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  1. EricJ

    The “disaster” of Pirates of the Caribbean was that it had two screenwriters who took the whole thing way, way, WAYYYY too seriously:
    It was fun when it was Johnny Depp singing the attraction’s words to “Yo Ho”–But when it brought in Davey Jones, and Will Turner trying to save his father from two films’ worth of made-up sailor-superstition mumbo-jumbo, the movie had escaped its tether, until the third movie LITERALLY went over a cliff with its own fantasy pretensions.

    Similarly, if Dwayne Johnson wants to wear Humphrey Bogart’s stripey shirt and lil’ captain’s-cap from “The African Queen”, that’s okay, but we don’t need him fighting some German uber-villain over half a dozen other needlessly over-mythologized cursed jungle antiques for three more films.

    1. Gary L Vandermark

      I think the Jungle Cruise would Definitely Sail On the Waters of Jungle Floating just fine without Dwayne Johnson.

      1. Jerrme Bailey

        It doesn’t what you think!

      2. Bec

        Dwayne is great in this movie

  2. Darcienne Sparber

    Correction: Disney had released a disastrous Country Bear Jamboree film that absolutely tanked. Between that and the certainty that whatever Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp had cooked up would be equally horrid, they just shoved Curse of the Black Pearl out there with the hope that it would quickly and quietly go away. It was the biggest live action box office success of the year, surpassed only by Pixar’s Finding Nemo. At the time, there wasn’t even a soundtrack CD released. It took everyone by complete surprise.

    1. Chris Kinney

      Actually, Tower of Terror, starring Steve Guttenberg and Kirsten Dunst, came out in 1997, long before both films, although it was a made for TV movie.

    2. EricJ

      Not to mention, pirate movies were considered the kiss of death after “Cutthroat Island” had become the biggest BO flop of all time only five years earlier.

      We were readier to accept pirate adventure over insufferably Disney-comedy hyperactive Country Bears, but before Pirates came out, we knew that 90’s-00’s Disney always made movies three at a time, wrote off the mistake, and hoped they wouldn’t mess up the Haunted Mansion movie.

      1. Corncob

        LOL @ a zillion-dollar 15-year franchise “disaster.” I’m sure Disney hopes and prays that Jungle Cruise results in a similar “disaster.”

  3. Watkins169

    The problem is not johnny deep or the rock. It’s Disney catering to whatever stupid me too movement is popular at the moment…. And I’m not hating on these movements but the ones that are supporting an actress that’s been recorded saying she did it and nobody will believe you. People tend to not give AF about whatever agenda you’re trying to push to look good on paper. So Disney could take a big L here if they don’t bring deep back in. Margo Robbie is a good Harley Quinn but she ain’t jack Sparrow and I ain’t watching that crap or even entertaining it.

    1. Savannah L Westmoreland

      Yes exactly they need to leave it with him as jack Sparrow and not have any more movies. They’ve been stopped at a pretty good place in the movie world. There’s no need to run it in the ground even more because they wanna make more money off the franchise.

    2. Karen

      Me neither. No Captain Jack Sparrows, no thing for me to watch. Besides I’m trying not but anything that is Disney. There is 2 sides to every story, why then do they people believe the woman side!

  4. Tim Church

    The female-helmed version is a bad idea!

    I’m not against equality, females, or Margot, but you should agree with me after 1 word: “Ghostbusters”!

    1. Mark Kaplan

      Who are you gonna call?

      Somebody else……..

  5. James

    Why does it matter? Suppose there had only been one Pirates movie? Do you think that would have sunk Disney? Have they no other creative ideas? I could use less of Hollywood’s “just repeat the last success” formula or remake some film from the golden age, but I won’t lose sleep over it. It’s a business. If the audience pays, you win; else you lose and, if you’re lucky, get to try again.

    1. BrrrDee

      Right between the eyes, brother, you hit it right between their eyes!

  6. BrrrDee

    AS IF the disaster isn’t that the studios can’t face a crisis without throwing the baby out with the water. Throwing the pomegranate seeds out with the pomegranate.

    In other words, they had no idea the mess they’d be in by not sticking with the “devil they know”. Because she is hell itself. And they are stuck right there with her when the REAL proverbial sh** hits the fan! They picked the right director, a master of horror. Not going to save them!

  7. John

    Literally the worst ‘Pirates’ movie (On Stranger Tides) is so bad exactly because it was all about Depp’s character. Jack Sparrow only works as a cartoonish foil to the characters we’re actually supposed to care about.

    So I don’t think this comparison makes much since. First, I don’t think that the Rock’s character and Jack Sparrow play the same role in their respective franchises (The Rock is actually sympathetic). And second, I don’t think that Depp’s presence is actually as vital to the next ‘Pirates’ movie is as the Rock presence in the next ‘Jungle Cruise’. At least not from a quality perspective. Too much Jack Sparrow could have ruined the next ‘Pirates’. I have no worries that the next ‘Cruise’ movie will have too much Rock.

    1. Savage Lynx

      It was more about the ship crew not getting along at all. Can’t be too much Jack Sparrow. Only too many of them doubting each other.

  8. FrogBoy

    I don’t understand. What’s one got to do with the other? Was the Rock accused of domestic abuse? This is orange and apples comparison, or I’m missing something here.

