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jack sparrow little girl video

All Images: Credit Screenshot via tem1322


  1. Interesting point in this article (no Johnny in the pirate movies, but Jack Sparrow character experiences are permitted). I don’t believe Amber Heard. She’s a young gold digger who is trying to get all she can out of Johnny Depp.
    Who owns Johnny Depp’s likeness as Jack Sparrow? Anyone who has been on the WDW pirates attraction knows that his likeness is on the ride, and the Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow merchandise is sold in the gift shop following the attraction. As long as the merchandise sells and the attraction lines are long, Johnny is acceptable.

    1. The little should know that was a real Jack Sparrow actor in Disney parks and Johnny deep would need to come back as Jack Sparrow in pirates of the Caribbean 6 and 7 and future pirates of the Caribbean movies have Johnny Deep be in them and be a cameo on a female pirates movie also if Disney do that or choose that Johnny deep be in pirates of the Caribbean 6 and 7 movie as Jack Sparrow to return in those up coming movie Disney would need to bring Johnny deep as Jack Sparrow in pirates 6 and 7 movie

  2. Karen Gigeous

    Yes love Jack Sparrow. He is a keeper. Wish they would keep him for movies to!!

  3. Brant

    Whoever is this Capt. Jack Sparrow did a wonderful job!! Wow his mannerisms and reactions are JUST what Mr Depp would do!


  4. Linda

    No Johnny No Pirates!


    1. Queremos Jak de volta ao piratas do caribe.sem ele não tem graça alguma.sou fan🙌

  5. Linda

    We need Jack Back!!!! Its not the pirates with out him!! JOHNNY DEPP IS THE ONLY ONE WE WANT TO SEE !!! PLEASE BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!

  6. How Disney can just drop as they seem to support an abuser is criminal. Disney have worked with Johnny on many films other than the pirates franchise and should know he is not capable of those accusations. Pirates is nothing without Johnny Depp, future pirate films will flop


    Capt. Jack {Johnny Depp} is one of the reason I watch POTC. Disney would be stupid {they already proved that} not to keep Johnny as the worlds best beloved Pirate. I have no plans to watch ant POTC without Capt. Johnny.

  8. Lara E Kelly

    Johnny is no abuser. He doesnt have that abuser aura. No abuser donates to children’s hospitals or visits them.

  9. Tamara Dowd

    Silly article! I’m sure he didn’t do it on purpose. When they stand still a long time and then move, scares me at times also.

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