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  1. Debra hall

    I hope My cousin James McPhee gets the job. Haven’t seen him in many many years. Wish you the best of luck Jimmy. Oh by the way my folks Ray and Georgia Bond wish you the best get in contact with me one day my name now is a Debra Hall I’m on Facebook I live in Lake City Florida contact me there would love to hear from you

  2. DRS

    That’s what happens when you make illegal mandates of your cast

  3. rroe

    To bad that Bob Paycheck also doesn’t pack it in. This man is destroying Disney by the day.

    1. Barb304

      You got that right!!!

  4. Jason

    Rroe you are right Paycheck is destroying the magic.

    1. yoyo

      to bad board doesn’t see it and send greedy man chapek packing too. He is a liar a cheat and very very greedy.

    2. Barb304


  5. Jan

    I wish Mr. Marsh the best in the future and can respect him for leaving amid the money hungry, non guest amd cast caring, CEO that has invaded the Disney Company. If Walt and/or Roy were alive they both would be having fits over how the company is now being run. Cha- ching Chapek needs to be replaced by someone that actually cares about those that pay for all his toys and expensive homes. Even as a stock holder I would be all for that person! Don’t get me wrong I like my dividends, but I have other companies I invest in as well, and they respect their employees and they people they service.

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