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    1. John

      Your facts are wrong. Jonny used amber for $50 million for her lies and she counter sue’d for $100 million trying to over compensate for her lies…

      1. Facts

        Stfu u troll everyone knows that witch is the attacker and has been proven!

      2. Louise

        I assume you meant sued but yes, what they wrote made absolutely no sense!

        1. Maria D. Munoz

          Man of all heart , knows how to do his roles.Tanlented , musician.

      3. Andrea leys

        There is only 1 and i mean 1 Captain Jack Sparrow= John Christopher Depp 2 AKA Johnny Depp!!!!!

      4. T

        Dude, she cut off his finger. She also said on tape about hitting him, trying throwing things at him. While he would leave to get away from her. Then, she would even chase him down the hall. Johnny doesn’t need her money. She nothing but a lier and cheater. Not mention a gold digger who spent 7 million on who knows what after saying she donated it all because she a good person. The fact is that she has not donated it at all.

    2. Livvy Cotton

      Absolutely Fantastic, There is and always will be only 1 Jack sparrow Johnny Depp. The man is The Best Actor Ever .

    3. Silvia J

      Yes you are loved by so many Johnny as you have all of what it takes to be “that” Actor !! We Luv you Johnny Depp aka the one and only “Jack Sparrows” !!

    4. My beautiful talented husband Johnny, will always be captain Jack sparrow he’s fantastic when he visits the sick kids dressed in his costume. Because he’s a big kid himself

  2. Karen Gigeous

    I say go for it! He was the best and can never be replaced!!! I would Love to see him at Disney world. As my family does goes all the time. Get yearly passes. Love Johnny Depp.

    1. Temperance

      No Johnny NO POTC…

    2. Pamela J Lambert

      I’d love to see him at WDW too. Be awesome to get a photo with him

  3. Darlyne Schneider

    Disney made a HUGE mistake releasing Johnny Depp from the Caribbean Pirates movies. Johnny Depp will ALWAYS be Jack Sparrow.

    1. Charlotte Blanton

      Awesome. No one else could or should. He is Jack Sparrow.

    2. Paula

      Totally agree. He’s the only person to play the part. Disney is the loser for getting involved in his personal life and parting ways with Johnny.

    3. Kim

      Rumours has it they didn’t, they are doing 2 pirate movies, a red head female starring margot Robbie and then deposited, characters may end up crossing over

  4. Disney is honestly one of the worst companies in existence. They don’t care about issues or people. They care about money, that’s it. I hope it does hurt them that they let Depp go. The information is out, it was a toxic relationship. They both did damage yet he is the only one held accountable? The same could be said for Warner Bros. , they continue to employ his sociopathic ex.

    1. Dee


    2. Silvia J

      Exactly !!

    3. Kim

      What rubbish, they are involved with many charities, but yes they are a business, and want to make money, we got gifts, free dining worth 3k, and memories worth everything

  5. Sarah

    The only reason they’re giving this to Margo Robbie is to give the franchise to a woman right before it is destroyed. It’s the same thing they do with companies that are on the verge of collapse- hire a female CEO. No Johnny, no Pirates… no question.

    1. MB

      Johnny Depp will always be Jack Sparrow. And no strong female knockoff is gonna tell us otherwise

      1. Jeanine

        Yes I love Johnny Depp and always will.

      2. Silvia J

        From 21 Jumpstreet to Captain Jack Sparrows, I luv Johnny Depp !! No one can replace or be him !!

    2. Kim

      What rubbish, they are involved with many charities, but yes they are a business, and want to make money, we got gifts, free dining worth 3k, and memories worth everything

  6. KRL

    He is a good actor. However, when he stood before a group and in a discussion about Trump asked if any actor has ever killed a president and people cheered, he went to far. Unless he publically apologizes, I have no further interest in him. Imagine children hearing a star they really like, talk in such a way is unacceptable. We support your acting but not your political comment. Sorry.

    1. Mary Barnes

      I do my best to stay out of their politics. Acting is his job and he does it fantastic. I really don’t care who they like. I’ve loved him since scissorhands and I will continue to follow as an actor and a musician!

    2. Eric Sevigny

      Trump doesn’t deserve an apology, be owes the world one.

