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Credit: bioreconstruct


  1. Robert

    So, here is a photo of something that may someday be something but we have no idea what it’s going to be so please read this article which tells me nothing. More proof that bloggers are not journalists.

    1. Yoda

      I agree, how is an empty lot considered next construction project. Would be different if some site development had taken place.
      Seams like ITM people just try to make up things lately.
      I could send them a picture of one of the temporary plant walls and they could say next possible attraction spotted in photo.

  2. tim

    looks like the space could be used for an additional solar farm to feed the Skyline

  3. Jeff

    If there’s another article this empty & pathetic, I won’t be coming back to this website as I do everyday.

  4. Darren R Leclerc

    Do these bloggers have any creative writing skills or have graduated from Journalism school? Are they mostly volunteering for these positions? If so, then we should go light on them.

    1. Mike

      I understand why they would want to build here soon. It’s right off the skyliner, and guests get a bird’s eye view of the lot while going to and from the value resorts. I can say while riding skyliner myself, I did wonder why Disney hadn’t built anything here yet.

  5. LouiB

    I agree with others who wrote comments what a waste. You report on decent stuff, so leave these types of articles unwritten.

  6. major construction coming!!!!!!!!!!!!! blank spaces would be a better story!!!!!!!!!!!!

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