Comments for ‘Iron Man’ Fan-Favorite Is Officially Returning to the MCU

tony stark death

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Ben Martin

    Fan favorite? That’s cute.

    1. Cuan

      Literally thought the same thing!

  2. USAgent Black

    It looks like my op was filtered.
    That isn’t even Paltrows voice.
    Stop making stuff up.

  3. Sheltzy

    Worse choice ever. She just needs to stick to her candles.

  4. Joona


    1. Horace

      Fan favorite? Lol. She’s annoying af and is nobody’s favorite. Also, “returning”??? She was in freaking Endgame. When did she leave that she’s now returning?

  5. Chad

    The worse person Marvel has ever hired and not a fan favorite.

  6. scarlett

    Right… she’s the “fan favourite”…that’s why you had to use a picture showing Robert Downey Jr for your cover photo, and a side-head of the “fan favourite”.

  7. Sj

    Here for the comments 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Kevin White

    Ouch tough crowd lol but I’m not here to comment on the character. Why is it that you titled this article focusing on Ironman and it seems to be actually about Pepper?? Do those deceptive practices work?? That aside. You used the term “flip the script” incorrectly. It doesn’t mean what you think it does. I’ve made the same mistake in the past. To flip the script is actually a freestyle hip hop term where you take the thing said about you and flip it around back on the opponent as an attack. You use their words against them. So you can see that the manner in which you used the phase doesn’t make sense to the definition because you’re not using an idea thrown at you and flipping it in your favor.

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