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Credit: Cassidy V.


  1. Chance Huiet

    Personally I would love to go through an evac on Hagrids and many other attractions. I’ve rode them all enough times that I’d love to see behind the scenes. I can fully understand why others would hate these malfunctions on their vacations.

  2. Latasha Hoberg

    On that same ride me and my family were stuck where the drop was it was very scary for us. No lights came on and no one said anything. You could hear the other bikes around and see the lights we were stuck on the drop and it felt like the other bikes could fall down at any time. Then after about 10 mins of nothing we just shot forward then stopped and brought all the way back into the dark drop then shot off again. At the end offered to ride again no wait. Which we did but unsure if I wanted to. They stated this happens all the time.

    1. Nicole Kramer

      This happened to us as well. At the bottom of the drop, stuck for about 30 minutes in the dark. All while listening to the ride still going above. I’m starting think this was intentional. All we got was a mini water bottle 🙄

    2. B4rk3r

      This happened to us as well. It was nerve racking for sure. Still a fantastic ride.

      Crazy to see that the most expensive rollercoaster built is also the most problematic it seems

    3. Cheryl

      We were stuck on Men in Black on Sunday after getting stuck on The Forbidden Forest before that.

  3. Jensen Costley

    One of the best experiences. I felt bad for the other guests who were not enjoying being stuck, but Cassidy and I really relished our time, looking at all the details. Definitely loved the experience.

    1. Bob

      Gross, the guests evacuated?

      1. Jensen Costley

        Yes we did. Personally, I thought it was fun. Plus we got a free ruby express pass for being evacuated. I’ve ridden this ride 16 times before so this was a neat experience for me, but understand why people would be upset.

  4. Ben Johnson

    We were also stuck on the ride–at the same time!! We were on the motorbike just past the entrance. We could still see the main loading platform but weren’t allow to exit the ride because we’d passed the railing. It was scary because we didn’t know what was happening, and there were 2 small kids behind us that were separated from their family. The team members did reassure us we were safe, but it was still scary not knowing!!

  5. Alex

    This happens often on that ride. I am a pass holder and we have the same issue
    Another time we were stuck after the drop. Another time the coaster missed the acceration point and went backwards after the animatronic area they run these coasters mon stop and they need to service the more. There is a joke on the pass holder fb site if you do not get stuck on a ride at Universal you are not a true pass holder. It can be a 50 50 Chance you do not get stuck.

  6. SG

    Thanks for the heads up. We don’t go often but we do want to go to Universal some day.

  7. Michael

    Hey I was on when that was happening! I think they were in the train behind me! It was super interesting! I’m so glad I got to experience this!

  8. Kimberly

    This happens a lot on this ride. It isn’t really a “breakdown”. It is a safety measure. It is meant to stop of anything touches the tracks. And, unfortunately, people don’t listen when told not to take anything on with them. Sunglasses and phones are constantly falling out of pockets!

  9. carrie allen

    My son and I got stuck on this ride Tuesday after the drop. Sat for about 15 minutes and given the ruby ticket and water. Went back Wednesday to use our tickets and the ride went down again while we were in line and given another ticket. We ended up wasting one on the mummy and he gave the other 2 to some cute girls as we were leaving. It was quite frustrating.

  10. NLeighton

    1st weekend Sept happened to us on 3 different rides! Motorbike, log ride, and Seuss!

  11. Mike

    Not surprised it was Havrid’s. It is one of the worst rides at Universal because it has been having major problems for over a year and a half. They should never have gone through with the design without testing it and clearly didn’t.

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