        1. CJA

          I like Ms. Robbie and think she will do a good job, but Pirates of the Caribbean? No way – Johnny IS Jack Sparrow, hands down

      1. Octavia


    3. JS

      Actually he did apologize as it was a joke that just came out wrong. Who does have those moments when they are drinking and have a foot in mouth moment.

    4. Sue

      Tongue in cheek comment. Depp really is not so full of himself that he handles the media/public opinions well. Sick of him being put down by people. As Shane from the Progues said F the begrudges. My comment, that includes you Daniel Radcliffe. Keep your pathetic opinions to yourselves. I would like to dig in your closets. S

  7. Wing

    Johnny Depp will always be Captain Jack Sparrow. No strong female knockoff is going to tell us otherwise

    1. Susie Primer

      Only Johnny Depp will bring me to the movie.

    2. Pamela J Lambert


  8. Alex

    Keep your facts straight. It was Johnny Depp who sued amber heard for defamation. Amber countersued.

    1. Que exprecao feia chutado .A arte pede respeito .Um Ator é um talento que vem do coração, da alma poucos tem esse previlegio ee Jonny depp é um deles jamais será esquecido ele deicha um legado para quem quer começar sua carreira como ator.Devemos todo respeito e admiração , 💥 justice for johnny Depp💥🌿⚘🌿👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    2. Jennifer

      I noticed the same thing the media just loves distorting the facts sometimes they just lie all together or my favorite is flat out ignoring all of the evidence against her

      1. You need to go to YouTube and hear the Jonny Depp and Amber Heard audios, Amber Heard is clearly the instegator and aggressive one in the relationship, she even says “No One Would Believe the I’m the One that Hurts You, Your Bigger Than Me” and Jonny tells her that she needs to stop attacking him and that the only reason she has any marks on her is becoming he has to hold her back!

  9. akane sprout

    Do Disney really think that a woman could play Jack Sparrow no way in hell Johnny Depp is the only Jack Sparrow and nobody can’t ever replace him

    1. Mark de Graauw

      Je hebt groot gelijk

  10. Kimberly

    If johnny depp doesn’t come back. I hope the movie flops, he’s the 1 who made the it is today.

  11. Jennifer

    He makes children and adults happy playing that character so as long as it brings joy he should absolutely keep doing it. On a side note you made at least one giant mistake in the article he sued her first for 50 million she counter sued for a 100 million

  12. dave

    Johnny Depp is Captain jack sparrow, no one can replace him, period.. he makes pirates in the Caribbean

  13. Keke

    Johnny is the ONLY Jack Sparrow and Disney is crazy for believing a liar. Love you FOREVER Johnny😍😊😍💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  14. Roger D Sago

    Disney is all about Fantasy! If it would make Money Disney would throw Walt to the curb just as they have done with Johnny!!!

  15. P

    Johnny made jack sparrow! We all love you!

  16. yoyo

    Pirates 6 is a waste of money. Going to be a flop without Johnny as Jack Sparrow. He is Jack Sparrow. Jack Sparrow is loved by all in his filthy, drunken, humorous, sexy self that was made by Johnny. At least you are not trying to replace him with another actor. I won’t see 6 if no Johnny on board as “me ole cap’in Jack”.

  17. Disney has lost the support of the people, not Jonny Depp!
    I promise you, that if Disney brings Jack Sparrow back, they would probably double their money than the first one and that everyone will believe all this hype was a publicity stunt.
    Jack Sparrow is the spirit of the POTC franchise, it wouldn’t have done so well if it wasn’t for the strength and charisma of Jonny Depp.

  18. Shanna

    Depp did say sorry about the whole Trump thing, he said he didn’t mean it how it came out, he was trying to make a joke and it came out wrong. ANYWAY NO JOHNNY DEPP NO PIRATES! He is pirates of the Caribbean! Without him I have no interest in seeing it and I hope it flops for them! He should not have got fired over this! This is shameful! And the “woman” version with Margo I bet they are going to try and act like is jack Sparrow daughter! I am a woman and still don’t want to see it, they are going to ruin the movies doing this! #NoJohnnyNoPirates

  19. Shel

    Why is anyone criticized for their political view? Every person has a right to their own beliefs. If having a political opinion is wrong then why is anyone pointing fingers? Who has the right to have a political opinion? Big business, corporations, only individuals with enough money to buy their politicians? No! All people have a right to think and speak for themself regardless of their job title or position in life. Is it okay if someone thinks for themself that a child may enjoy hearing Jack Sparrow, and takes the time to talk to the child, or does money decide that too? Mr. Depp is very thoughtful and considerate towards others. People should always stand up for what they believe in. Mr. Depp is reminding the world just how important that is by continuing his fight for justice. That is respectful.

