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jessica rabbit roger rabbit ride

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  1. It’s routine maintenance she will be back October 1… relax

    1. Aaron

      Where is this information coming from?

      1. Jericho

        What he said. Other outlets have been reporting that this will not be the only ride alteration for this ride and that we will hear from Disney this week about all the changes.

        I certainly hope its refurb, but I seriously doubt it at this point in my “I don’t trust Disney” tour.

        1. Kamm

          Agree. Disney seems to be obsessed with becoming “politcally correct” these days and are making changes that do not need changing.

  2. JJ

    I hope it’s just a refurb, but who knows. Disney is doing everything it can to live up to the stereotype they’re “for kids”.

  3. Stephen

    Haven’t you heard…? Rabbits are “problematic” now.

    1. Liz

      Jessica is a human woman.

  4. Leeann Jacket

    They did that with Pirates of the Caribbean. Women power! Lol! 😂

  5. So dose that mean they will remove damsel in distress Jessica Rabbit into a more tougher and braver as the lead role along with her husband Roger Rabbit ?
    Cool ! Don’t worry she be there but not in a trunk but hopefully another part.

  6. Elle Intuitive

    Prob to avoid any comparison to human trafficking, they’re trying to cancel Pinocchio on a similar tone, also to avoid any traumatic responses from perhaps kidnapping victims or any kind of assault where one could’ve been held captive, we live in a very sensitive world to try shelter any and all sensitivities to be accommodated to when appropriately applied, otherwise they wouldn’t give a rats or should I say mouse bum

  7. M

    Customers have to make a decision. If your getting annoyed with Disney and this political correctness and lectures crap, boycott Disney and go to Universal instead. Money talks.

  8. Wing Z

    I would say it’s funny but it ain’t. It’s down right pathetic really. How A fictional sexy drawn woman is “problematic” for the Twitter pc land whales. How Jessica rabbit bothers them that much they stop the rest of us from enjoying looking her. The politically correct nutbags are the bad ones. Not Jessica rabbit. She’s not bad, she’s just drawn that way.

  9. LocalBisexualUnicorn

    Was scared for a minute! She’s such a badass character in the film so im glad they’re going to do more with her

  10. Jeff

    Maybe they just spilled a bottle of ACME disappearing/reappearing ink on her.

  11. Dale

    No signs of race, creed, color, gender, age, religion, culture or any other thing that makes us individuals will be allowed anywhere.

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