO invested in WALT DISNEY and won’t these situations happen. It is very disappointing. Maybe Halle will see this film is not for her and back out. She is a wonderful actress, just not in a white girls role.

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