    1. Michmouse

      There isnt any. This is some bored individual in desperare search of controversy where none exists.

  9. Albert

    Why am I reading Margot Robbie when I see Emily Blunt in the picture? Might want to take a minute to Google search before you pump out a half assed article.

    1. Bent

      Might want to read the article before you write a half assed comment.

  10. Cj Brown

    Disney Fails:

    Country Bears
    Haunted Mansion
    John Carter
    Lone Ranger
    (I predict Indiana Jones 5 will Fail!)

    Disney Successes:

    The Mandalorian
    (Give Jon Favreau the 🗝️’s to LucasFilms please!)

    TRON Legacy
    (last time I checked it’s been profitable with an Animated Series + Theme Park Ride!)

    Pirates of the Caribbean
    (Johnny Depp & Geoffrey Rush & Kevin McNally)

    (2/3 of it for me is a success, I’m still 🤬 that Agent Carter was canceled!)

    Disney’s Problems:

    Star Wars VII VIII IX
    (Zero interest in any New Characters, Kathleen Kennedy is 100% responsible for ruining the franchise!)

    Bob Chapek
    (100% ruining the Disney Brand!)

    Back to Pirates – those three Actors mentioned are the franchise’s success in my opinion (one Character was killed off, two Characters are still alive).

    Everything was set up to hand things over to Henry Turner (the Son of Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner), and Carina Smyth (Hector Barbosa’s Daughter) – but Team Disney Epic Failed to lockdown the Actors (Brenton Thwaites and Kaya Scoldelario) for any potential Pirates Films to continue the franchise!

    If there’s going to be any further Pirate Films? It just makes sense to have Johnny Depp, Kevin McNally, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley in the Film to hand off the franchise to Brenton Thwaites and Kaya Scoldelario (vs reboot the whole thing with new Characters we will have interest in!) If it’s not a hand off? Then this will be the 6th and last Pirates Film that wraps everything up involving the Talent mentioned above!

    1. Bec

      Disnwy makes these movie for the fun-factor. They will do well. Not sure why you’re so down on them lol.

    2. Bec

      Disney makes these movie for the fun-factor. They will all do well. Not sure why you’re so down on some lol. To each their own.

  11. NW

    In my opinion, Emily Blunt carried that film so completely irrelevant if they keep Dwayne. He’s not in the same league as her, even though the film was entertaining.

  12. Thomas

    If they are going down the sequels route I would hope for a trilogy and nothing more. So we have a start, a middle and an end, whether Dwayne Johnson is in them or not – but the thing is Jack Sparrow in the ‘Pirates’ franchise became synonymous because he was an easy character to dress up for Halloween, to sell in doll and action figure form, whereas Dwayne Johnson’s character isn’t as easy to recreate and for merchandise reasons. I love Margot Robbie and think she’d be good in a Pirates movie, but one about moving the adventure forward not a box-ticking oh look we have a female led version of the same movie we’ve already made 5 times. Side note, for Jungle Cruise 2 I’d like them to take the blink and you’ll miss her character from WDW’s Animal Kingdom ‘DeVine’ and make her part of the story, in a kind of mother natureish kind of role – that’s what I’d be putting forward if I was on the story planning team.

  13. Giselle

    i love Dwayne Johnson, i really would love to see once this become a movie also. On the other hand, i think that Jungle Cruise will continue without The Rock, long as they will create a new exciting character and plot that will make things more interesting, but if Dwayne will still be there, i’d be really much happy to think so. Thank you for letting me comment. 😊😇

  14. Niall Moncrieff-Jury

    “The goal with this movie will be to ensure that the storyline continues to be engaging and dynamic, ” who the hell writes a article about Disney films with this comment as a realistic chance, Disney only have one formula, find a story already in existence and butcher it beyond realism, all the pirate films use already played to death story lines (only the over the top actors make them good, almost every one of their feature animation/cartoon films have been stolen from books and stories with zero copy write protection, the only worth while Disney productions are Pixar films like Toy Story, and even then it’s all just the characters that carry it not the actual story lines.

  15. Anonymous

    Pirates wasn’t the first ride to movie, it was tower of terror in 1997.

  16. Judy McDonald

    I will watch any movie with Rock. I truly enjoyed it

    1. Bec

      Great movie! Agreed

  17. I’d be more worried about it becoming the “MummY”, not Pirates.
    A bad story won’t be saved by Good Acting or Special effects.

  18. Bec

    I don’t know why there’s so much hate here. Disney Fan and I loved Jungle Cruise including Dwayne’s jokes.

  19. L

    Have you seen The Mummy?

    Really smart girl, wimpy brother, strong hero.

    Guy cursed many, many years before tries to steal the treasure to bring him and his girl back to life.

    Same movie, different actors

  20. Plutarch Heavensbee

    I guess it just depends on if someone falsely accuses Dwane of abuse. Given todays female mentality, its not far fetched.

  21. Cathy Horacek

    I will be boycotting this film. It just isn’t right to have a ‘Pirate’s’ movie without having Johnny Depp in it. That’s just wrong. He’s what made those movies so amazing in the first place. AND NOW YOU WANT TO DUMP HIM FOR SOMETHING HE DIDN’T DO? (Hearsay).
    That’s what’s so disgusting.

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