Comments for Fans Line Up Throughout One Disney Park to Snag New Limited-Time Popcorn Bucket

Mickey Mummy Popcorn Bucket

Credit: ITM Bailee A.


  1. Adam

    Landfill. That bucket will still look the same when all of the people standing in line are long dead. If Disney insist on pretending to be environmentally aware they should follow through by either stopping producing single use rubbish or making it out of compostable materials. Even think about the carbon footprint of that one item which was made and shipped from China. It’s kinda disgusting when you think about it. A paper bag would do the same job.

    1. Rich

      Well I’m still going to buy one for everyone in my family hope to see you at the Disneyland.

    2. Shannon

      When you buy a popcorn bucket, you can get $2 refills throughout the parks. We even brought ours back 8 months later and got refills

    3. Amy

      Like whose going to start a Disney paper bag collection?! The buckets are not single use items and you get popcorn refills for $2 (best deal going at any Disney park). I take one with me every time I go. I have 11 in my collection, soon to be 12, when they start selling them at the Disney World parks in Orlando.

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