Will Disney Repeat Johnny Depp Disaster With Dwayne Johnson in ‘Jungle Cruise’?

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With the confirmation of Jungle Cruise 2 in the works and Dwayne Johnson signing aboard to carry out his role of Skipper Frank, could Disney falling into the same trap that they found themselves in with Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean?

Dwayne johnson as Skipper Frank in Disney's Jungle Cruise movie
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Both Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean have one major thing in common: they were both Disney attractions turned into movies. Pirates of the Caribbean was the first film to try this crossover of an attraction turning into a film, with The Haunted Mansion joining a few months later. Disney did not have high hopes for the film, but as we know, their worries were for nothing.

Pirates of the caribbean
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Pirates of the Caribbean has now successfully created five films within its franchise, all starring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow as the lead of the film. Over time, Depp’s portrayal of Jack Sparrow became so beloved that the actor became synonymous with the franchise. Now, as we have discussed, Depp has been removed from the franchise due to controversy surrounding the actor’s legal case with his ex-wife Amber Heard. Heard has accused Depp of domestic violence and abuse for $100 million, while Depp has countered with a defamation suit of $50 million.

jungle cruise
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Although the court case will not take place until next spring, Depp has lost a battle with U.K. tabloid The Sun, who accused Depp of the same charges as Heard. Once this happened, Depp was booted from Disney, causing an uproar from his fans. Fans have since petitioned to bring him back as Jack Sparrow and have announced that they want to boycott any rendition of the film that does not include him. Disney’s next move for Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is to have Margot Robbie helm the ship in an all-new female-centric film.

depp and keira knightley
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Now, with the success of Jungle Cruise starring Dwayne Johnson, is Disney setting itself up for another successful franchise that is reliant on one actor? Of course, Disney cannot predict what the future will hold, and as many franchises focus on one lead character, this is not out of the ordinary.

Dwayne Johnson and Emily blunt in jungle cruise
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Plus, Jungle Cruise stars Emily Blunt, who shares the spotlight with Johnson in the film. The goal with this movie will be to ensure that the storyline continues to be engaging and dynamic, as some have complained that Pirates of the Caribbean lost that as the films went on. In order to not fall into the same trap, Jungle Cruise itself must be able to stand alone without “The Rock,” which can be done with proper compelling storylines.

Do you think that Jungle Cruise would be able to find success without Dwayne Johnson? 

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