  20. Marc Lance

    Disney has gone totally woke!! First Gina Carano of the Mandalorian series for voicing her opinion, and now Johnny Depp. As a former DLand employee I have seen the deterioration of standards that we had to uphold while working in the Park. A lot of employees are sloppy looking, beards, tattoos, body jewelry, mis-casted. In a short time, the leadership at Disney have destroyed what Walt envisioned and stood for.

    1. JS

      I agree. I worked at WDW 17 years ago and they actually had high standards back then. This is what made the experience so unique and wonderful. Every time I go I see less and less of this which is very disappointing especially when the old ways were drilled in your head so much.

    2. Tim

      Your seriously dissing on how someone looks at a theme park? Shame on you! Get over yourself. It’s a job, has nothing to do with disneys inner decisions on being stupid like the comment you just made about ppls appearances and the right to earn a wage!

    3. KitKat

      You’re right! The quality of the parks has gone way done over the last several years. Cast members are no longer being held to a higher standard. Disney is no longer special. May as well be another Six Flags.

  21. Mayana

    Y’all better bring him back after all that bs!!! Hell him and Orlando bloom are part of the reason I watch it😂

    1. Liz

      johnny will pull through this no problem he’s full of talent. We’ve all seen it in his other movies. There is no other Johnny Depp keep doing what your doing johnny you’ll come out on top.screw amder

  22. Livvy Cotton

    Absolutely Fantastic, There is and always will be only 1 Jack sparrow Johnny Depp. The man is The Best Actor Ever .

  23. Lisa

    Disney shouldn’t even bother with another Pirate’s!! Especially with some girl taking over as our Captain Jack! F all that. I hope they lose bank on it! Disney is overrated and outdated anyway!

  24. Amy

    You can take Johnny Depp out of pirates, but he will always be jack sparrow & you obviously can’t take jack sparrow out of Johnny Depp.

  25. Dini

    Johnny Depp is Pirates‼️The movies, the ride, even the GD song will always be associated w Johnny Depp’s “Jack Sparrow.”

    If Disney wants to to continue that franchise & make money they better bring back Depp because I don’t think ANYONE can fill Captain Jack’s boots.

  26. Marie Meyers

    Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow and no one can ever replace him. #IStandwithJohnnyDepp

  27. Aaron Cobb

    I will not be watching any Pirates Of The Caribbean movie without Depp in it.

  28. S.Jones

    I feel he is the only actor who can play him.And anyone else that tries is going to be poor at it. I also feel his ex is a Hollywood gold digger.If Disney no longer includes Depp I’m no longer watching.

  29. Sarah Harrison

    I grew up with Johnny as jack sparrow… My little one is three… She loves her Jack Jack too! No one can ever be jack sparrow except Johnny Depp!!

  30. judith gray

    Great . Glad he’s back.
    He’s the man for the job. No one can do it better.
    I’m pleased he’s moving forward after the traumatic time he went through from that narcissist vindictive petulant lying ex wife.
    Wish him all the best.

  31. Ali

    There is no cooler pirate then Captain Jack Sparrow. If someone comes out with a different one without him it won’t be the same.

  32. Rochelle Dalrymple

    Johnny Depp ,is a Gentleman.Even his Ex-wife ( mother of Lily Rose and Jack) and his Ex-girlfriends .Have all spoke out on his behalf.It was even noted that AH ,parents supported Johnny Depp .There will Never Be anyone ,Who could replace Johnny as Capt.Jack Sparrow.Disney has made a Grave mistake ! Ibeliev

  33. MorticiaGail

    Not interested AT ALL in a POTC without Depp. He IS POTC….. I love Disney but, firing him was beyond stupid!

  34. Joyce G

    I believe what happens in an actors private life is just that “PRIVATE”. It should not affect his job. He created the character that they hired him for and made him desirable to the public, so they should use him or not make another pirate movie, unless they kill off the Jack Sparrow character, in which I personally would not find worth watching! Love you Johnny, keep your head held high and it will all work out in the end!

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