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  1. Lisa Beason

    We were there Friday night. Fireworks had originally been announced at 8:45. I didn’t check that day, and they were changed to 8:15. We were late for a spot and were directed behind Main Street to watch. Crowds were incredible–NYE size crowd!

  2. Disney Freak

    Wait a minute! I thought there were reports from ITM that crowds/attendance was at all time lows. Now they are reporting massive crowds for fireworks?!!?! Which one is it?

    1. Christy

      I live near the parks and can tell you both are true. A couple of weeks ago most rides were walk on… but I have seen this show 2 of the last 4 nights and it took me over an hour and a half to get from the castle to the gate… not counting to the TTC!

    2. Bill


  3. Tom

    there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day…goodbye Happily Ever After and hello Disney Enchantment!

    1. Bill

      Tonight the whole crowd was singing all the lyrics; applause at every interlude Unbelievable!! . s We have come
      full circle.. 2016 economy was not good. gas prices up: middle east beheadinds
      By ISIS. We needed “Happily Ever After” s positive message. It helped through the pandemic. And all the divisions in the world. 2021 things are getting bad again and Disney should of saved their money and kept this wonderful production with its beautiful lyrics and opening song fireworks and castle art and story. Thank-my opinion.

  4. Sue

    Just 2 weeks ago all the reporters were saying the parks were so empty there were no wait times to get on attractions to now we have huge crowds over fire works.
    These writers are lying just as much as the mainstream media.
    I never saw this particular fire works show, but there will always be another.

  5. Tom J

    My family & I are extremely disappointed. It was always one of the highlights of our trips. Between Covid & now my daughter’s wedding, it made it impossible to visit so we could see it one more time. It will be missed. Are there any plans for the last show to be broadcast online or anything?

    1. Tonya

      Tom, I saw a Youtuber (sp?) that said that his channel would be live streaming the final farewell tomorrow night. I cannot remember who it is but I am sure you could Google it. Epcot’s new show, “Harmonious”, as well as Magic Kingdom’s “Enchantment” will be streamed by Disney prior to their debuts on 10/01/2021.

      Wed, 9/29 – LIVE: “Harmonious” at EPCOT at 9:00 p.m. ET.
      Thurs, 9/30 LIVE: “Disney Enchantment” at Magic Kingdom Park at 10:15 p.m. ET.

  6. Vikki

    I will be sad to see happily ever after come to an end however I hope the new fireworks show will be as fantastic and heartwarming as happily ever after

  7. Sue

    My daughter and I wanted to see it so badly so we flew to Disney for one day on 8/24. Sadly it thundered and lightning so much they canceled them for the night. We were so sad! Luckily crowds were low so we had a great day riding every ride before the rains came!

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